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Awarded for acquiring all titles in Become a Legend.

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Achievement Guide for All Titles

  • Iced HawkIced Hawk586,769 586,769 GamerScore
    03 Mar 2012 09 May 2010 25 Feb 2012
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    This is the guide for one of the most TIME CONSUMING achievements ever. Here's a detailed list of what you need to do to Get three Achievements:

    - All Titles. 50G
    - Club Titles. 20G
    - International Titles. 20G

    First things first, play on the Easiest difficult so You can really get awesome matches and 5 min so you don't get too sick...

    For this achievement you will need 5 Legends, one for each continent: 1 European, 1 Asia-Oceania, 1 North American, 1 South American and 1 African, I really recomend in order: Spain, Japan, USA, Brazil and Cotte D'Ivore, this are the easiest to get called for national team. Then You Will need to Choose one of this to be your MASTER LEGEND (Will explain later on) and save it for the last one (Mine is "Takeshi Ryou" from Japan). Choose position Second Striker (SS) or Wide Forward (WF) or Striker (CF)

    Ok, then let's star, whenever you choose, skip the matches for the first two years except for you Master Legend (I Know... HOW BORING) This will get your player better stats for strenghten in no time, then JUST Play 20-25 games on the 3rd Year (A few in the beggining, more at the end of the seasson) scoring and giving as many goals and assistences as you can, skip the rest.

    The 4th Year is the most important, Continent Based Cup are sitted, (European Cup, S. American Cup, African Cup, so on...) so get your best to get called and remember you need to Win every single award in the cup (Max Scorer, Max Assistant, MVP, Best Team and Of Course the Cup, we don't wanna wait 4 more years to get another chance...)

    Once the 4th year is done, prepared to the 5th year, the Qualifiers Region, as the 4th year, You need to win every single award (Yeah, yeah... 4 more years for the chance and bla, bla bla...)

    After this is done you can forget this legend, you must do this with every legend except for your MASTER LEGEND. If you get into the menu: "Plyr Info/Records Room/Title Display Room" in the National section you should see every single Award except for the first 6 ones (World Cup awards). Ok 4 of 5 done

    Coool, now, let's Get To Your MASTER LEGEND!!!

    The legend You Choose to be Your MASTER LEGEND needs to get AWESOME Matches from the very first begin, You Need to win EVERY SINGLE award in EVERY SINGLE league (A,B,C,D), Cup (A1,B1,C1,D1), Competition (European, Master Cup), INDIVIDUAL and TEAM, and Of Course... NATIONAL (World Cup, Region qualifiers, Region Cup) I Know... this sounds Crazy... AND IT IS, You need To Win Top Scorer, Top Assis, MVP of the Seasson, Team of the Seasson, European and Master Cup, World MVP and European MVP... and All of this MUST BE DONE with ONE Legend, I know it seems crazy, But the achievement "Club Tittles" will only pop once the legend has all INDIVIDUAL and CLUB awards, and the 4 TOP awards on the Screen: World Team of the Year, World Footballer of the Year (Win every single award during your first 6 years and this award is yours...) European Footballer of the Year, European Team of the Year . Once this is Done the, the "International Titles" will pop once you have all National Awards collected and you retired from your Country. Once those to Achievements pop, and You Get ALL AWARDS collected, All Tittles achievement will POP once you get your last Award.

    Good Luck Player... You're Gonna need it.
  • kingkoningkingkoning116,822
    23 Jul 2009 18 Jul 2009
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