Hard as Nails achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division® 2

Hard as Nails

Finish all missions on hard difficulty or above.

Hard as Nails-2.3
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How to unlock the Hard as Nails achievement

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    Once you get to the endgame, you can start to re-run the main story missions on Hard or Challenging. Hard is actually not THAT hard, you just need a good squad. I started on WT1 and then progressed up to WT4.

    The missions are:

    Grand Washington Hotel
    Jefferson Trade Center
    ViewPoint Museum
    American History Museum
    Air & Space Museum
    Space Administration HQ
    Jefferson Plaza
    Bank Headquarters
    DCD Headquarters
    Lincoln Memorial
    Potomac Event Center
    Federal Emergency Bunker
    District Union Arena
    Capitol Building
    Roosevelt Island <--- The last section is ROUGH! See my comments below for tips

    PRO TIP: When at the end of Roosevelt make sure you use the Gatling guns to take the fuel dumps down to almost zero, but blow them up at the same time, otherwise you will have hoards more NPCs to deal with.

    There is no DIRECT way to track progress, but you can do it INDIRECTLY.

    - Go to Progress
    - Hit RB to Commendations
    - Open Combat
    - You will see a bunch of commendations named "[Mission] Combat Merit" for getting 20 Headshots in a hard mission.
    - Each mission has a "Mission Complete" entry, if this is ticked, then you completed the mission on Hard or Challenge.

    EDIT: Go to commendations -> Service, and their should be a Service Merit for completing each mission on hard 10 times. If you've completed, it should say at least 1/10.

    The last three are strongholds and a tad tougher. My recommendation is to run a turret and healing chem launcher. Have a mid- to long-range weapon (MMR, Rifle) and a shorter range weapon (SMG, AR, Shotty)

    Just take your time, no face tanking and use cover effectively.
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    HotSauce is Dad@HIPPY - Once you completed the main missions in NY, you will be able to revisit DC. So, yes, you can go back and do this achievement.
    Posted by HotSauce is Dad on 18 Apr at 16:10
    BuckswanaRan through all the missions on the list, achievement popped right when it should. Did them all on hard solo except for Roosevelt Island (matchmade 4 player on challenging since it was daily project mission). Popped as soon as Roosevelt completed.
    Posted by Buckswana on 03 May at 17:47
    Fuzzmeister JThe powerpyx guide mentions running missions 2 times before you can run on hard, and here people are saying wait until the endgame or wt1. I've been running missions on hard right after I play on story and commendations progress just fine. Did something change?
    Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 05 May at 11:30
    DeeecoAre we best waiting until wt5+ to run this solo? Am I right in thinking the enemies scale to your level? Even so, I'm thinking as your boosts get added and added with gear, it should make the hard run easier the higher up the tiers you move? Certainly the regular game seems to be getting easier as I progress
    Posted by Deeeco on 05 May at 23:59
    xCRiMZoNxSo far I've knocked out Grand Washington Hotel and Bank Headquarters solo. I'm on World Tier 1 and my Gear Score is 287. I've had no issues with difficulty so far...it is honestly very doable solo early on. Especially seeing how you will get better gear the further you progress.
    Posted by xCRiMZoNx on 06 May at 02:51
    BR1CK808Can you do this with a boosted character? My main character is a sniper, who is a glass cannon which works well with team but gets blasted solo if they storm me. So my second character I boosted to level 30, Who is a lot tougher solo, because I want to solo run all missions on hard as my party normally wants to farm and I havent done all on hard but dont want to do it with boosted character and then it doesnt count?
    Posted by BR1CK808 on 16 May at 06:40
    almightykonigI'm assuming it doesn't matter if the missions are invaded?
    Posted by almightykonig on 20 May at 09:14
    CayusezI caked this with another player. I was on WT3. I saved my Tac-50 rounds. Used 7 rds between the 2 tanks to get the health to under 25% then finished them at range with the M249. Took under 10mins. You can stand at the back containers and shoot across the docks.
    Posted by Cayusez on 21 May at 21:36
    Law ViolationCan someone explain the World Tier system please?

    Also, when playing these missions on hard, does that mean the open world part of the game is hard or just the missions? (sorry if i got this wrong, just want a heads up before playing).
    Posted by Law Violation on 14 Jun at 21:36
    Gizmo2kLaw Violation, World Tier (WT) refers to 'post-game' content really. Without spoilers, you'll do a main storyline, then the next stage, if you like, is ridding the city further. These start on WT1 and raise the level everytime you remove a Stronghold from the map. Up to WT5. As the enemies scale, it's all similar, but just more veteran and named enemies, so harder in the regard, and they get buffs too and use skills, etc.

    Each mission can be replayed on any difficulty, they don't affect the overworld's difficulty, that's set in the level of the world. That make any sense?
    Posted by Gizmo2k on 25 Jun at 15:20
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