Derby Horse Trainer achievement in Black Desert

Derby Horse Trainer

Achieve Training Level 31.

Derby Horse Trainer-15.4
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How to unlock the Derby Horse Trainer achievement

  • MrNoLuckFoxMrNoLuckFox435,213
    30 May 2019 19 Jun 2019 01 Jul 2019
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    So I've received a couple messages about this actually. And here are just a few tips on working towards this.

    It is a decent grind. I would auto run through the night with my Xbox on for a few extra hours a day.

    Horses can auto-run, not auto-sprint

    When out of a safe zone, when they move without holding the trigger button, that is considered running. When you hold the trigger, that is sprinting.

    So it's a trade-off, you can auto train but you move slower, or you can play yourself and Sprint and run faster.

    Then for the paths, I make sure to just try and set straight lines for long distances if possible because they'll slow down if automatically going around corners or bends. My typical path is from Heidel to the West right before the tower pass

    You can set the auto looping paths by LT+X and it will loop from your location to where you set. You know it's a loop when the path is green versus one way path that is blue.

    If going for the achievement, I suggest leveling lower tier horses because they level faster than higher tier.

    As mentioned by PSYCHADELICACE; taming horses does give you a fair amount of XP and can level you faster. There are guides online for loops to run for horse spawns. (There are a couple on the Heidel to the West gate path that I would periodically check). Just need to be aware of the size of your stable, which can be increased through town management to hold more horses.

    Horses respawn in each server instance in each location every 2 hours I believe, and can spawn 1-4 horses. It is good to get a path that takes about fifteen minutes to check, and then you can hop to other server instances if doing hardcore horse taming.

    Guides online also debate how far to level your horses. I would take them to 15. Some suggest 10, and others even 5 if you plan to tame a lot. I didn't have that much time so I would idle train which took longer. Past 15 is worthless because of the XP needed. When done, you can register the horse on the market for some decent amounts of silver if it has perked out decently enough.

    You can also buy a training gear outfit on the Central Market and use the Life XP boosters when the horse is a low level to try and get extra boosts. It is good to invest in these sooner than later, and use the boosts if you do plan to tame horses.

    I know you can find additional guides on the internet as the PC version is pretty similar to the Xbox version. But this game is a hefty grind, and there is a lot of information out there over it.

    Good luck, and if you have comments or need something clarified, I'll do my best to help but I am by far no professional haha!

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    If it's a horse you plan to keep, then yeah, you can keep leveling it up.
    That's a pretty good guide there, thanks! Though as far as keeping to level up goes, I gotta admit that I find this extremely daunting... I disliked it so much so that I let my account to be powerleveled by a proffesional from It was cheap and fast and have no regrets whatsoever, cause achievement like Derby Horse is grinding biased and I didn't have to do it, I can easily focus on playing Black Desert Online and having fun!
    Posted by Madridista2012 on 01 Jul 20 at 07:26
    HannanWhen I first started playing BDO, it was actually a decent game, but as you play the game you start to realise that everything you read about the game is false.
    There are no PVE servers even though it only shows 1 as pvp.
    every server is a PK server, but on all servers except for the PVP one, you can stay out of pvp but only if you stay at lvl 49 or below, and there is almost nothing to do till you hit lvl 56+.
    All the grinding spots needed to level from 50 to 61+ are full of players just hanging around to PK you, new players don't stand a chance.
    For the last month of this post it has gotten much worse, the PK'ers have started to hang around on world boss spawn locations and outside of towns waiting to kill you as you try to do anything or go anywhere.
    Most are using exploits and speed / attack hacks as well.
    There is no party play, you literally get penalised for being in a party.
    Basically put, what could of been an awesome game with such potential has turned to total cr*p game, and if not for the fact I have a friend on BDO I talk to daily I'd of quit a good while ago.
    Posted by Hannan on 05 Aug 20 at 03:26
    ZukapeEverything @Hannan says false. You don't need to grind mobs to hit soft level cap. Just keep questing. End game of the game is PvP (sell point for %99 MMO players) and there's also Karma system. Nobody will just kill mid 50 level player trying to do quest. Game never was advertised as party play. There's literally no hacks other than small advantage to people with keyboard and mouse adapter and then any skilled enough player can pull most advanced combos. It's sounds like game is not for you and you didn't get far. So yeah... Everything you are saying is BS, quit that shit.
    Posted by Zukape on 14 Dec 20 at 15:11
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  • PennywisePennywise#3747494,106
    06 Nov 2019 25 Aug 2019
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    if you get a wagon with 4 horses you can level 4 at a time but its slower because it evens out the xp between all horses also you can auto loop and wont need feed for the horses.
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