Fishing Guru achievement in Black Desert

Fishing Guru

Achieve Fishing Level 51.

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How to unlock the Fishing Guru achievement

  • LowTierGod1LowTierGod1732,635
    26 Jul 2019 21 May 2019 02 Jun 2019
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    this is pretty much a long one but its good in the way you can AFK it if you really want

    (DISCLAIMER) i do not own this achievement but im pretty sure this is the best way to do it with little to no effort if there is anything better please mention in the comments i would love to know

    anyways back to it i think the best thing to do this is to AFK while you are sleeping

    if you cast your first throw and you just leave it it will auto fist for you

    i would recommend you use a (balenos fishing rod) as its pretty easy to get from the central market and it has the biggest durability so it will last longer

    your only issue will be inventory space.

    i hope this helps happy hunting

    (edit) please look at some of the comments below as they are pretty helpful

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    MrNoLuckFoxHonestly, from training my horses I made a lot of Silver from selling the trained horses, and netted enough to try and buy the +5 Fishing Outfit. Hardest part is getting a seller.

    The +3 is nice and is what I'm currently using. That Triple Float road I feel is too expensive for what it is worth, and can't be repaired. I would only use on hotspots if you got one to net additional XP there, kind of like Li4bility said.

    Guild wise, I posted in global chat looking for a Life Skilling guild and got an invite almost immediately with max life skill bonuses, so that helps immensely.

    I just need that Penguin.
    Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 09 Jul 19 at 20:05
    RecovskiPeople tend to forget that around 3am the servers are restarted. Europeans are screwed when it comes to overnight fishing 🤣
    Posted by Recovski on 21 Aug 19 at 16:51
    Pennywise@AssassinNath92 penguins dont stack. instead make penguin into a t3 or t4
    Posted by Pennywise on 09 Nov 19 at 02:07
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  • MrNoLuckFoxMrNoLuckFox408,046
    05 Sep 2019 08 Aug 2019 10 Sep 2019
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    Now that I have unlocked the achievement, it took me probably 350 hours to get. 30-50 of active fishing and gathering equipment and messing around, and then probably 300 hours of passive fishing. Originally, if I was more efficient in the beginning, maybe I could have done it in 300 hours total. And with the new update, maybe I could have gotten it down to 200-250 if I just dumped all the fish. So, those are my estimates.

    I want to write a solution here to potentially include information and hopefully update it as it comes along.

    I'll probably update this more as I go, as this is a first draft.

    - Get an upgraded Balenos Fishing Rod for AFK Fishing
    - After acquiring a fishing boat, Hotspot fish in the seas or AFK fish in Banto/Zenato sea's.
    - Get as high of a level of the Silver Embroidered Fisher's Clothes for extra XP.
    - Don't waste your XP boosts until you're ready to potentially Active fish.
    - shows a map of sea regions and hotspots.
    - Try to increase your inventory size as much as possible.
    - If you don't care about the coin from selling at Traders, the new update lets you automatically drop fish as you hit certain levels to increase the length of auto fishing before filling inventories.
    - There are many PC fishing guides out there, you will just have to adapt some information as the PC/XBOX version are different.

    To start, the Xbox version is behind from the PC version. PC has the Great Oceans, which offer Sailing and additional fishing features, including the Epheria Sailboat. As of now, I don't know when that is coming to consoles.

    But for now, we have the coastal seas and rivers. To start out, through Beginner and Apprentice, the Old Rod or Sturdy Rod you can buy or get through the Central Market should be fine.

    Eventually, towards the end of Apprentice and if you're serious about leveling fishing, I recommend going for some of the special rods, mainly the Balenos rod as it reduces Auto-Fishing time.

    River fishing can be done decently, though a lot of junk that you can filter out. Look for Abundant fishing locations, and the ponds around Glish are nice and usually have decent drop tables.

    Auto-fishing is done by just casting the rod and let it sit. You will catch fish on average and at base stats around 1 every 3 minutes. This can improve with gear and fishing poles (like the Balenos Rod, and more so if it is enchanted to a higher level)

    So on Xbox, you can auto-fish by setting it to not turn off at night in your settings and try to average it out to see when your inventory fills up. Auto-fishing received an update recently, and as long as you're Professional 1 you can dump up to blue rarity fish. So if you have a small inventory it will allow for you to auto fish for longer periods.

    Inventory is important as well, less so now if you auto-fish and plan to dump the fish. If you go into 'Quests' and tab to 'Suggestions' there is a category for Inventory Expansion that will offer quests to increase your inventory to catch more fish. I suggest doing these earlier so you gain more XP over time.

