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You should take a rest! achievement in Forza Horizon 4

You should take a rest!

Complete 3 consecutive #FORZATHON Live events.

You should take a rest!-0.7
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How to unlock the You should take a rest! achievement

  • IdenicIdenic216,270
    12 Mar 2019 12 Mar 2019
    134 4 51
    #FORZATHON Live events start at the top of every hour. They will appear on the map as a big pink circle 10 minutes before it starts, and you will get a notification on screen 5 minutes before it starts. Drive to the circle and wait before it hits the top of the hour, and you will be included in the event. Then just complete all 3 rounds to finish the event. Do this twice more in consecutive hours (Ex: doing the 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 event) to complete the achievement.

    When doing the event, please participate in all rounds. It's no fun when 3-4 people are doing all the work and 10+ are just sitting around waiting.

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    LockieOkay I got it on Fortune Island without too much effort. The island is pretty small so having 60 people crammed on it means it's more likely some will participate in the events rather than ignore them.
    Posted by Lockie on 30 Mar at 13:33
    The Last FlightIt's pretty much impossible to complete one Forzathon Live now with randoms, let alone three. Decided to join one event for the hell of it and there was only one other person there. No one seems to join these anymore. In fact, I can't remember the last time I completed Round 3 of an event. It's best to setup a gaming session and convoy for this now if anyone reading this still needs the achievement.
    Posted by The Last Flight on 03 Apr at 02:20
    ChettlarCan confirm that you don't have to have the game running for the full 3 hours. I'm on PC. I was working on homework in between each one, and my computer couldn't run the stuff I needed to without closing the game. The second #FORZATHON my game took forever to start, but I was able to join it on round 2 (I think I barely got there in the nick of time; it was nowhere near any fast travel points for me), and still was able to join and help us barely finish it (it gave us two of the harder ones and we didn't have a full group). On the third one I was there from the beginning and it popped for me once we completed it.

    The second one was really infuriating due to people just sitting around. We only got it with a minute to spare and if I hadn't been there we genuinely wouldn't have gotten it. But the second one was when I had the most people, like four just sitting there. Like come on people. I know the game probably doesn't boot you from the server right away for inactivity since it's supposed to be seamless with singleplayer sorta, but they could at least make it to where if you haven't interacted with the objective in a #FORZATHON for the past minute you are ineligible for rewards. Cuz I got there late that second one but I still helped out a lot. Meanwhile people there the whole time doing nothing still get the points.
    Posted by Chettlar on 16 Apr at 22:18
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  • GiantBRGiantBR106,878
    11 Jun 2019 15 Jun 2019
    10 2 4
    This can be a hassle, but the main point is that you don't need to stay 3 hours in-game, the events will become available 10 minutes before the next hour, just be there at least 5 minutes earlier and do 3 rounds of the live event. YOU NEED TO COMPLETE ALL THE ROUNDS 3 TIMES IN TOTAL, which means that if you are playing and there's little crowd to do the event, skip it and wait for a proper time, if you do 2 rounds with 3 events each and the last round you complete only 2 this won't work, for example, so complete all rounds 3 times in a row.
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    KhaosOPI can confirm, you do not need to complete all 3 rounds, I did this with 2 rounds of 2 and a round of 1, just as long as 1 round is completed it counts
    Posted by KhaosOP on 08 Jul 19 at 14:07
    GiantBRto me it didn't worked, i had to complete all the events, but glad to hear that it works for you like that.
    Posted by GiantBR on 09 Jul 19 at 00:10
    awesomegaynessI am so completely pissed because I was trying to get this achievement and I was in my third Forzathon live and I literally was in the last round and then my game crashed on me so I did not get the achievement so now tomorrow night I have to try again home again doesn’t crash been having issues with my game crashing in my game is digital and I am an Xbox one X but for the past two days the game only works after I restarted my Xbox otherwise it won’t load
    Posted by awesomegayness on 10 Jul 19 at 05:29
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