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Last, Best Hope of Humanity

Reached Level 20 with Good Karma

Last, Best Hope of Humanity0
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How to unlock the Last, Best Hope of Humanity achievement

  • AerodynamoAerodynamo163,030
    19 Jan 2009 29 Dec 2008
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    The best advice I can offer for this achievement is to play the game Good, as it is much easier to get Bad Karma then Good Karma. When you get to Level 19, you can get the other two achievements, "Paradigm of Humanity" (Level 20 Neutral) and "Scourge of Humanity" (Level 20 Bad), as well.

    Upon reaching level 19, you can either get more XP until you are just on the brink of Level 20 or you can play it safe, save at the start of the level, and work towards 20 and each side of karma.

    To get karma, here are some tips:

    For Good karma, give Purified Water to the tramp outside of Megaton. He will be to the right laying on some rocks just outside the gate. You can get purified water from Wadsworth at your house. (NOTE: You will only have a house if you have completed "The Power of the Atom".)

    For Bad karma, well... this one is easy! Murder, steal, massacre, hit people, whatever you want to do.


    A friend of mine recommended saving the "Power of the Atom" quest until you reach one of the levels before those in the achievement (7, 13, 19). Once you get to the level, either blow up the bomb or disarm it, and depending on which, you will get XP and karma for completing the quest. The one problem with this is that you might not have Tenpenny Tower in order to blow the bomb up at level 7.

    Good luck!

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    doctor tchock85I'm having trouble unlocking this achievement....
    I have a save just before i'm about to hit level 20 on good karma, but i've played this about 10 times, but the achievement doesn't unlock
    Posted by doctor tchock85 on 28 Nov 09 at 10:55
    WiganATHfcanother easy way if u have the caps is to go to rivet city find the prist and donate 100 caps your karma goes up really quick
    Posted by WiganATHfc on 02 Aug 10 at 13:11
    Ultracrazy82But this Cheevo is little Buggy.I need the Karma Lv. Very Good for this Cheevo.
    There are five Karma Levels:

    Very Good: +750 to +1000.
    Good: +250 to +749.
    Neutral: -249 to +249.
    Evil: -250 to -749.
    Very Evil: -750 to -1000.

    I hope this helps.
    Posted by Ultracrazy82 on 21 Apr 19 at 12:13
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  • BRITISHLEGION93BRITISHLEGION93212,500 212,500 GamerScore
    21 May 2009 04 Jul 2009 25 Feb 2020
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    In case you mess up this Achievement, including:-
    Good, Neutral, and Bad.

    NOTE #1 Do NOT finish the optional quest; The Power of the Atom where Mister Burke asks to blow up Megaton because you CAN'T do the XP glitch.

    External image

    Simply start a New Game and buy or find 2 Frag Mines. After that, fast travel to Megaton (you need to discover the location first, for you to fast travel)


    Make your way to Craterside Supply.


    Behind the Mercenary standing against the wall, simply go behind him at the other side of the wall and plant a Frag Mine. You have to disarm it quickly before it goes off and then pick it up. (Eventually, you will gain XP a lot faster)

    External image

    Shortly after when you reach Level 7, at the end of the XP bar (nearly levelled up to Level 8) simply SAVE the game and after that, get Good Karma and do good stuff.

    I suggest starting the Church of the Children of Atom quest to gain Good Karma.


    Also, donate 100 bottle caps to Confessor Cromwell. Once you have your Good Karma maxed out, keep disarming the Frag Mine to reach Level 8.

    External image

    Once you have the Protector Achievement, Load the game again from the 1st save and then gain Bad Karma and then reach Level 8 for the Reaver Achievement.

    When you gained the Reaver Achievement then Load the game again and do Good and Bad stuff to be Neutral and reach Level 8 and you will unlock the Mercenary Achievement.

    You get the idea for reaching Level 14 and Level 20 with Good, Neutral, and Bad by using the XP glitch.

    NOTE #2 This trick will also work for you with the other Level Achievements, on the Broken Steel DLC.

    NOTE #3 I will advise you to save the game every few minutes. The reason for this is because sometimes people come into the shop and they randomly come up to you and the Frag Mine explodes and kills them. Obviously, it will go pear-shaped for you and you won't be able to do the XP glitch. If this happens, immediately load up your last save.

    I hope this helps and if you are confused about the XP glitch, then here is a video explaining to you, what to do.

    I also like to thank the YouTube user for uploading their video.

    Before you give me a negative vote, please explain yourself why you did it and I will be more than happy to improve my solution. Thank You.
  • The GlobalizerThe Globalizer1,118,031
    26 Nov 2009 13 Dec 2009
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    To get this achievement, you need to reach level 20 with positive karma.

    Getting to level 20

    Straightforward enough, but there are ways to achieve this more quickly. First, avoid companions.

    Second, look out for the NPCs who request certain types of items, and then watch to see if redeeming those items provides XP. Two such "standing orders":

    * Scrap metal in Megaton. (Easy to find everywhere.)
    * Pre-war books at the Arlington Library. (Excellent per-book XP.)

    Lastly, I recommend hacking every terminal, picking every lock, and attempting (almost) every speech challenge. All provide nearly guaranteed XP, without the hassle of shooting an Albino Radscorpion or Super Mutant Overlord a half-million times.


    To maximize good karma, always focus on being kind, charitable, avoid killing innocents, and go out of your way to help innocents. (Kill raiders and muties, free/protect wastelanders, etc.)

    If you need a karma boost, I have two suggestions:

    * At the Church of the Atom (Megaton) or Saint Monica's Church (Rivet City), donate caps. If you have a lot of cash lying around, it will be very easy and quick to get into "positive" karma.
    * In Megaton, give away your scrap metal rather than requesting payment. (You still get the XP.)
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