Recognized By All achievement in Black Desert

Recognized By All

Achieve 150 contribution points.

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How to unlock the Recognized By All achievement

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    Contribution points are a point based currency acquired by completing quests. You gain contribution points by gaining contribution experience.

    There is multiple ways in getting contribution points. But first of all this Achievement will come over time while playing, there is no real quick way in reaching 150 contribution points.

    Here is a list of the experience you need for each contribution point.

    Contribution Point - Experience needed per CP
    1 - 30 - 100
    31 - 45 - 150
    46 - 60 - 200
    61 - 75 - 250
    76 - 90 - 300
    91 - 100 - 450
    101 - 120 - 600
    121 - 150 - 800
    151 - 250 - 1,000
    251 - 255 - 1,200
    256 - 260 - 1,205
    261 - 275 - 4,820
    276 - 290 - 5,302
    291 - 300 - 6,363
    301 - 315 - 8,908
    316 - 325 - 16,033
    326 - 350 - 24,050
    351 - 400 - 72,150
    401 - 500 - 505,048
    501+ - 606,057


    Right now the fastest way to get contribution points is by doing quests, while exploring the world map just pick up every quest you see and do them because most quests give contribution experience.

    Also do daily contribution quests, they reset every 22 hours. I would suggest doing the Calpheon daily quests daily. The daily quests are the most effective quests in gaining contribution points. Here is a link with a list of a lot of daily quests you can do:

    As contribution points are family wide you can also do the main quests again on an alt or do daily quests on them which will gain you a lot more contribution points.

    By-products from life skills

    This method is really good while AFK for gaining contribution points once it is in BDX . You can just do this while sleeping or at work etc. There is a chance of getting by-products within the process of cooking, alchemy and farming. This is completely random.

    There are 5 different by-products for cooking, 5 for alchemy and 5 for farming. You can exchange them at npcs, if you click the by-product in your inventory it should show a waypoint to the npc where you can hand it in. 1 out of the 5 different by-products you can hand in for contribution experience.

    Each stack of 5 of the following by-products gives 50 contribution experience.

    - Mutant plant (From farming)
    - Dish with Poorly Prepared Ingredients (From cooking)
    - Weakened Reagent (From alchemy)

    So cooking is by far the best for gaining the by-products to gain contribution points. For example what you can do is mass produce beer for your workers over night. As you probably will work on a node empire you will do this anyway.

    Beer ingredients:

    - 5 Grains (oat, barley, corn, wheat, potato)
    - 1 Sugar
    - 2 Leavening Agent
    - 6 Water

    Also another example which is good is make liquor essence.

    liquor essence ingredients:

    - 1 Flour
    - 1 Fruit
    - 1 Leavening Agent

    So what you can do is buy strawberrys in Calpheon and grind your wheat into flour.

    Defense Tokens

    while its night some camps or outposts can be attacked from enemies from time to time. If you defeat them which is fairly easy you gain defense tokens corresponding to the area which you are in. You can exchange the tokens at some npcs in the region. Each exchange requires 3 Tokens and you need 3 energy for it.

    This is probably the least effective way in getting contribution points.
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    TheMaizeyou might wanna update this...
    Byproducts have been in the game for quite some time.
    Cp cap is currently 400 on Xbox though
    Posted by TheMaize on 26 Jun 19 at 13:50
    TostieeThank you, I updated the guide. Haven't played bdo in a while so didn't know it was in the game now.
    Posted by Tostiee on 27 Jun 19 at 05:08
    MarkyshizzleThis video is extremely helpful and u can do it daily
    Posted by Markyshizzle on 16 Mar 20 at 11:33
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