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The Bigger They Are… achievement in Fallout 3

The Bigger They Are…

Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths

The Bigger They Are…0
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How to unlock the The Bigger They Are… achievement

  • Axe ArgonianAxe Argonian192,182
    29 Oct 2008 04 Nov 2008
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    There are 5 Super Mutant Behemoths in Washington D.C. I suggest that the Fat Man's mini-nukes should be used when fighting some of these beasts. However, three of the Behemoths are easily killed with out using the Fat Man. Here are there locations:

    1. Outside Galaxy News Radio: You will encounter the first Behemoth during a main story mission. When the Behemoth attacks, you can stay back and let the Brotherhood of Steel soldiers take him out. This is where you pick up the Fat Man.

    2. Evergreen Mills: Evergreen Mills is far west of Vault 101. The Behemoth is trapped behind an electric fence. Kill ever Raider in this area, and instead of opening the fence, kill the Behemoth with any weapon (Don't waste a mini nuke) by shooting him through the fence. It will take a while, but this is an easy way on killing him.

    3. The Capital Wasteland: Head northeast of Evergreen Mills, and in a certain patch of ground on your map, this Behemoth is wandering about. It may take a while to find him, but when you do, use a mini-nuke. He is very deadly.

    4. The Capitol Bulding: This is located deep in the heart of Washington D.C. The Behemoth is located in the basement of the building. Kill him through the door which he is too big to go through.

    5. Takoma Industrial: Takoma is far to the east of GNR. Reach the Industrial, and look for this Behemoth in the backyard. Kill him with a mini-nuke.

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    Failure OnlineAnother negative vote for #3. Just update the guide so we don't have to open the comments to find the real way to get it.
    Posted by Failure Online on 18 Sep 16 at 23:14
    LuminousOrdoYep i have to go with a negative too. When the comments are more helpful then your guide, your guide sucks.
    Posted by LuminousOrdo on 25 Oct 16 at 06:38
    LuminousOrdoYep i have to go with a negative too. When the comments are more helpful then your guide, your guide sucks.
    Posted by LuminousOrdo on 25 Oct 16 at 06:51
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  • AlienDevilAlienDevil108,438
    24 Feb 2009 17 Jul 2009 26 Nov 2012
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    Just a note with the Number 3's that everyone is mentioning (northeast of Evergreen Mills). If you are having trouble getting this guy to show up, go to the end of the train tracks where there are 3 trains that are knocked over. In the middle of these are two shopping cart cages. Inside one is a teddy bear. "Rescue" the teddy bear (take it) and the Behemoth will appear.

    I think that is the Behemoth's teddy bear so he gets upset that you stole it and usually appears right away. Just be careful as you can get stuck in the trains with him blocking your exit and unable to use the mini-nukes without hitting yourself.

    Other than that one, the other guys are correct in finding all 5.

    Edit: As many have pointed out to me, it can take up to 2 minutes for this one to show up. So run around the trains a bit, and he should come running for you.
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    SyntrI lol'd
    Posted by Syntr on 10 Feb 13 at 20:48
    Mortioccini^ i find this to be funny too lol, i had to wait 3-5 mins but he showed up :) thank you for pointing that out
    Posted by Mortioccini on 09 Jun 13 at 02:44
    NrthrnLadThis advice is on point. I wasted a lot of time wandering before I read it.
    Posted by NrthrnLad on 06 Oct 17 at 03:31
  • TheMasonXTheMasonX66,360
    27 Apr 2009 20 Apr 2009 20 Apr 2009
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    More information regarding Super Mutant Behemoths:

    The only way to reach Takoma Industrial is through the metro. The only entrance to the metro that is linked to Takoma is Abernathy.

    I found the number of Mini-Nukes it takes to kill a Behemoth per difficulty setting. The research was done at GNR using the original Fat Man. A Fat Man with better condition may take one less nuke on the easy difficulty setting, but the rest have been confirmed at a later point with a very pristine Fat Man.

    The number of nukes (direct hits to the chest) is as follows:
    On Very Easy: 1 Nuke
    On Easy: 2 Nukes (1 if Fat Man is well maintained)
    On Normal: 3 Nukes
    On Hard: 3 Nukes
    On Very Hard: 4 Nukes

    An expierience guide:
    On Very Easy: 25 XP (1x)
    On Easy: 37 XP (1.5x)
    On Normal: 50 XP (2x)
    On Hard: 62 XP (2.5x)
    On Very Hard: 75 XP (3x)

    Some advice on damage taken (from your own nukes):

    If you are cornered, use V.A.T.S. and target the head. This does minimal damage to yourself, and more to the Behemoth. When firing at the head, I only took about 20-60 damage out of my 290 heath max (on Normal Difficulty with full heath when firing and 18 armor). When firing at the legs/ground at a very similar distance, I was killed every time. Abdomen shots either killed me or left me with minimal health (0-50). Even upper torso/arms left me with 70-120. On any difficulty I advise only headshots if you are within 50 feet of the behemoth. As the difficulty increases, so does the advised distance. Even on Very Hard, headshots aren't fatal if you have more than about 80 health. A ground/leg shot on Very Hard was deadly within about 140 feet. When I had the Power Armor though, with full health (390), I could withstand a direct Nuke on Hard, so I think the information above is more helpful to anyone having problems with backlash from their own Nukes.

    I hope that my experiments, data and other information can help you fight the Good Fight, and become a successful Behemoth head hunter. If you have any ideas for further testing, want to know my testing conditions, or anything else, just PM me, and I'll try to help.
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