    You can also gain consumables that can be used to increase Life XP earned, to help boost that. I suggest saving these for when you have the X-day Value Packs, or like the Premium Pass in game items that give you XP boosts and increased storage space for the certain amount of time.

    Clothing also helps XP gain and fishing level. Get you some Silver Embroidered Fisher's clothes, and at a higher enchantment level if possible. They can get a bit pricey though on the Central Market, but for every level you get an extra 5% to fishing xp earned and up to +2 fishing ability..

    Fishing levels reduce your cast to bite time. This is a variable that fluctuates with your fishing level, fishing ability, and the place you are fishing at.

    But maxing it at +5 is suggested. This is easily accomplished by a +2 Fisher's Clothes and a Life Skilling guild that has +3 fishing in it.

    But where should you fish?
    Depends. Your best chance is out at sea. Active fish at hotspots that have seagulls flying around them for guaranteed gold fish. Or fish at certain seas for high blue drop rate tables and low cast to bite times (such as Banto sea or Zenato Sea). You can AFK fish here and earn a full inventory relatively quickly that is mostly blues.

    But you have to get out at sea first. At this point, you're best bet is to hold out for being able to buy a Fishing Boat license off of the CM. They have a durability that will eventually reach 0, but for as much time as I have been fishing at sea, I'm barely at half durability on the boat.

    The penguin is a nice bonus but hard to buy off the CM. I've been on wait for 2 months now and still haven't gotten a seller for it. So if you want to spend some real money for fishing, maybe invest in the Pearl Shop on one, or the fishing outfit you can buy in there, but it can be pricey.

    Another item is the Triple Float Rod that is suggested for use in Hotspots. It allows you to have the chance of catching multiple fish at once. But it can't be repaired and is expensive, so use it wisely. If you do the "Hold A to Cast" and spend additional Energy, it increases your chance of catching more fish at once.
    Has a great map that shows the sea regions and the available fish and hotspots. Again north of Velia, by the Pirates, at the Sea of Banto and Zenato Sea are good fishing spots for good xp/inventory.
  • MiZ Dove OGMiZ Dove OG271,457
    10 Jul 2019 12 Jun 2019 12 Jun 2019
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    To add to this solutuion and comments, I also use the elixers if i am manually fishing as they only last 5 minutes. (Elixer of Time [Life Exp +10%] and Fisher's [Elixer Fishing +2]).

    I also use any scrolls i might have for Life EXP % increases.

    Sute Tea from Central Market Life Exp 8*

    I have Silver Embroidered Fisher's Outfit +1 while i wait for my +4 preorder.

    I have penguin from Pearl shop (cringe, I know but im impatient.

    I fish at hotspot at the little wooden bridge southeast of Gllish right at the Southern Wetlands node.

    If u contribute one contribution point to that node, it will connect to Glish and you will get the most $$ for your fish if you sell it to the Trade Manager IN GLISH (not the one at the southern guard camp.)

    The Ancient Relic Crystal Shards obtained from fishing at this spot are really nice. I get 11-15 a night AFK fishing which at 700K-800K each is a really nice bonus.

    Still working on this achievement ugh.
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    MrNoLuckFoxI just finished Horse Training and am beginning this grind slowly but surely.

    Is it good to invest in a boat and got to the ocean? Any thoughts on this?
    Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 01 Jul 19 at 19:10
    Avoids@MrNoLuckFox it all depends, if you are going to go hotspot fishing I would say yes. However I personally have AFK'd grinded in Calepheon but this is because I have chosen to not Active fish at all. I had no desire to active fish.
    If you are going to even halfway active fish I would strongly recommend you do all of your fishing quests, get a boat and yes you can fish north of Veila in various hotspots.
    Hotspots = Higher grade fish = More exp per fish.
    More hotspots generate when you are higher level fishing.
    Posted by Avoids on 02 Jul 19 at 12:35
    Because I do halfway active fish.

    I idle fish before bed, and halfway active fish when watching Youtube or decide to pop a Life XP buff.

    Hmm. Fishing quests though. I guess I haven't really bothered with any of those. I didn't even think about that aspect for leveling.

    But I've been fishing north and a bit northeast of Velia, and have found a decent amount of hotspots on and off.

    Honestly, my biggest gripe is how slow the boats feel. But there are a few locations where I get fair amounts of Blue and Gold fish.

    I'm up to about Skilled 6 right now, so like halfway to the achievement in about 12ish days. But the final half will be such a pain.

    Nonetheless, thank you Avoids for your suggestions and input.
    Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 09 Jul 19 at 19:59
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