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#FORZATHON Sweep achievement in Forza Horizon 4


Complete 1 Weekly and 7 Daily #FORZATHON activities in the same week.

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How to unlock the #FORZATHON Sweep achievement

  • NmE War EagleNmE War Eagle
    13 Mar 2019 04 May 2019 04 May 2019
    Adding this solution because it appears on TA's "Guideless Achievement" list - and because there were a couple of hiccups I had while getting this achievement and I thought I might share them with the (probably) small percentage of the population who experienced the same hiccups.

    So, first things first, where to find the list of #FORZATHON activities:

    they can be found in many different ways:

    1. When you start Forza Horizon 4 it now takes you to the "Festival Playlist" - two of the tiles will display the "Weekly #FORZATHON CHALLENGE" and the "Daily Challenges" - you can click on either of those tiles to view the challenges in more detail.

    2. From the "Welcome Back" screen, there is a tile on the left labeled "#FORZATHON" that you can click on to view the challenges in more detail.

    3. Anytime while exploring/driving/etc, you can hit the cn_start button to bring up the menu, then cn_RB to the "Horizon Life" tab and click on the "#FORZATHON" tile and view the challenges in more detail.

    There are many, many other ways to navigate to the list of #FORZATHON challenges, but those are the three ways I most often use.

    So, next, when do the Weekly challenges start:

    Seasons change every Thursday at 10:30 EDT/2:30 PM GMT - and thus the #FORZATHON weekly challenges begin at this time.

    The Daily challenges update every day at the same time listed above.

    Why does this matter? Because you have to do 7 daily challenges in one week, so you can't start on say, Monday, because you'll have (at most) only 5 daily challenges available for the week at that point and you won't be able to get the achievement.

    This leads to my discussing some of the hiccups you might experience while trying to get this achievement.

    My first bit of advice is DO NOT complete the last two daily challenges from the previous week. If you take this advice, then instead of having 7 daily challenges available for the week (one every day at 10:30 EDT), you will have 9 available - and thus you can skip (or miss) 2 and still complete the achievement. Sometimes the daily achievements are annoying and having the opportunity to skip one that you particularly hate is advantageous. (For example, one of the daily challenges right now is "Shake N' Bake - Combine Drafting and Pass Skills to earn 2 Slingshot Skills" - maybe you hate having to do that particular task, so you skip it and replace it with an easier task from the extra two daily challenges you have available.)

    Which leads to the second piece of advice (and my first major hiccup when completing this achievement): actually look at the Weekly challenges before deciding to complete the achievement. The Weekly challenges include 4 chapters which must be completed in order (this was another hiccup I ran into, as I didn't realize at first that they had to be completed in order, I couldn't complete the Chapter 3 or 4 objectives until I had completed Chapter 1, then Chapter 2 - don't be like me and spend an hour trying to accomplish Chapter 3 tasks when you have completed, nor even attempted the tasks associated with the first two chapters).

    The first Chapter is usually just drive the specified vehicle - it might be a specific vehicle or a car class or a particular car type. However, if you don't own the specific vehicle you might have to purchase it. I did this on my first go round at this achievement, and I even looked at the list of chapter objectives before I purchased the rather expensive specifically required vehicle, and then I got to Chapter 4. Chapter 4 that particular week was complete (or win) a "Goliath" race (which requires reaching Level 20 in Road Racing). I hadn't reached Level 20 yet - and was actually quite a ways from getting to that level - so I didn't complete the Weekly challenge list - and thus I wasted the serious coin I spent on the required vehicle - and the time required to complete the previous chapters and daily challenges.

    So, again, look at the weekly list and then make the determination if it's worth the coin to buy a vehicle (assuming you don't already own one that meets the requirements) and/or if one of the challenges is going to be a pain to complete or will require a time commitment you don't currently have. If there are any issues, wait a week. Invariably there will be weeks with trivial challenges that are super easy to accomplish with minimal effort.

