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Worthy of Legend

Clear all missions with S rank on all difficulties except Heaven or Hell.

Worthy of Legend-9.4
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Achievement Guide for Worthy of Legend

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    I'll do my best to provide some useful tips for general purposes, and for each character since it would be difficult to explain each mission. If at any time anyone can provide some additional information to benefit, I'll add it and it will help to improve the guide.

    General tips for Each difficulty:

    Make use of your checkpoints!!
    If you're doing well with style or you have a no-hit run going, instead of restarting the level or checkpoint, dashboard and force quit so the last autosave was at your checkpoint and you can continue with no penalty

    * This won't work on Hell and Hell

    EX. Provocation: Some enemies cannot jump up to you if you are in an elevated area and you can use this to boost up your Style high and then attack as well as boost you DT gauge

    Skippable fights: Not every fight needs to be fought, if there is no red barrier, it's best to avoid those fights altogether. This helps to retain your style points since the are averaged across the entire level, as well as not taking unnecessary damage

    Stay in the air: Staying in the air will help you to focus on one enemy and avoid any ground attacks that may try to get you.

    Camera movement: This is important! use the camera to your advantage, Enemies cannot attack you if they are not shown in your screen so it can be easier to focus on certain enemies or avoid damage (Out of sight, out of mind!)

    Invincibility Frames: This game has what is called "I" frames or invincibility, and by doing a single jump, this will give you a moment of invincibility (you can literally go through attacks doing this but don't push your luck) Constantly be moving and constantly single jump!

    Nero Tips:

    RAGTIME, RAGTIME, RAGTIME!! I cannot express in words how useful Ragtime is for not only getting out of tricky fights/enemies but also for building style, definitely my most used devil breaker, along side the "buster arm" (Pre-order bonus) The buster arm when charged can instantly kill any enemy or it can deal a large amount of damage to a stunned boss. (between 25% - 50% depending on difficulty)

    Exceed & Charge shot: it is important to constantly use exceed attacks for quicker/powerful attacks. Get in the habit of tapping cn_LT during your attacks to fill it up. Your charge shot should always be ready and implemented in combos (Hold cn_X)

    Make use of Nico's van: Do not be afraid to use up your devil breakers, you will constantly be doing it! So ALWAYS use the phone to call her to refill as well as using the Divinity statues

    V Tips:

    It's best to use Shadow autonomously (cn_LT + cn_Y) while using a combination of Griffins Blockade (Hold cn_X) Flank attack (cn_RB +cn_LSu + cn_X) and Double check (cn_RB +cn_LSd to cn_LSu + hold cn_X)

    Nightmare: Should only be called out if you have either Shadow or Griffin "stalemated" to instantly revive them, or when things are getting hairy and you need a distraction. Nightmare tends to hold the aggro for you

    The Book: Use this only when you feel safe/confident enough to build up so DT, or to keep nightmare in play for longer!

    Dante Tips:

    DR. Faust!!! This weapon is a godsend against tough bosses and clearing out hordes of enemies while using Red hot night (In Gunslinger, cn_RB + cn_LSu + cn_B)

    Dr Faust' Red shot attack (Hold cn_X) is extremely powerful against bosses, I'd recommend using while in Trickster stance to move quickly if needed

    Double Kalina Ann: Use the Mega Cascade ability (While in Gunslinger, cn_RB + cn_LSu + cn_B Hold for longer attack) for this to help build up your DT and some style, especially useful in helping fill your Sin DT gauge.

    Sin DT gauge: This should be used incase of an emergency or to eliminate tough enemies like Fury, Nobody, or Hell Judecca, I would use only two attacks, 1st The Luce ( Hold cn_RT) and 2nd Demolition (Hold cn_LT)

    Royal Guard: This is useful to not only build up your DT but also to increase your style rank to SSS so that way your combos will start off with a lot of points

    If you see anything you can add let me know and I'll improve the guide! I'll do my best to add boss strategies too to help with some of those harder difficulties!

    I know Mission 18 tends to be one of the harder ones, here is a strategy that can work on any difficulty to get an S rank, the video was done on DMD difficulty to showcase its effectiveness

    Mission 12 was also another tricky one, but there are many skippable fights and a good Dr. Faust strategy to use here again. This is also on DMD to show that it works well

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