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Update #7

SKILLING STREAK! achievement in Forza Horizon 4


Earn 30 stars on "Skill Streak".

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How to unlock the SKILLING STREAK! achievement

  • Funky MonkeeFunky Monkee
    09 Mar 2019 09 Mar 2019 24 May 2020
    This achievement has supposedly been fixed. It now correctly unlocks after obtaining all 30 stars in the Skill Streak story. However, some are still reporting unlocking it early. This video demonstrates it and may help anyone who's struggling:

    NOTE ABOUT CO OP: Co op does not make this any easier unfortunately...

    All credit goes to MotoGamesTV

    Here are the point values required for each: (Good suggestion, thanks KinectKid333)
    Challenge 1: 320,000 points (64,000 X 5.0)
    Challenge 2: 285,000 points (57,000 X 5.0)
    Challenge 3: 45 Near misses
    Challenge 4: 255,000 points (51,000 X 5.0)
    Challenge 5: 50 Air skills
    Challenge 6: 235,000 points (47,000 X 5.0)
    Challenge 7: 180,000 points (36,000 X 5.0)
    Challenge 8: 200,000 points (40,000 X 5.0)
    Challenge 9: 255,000 points (51,000 X 5.0)
    Challenge 10: 265,000 points (53,000 X 5.0)

    UPDATE: This appears to unlock when you have 30 stars TOTAL, across all stories.

    Supposedly unlocked for getting all 30 stars in the Skill Streak story, but I unlocked this and the 30 stars for Ishi's taxis achievements despite having never played Skill Streak, and only around 20 stars on taxis. So these achievements must be bugged.

    EDIT: Looks like everyone has had this happen. Free achievement, for now...

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    Ganesh78I had the most trouble with 3. The best advice I can give is slow down to 150 mph or so, it gives new cars time to respawn. Even then I barely made it.
    Posted by Ganesh78 On 01 Oct 21 at 01:36
    SockGORE828Is this now unobtainable? I've tried challenge 3 3 times now and not a single car is on the route for me to near miss.
    Posted by SockGORE828 On 17 Oct 21 at 00:31
    Mario04253101have you used rewind at all? from my recollection if you use rewinds at all it takes away a ton of cars
    Posted by Mario04253101 On 24 Nov 21 at 02:15
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  • Maelstorm95Maelstorm95
    04 Feb 2020 05 Feb 2020
    This was more difficult than I imagined it would be, but after playing a few chapters over and over over the course of a few days, I figured out a few tips. The hardest 2 for me were the electric car, and the last one. These needed either 265 or 255k points in 4 minutes, and you needed to get to the destination. what ended up working for me was following the guided line instead of trying to do drifts in the open field. While you may think it's important to get points quick, whats more important is getting your multiplier up early. So getting a bunch of 100 point drifts and e drifts will benefit you more than trying to get the 500 drift every time.

    I did this during winter, so i took advantage of any snowmen(1000 points) I saw. 90% of my points were from crashing into small trees fences, or other items, with the others being edrifts, drifts, burnouts, and near misses. If I wasn't running over fences or trees, I'd floor it closer to the goal and hit A to get a edrift in order to save my combo. You MUST get a good 220k+combo to have any chance at any of these. Multiple times I'd get around 200k, and struggle trying to get the remaining points, but I'd run out of time getting to the destination.

    Some big points I'd try and get were sideswiping, bins, snowmen, and the skilling combo.

    Do NOT hang around the start and try and get a combo and a ton of points. I tried this, and ended up running out of time every time. If you see cars, try and trade paint with them for an added bonus.
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