    Finally as a bit of FYI, to view each of the Weekly challenges once you are in the #FORZATHON menu, simply click on the "Weekly Challenge" tile and then use the cn_RSl stick or cn_RSr stick to navigate to each chapter (this isn't obvious when you are in the menu).

    The Daily challenges are listed on a separate tile (there are only three daily challenges available at any time - and they are each only available for 3 days ).

    All the challenges have countdown timers, so you know exactly how much time is available before they expire - and each challenge has a counter in the bottom right corner displaying the count requirement and how many of that particular task you have already completed.

    Overall this is a really easy achievement to complete (despite the current high TA ratio) - it's only difficulty lies in the possible extended time commitment and the necessity of returning periodically to complete the challenges.

    Although you can really do it in just 3 days: Thursday after the Weekly challenges reset, knock out all the weekly challenges and three daily challenges (assuming you saved two from the previous week), then return on Sunday after the daily reset and knock out the next three daily challenges, then return one final time on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and knock out the final daily challenge: ACHIEVEMENT COMPLETE!!
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    AllStarTC29sMomSince the DLC of LegoLand, I have tried to complete this and it seems impossible because the game keeps resetting my weekly challenge (i.e. Stuggart Heraldry) while I await the upcoming daily challenge.
    The problem occurs when I turn off the game, even though I have completed the weekly challenge, and the game puts me back in Legoland. When I fast travel to the Fortune Island, my progress has disappeared in the weekly challenge, but not in the dailies.
    Is there something I'm doing wrong? I've asked Forza support for help, but have yet to hear back from them.
    Really frustrating! angry
    Posted by AllStarTC29sMom On 30 Jun 19 at 20:28
    NmE War EagleYeah, that seems like a fairly unique issue. I think you've done the best thing you can do (contacting support for the game). Unlike most games I've had really good luck and feedback with both Turn10 and Playground Games when dealing with weird issues that impact achievements. Good luck!!
    Posted by NmE War Eagle On 01 Jul 19 at 18:53
    pukem0nnalso if you change your system clock for getting other barn finds quickly, your weekly forzathon challenges reset as do your daily challenges. happened to me yesterday.
    Posted by pukem0nn On 29 Jul 19 at 14:11
    YuthfulPorpoiseAdditional info from my experience: If it doesn't unlock for you and you're in one of the DLC areas (fortune island or lego) travel back to Great Britain. I finished my last daily in Fortune Island and it didn't unlock and I was super bummed. Then I traveled back to Great Britain and it then unlocked.
    Posted by YuthfulPorpoise On 08 Apr 20 at 16:45
    TobesPlays@AllStar - If LegoLand is set as your home garage, you'll always load in there first. It took me 2 days of nonsense to realize why I kept getting "started" there every time I fresh loaded a game, even when I was trying to finish Fortune Island.
    Posted by TobesPlays On 09 Jul 20 at 20:29
    xStupid ZombiexI had the same problem with the Goliath race but there's a work around. Look at race blueprints and someone will usually have a race setup there. This way you can race on Goliath at any level.
    Posted by xStupid Zombiex On 29 Aug 21 at 06:54
    Dylan XBAI’ve done the weekly and now the 7 dailies and it did t unlock.

    Is it bugged now?
    Posted by Dylan XBA On 09 Dec 21 at 01:38
    LinkRememberedDidn’t unlock for me today after finishing the seventh daily challenge. So annoying.

    Edit: Restarted the game the next day (the new season had started) and it unlocked after a bit. Seems to be a buggy one. Haven’t had any issues with other achievements for this game.
    Posted by LinkRemembered On 26 Jan 22 at 21:52
    ALoneWolf42Oh man. I finally got the weekly achievement last night but there’s not enough time for this one. I did 3 dailies, but if the week resets on Thursday I don’t think I get 4 more dailies in time. :(
    Posted by ALoneWolf42 On 14 Mar 22 at 23:06
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