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A Friend in Need

Respond to a call for help and revive the agent.

A Friend in Need-0.2
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  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3931,869
    18 Mar 2019 19 Mar 2019 12 Apr 2019
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    Update 2:
    It is now easier to boost this, as an update brought the option to have just your friends calls appear. I suggest for player a to go down and get killed (you cant crawl anymore), then call for back up. Player 2 joins and revives player A. Also this might what causes the achievement to not pop. I believe the player you revive (yourself or someone else) needs to be fully downed, so you cant crawl anymore!

    Update: Thanks for all the comments! Apparently also for this strategy the achievement is buggy for some players. I personally popped it on my first try, as well as two of my friends. Based on the comments it can work after after as many as 15 tries! If it doesn't work for you, either wait for a patch or keep trying as it can work. Not much I can do about it.

    One more thing I'd like to add, I personally got this when travelling on a guy who was in the white house. I just ran out of the gated area and instantly grenaded myself to the first barrier. Does not need to be in a mission or in combat!


    People have had a lot of issues getting this, until now! Goodbye 9+ ratio. Hereby a 1 minute guarenteed solo guide! Credits to Healtti

    First thing is to make sure that your on call status is on ( start, settings, gameplay, and then all the way at the bottom)
    Next, you need the reviver hive ( 1 of the 8 skills). Also I believe you can not answer a call while in a group.

    Now press back to open the map, and RB twice to go to SHD. Here, select one of the many orange exclamation marks to help an agent out. Now as soon as you spawn in press left on the Dpad and down yourself with a grenade. The reviver hive should revive you and this pops the achievement!
  • Allwayz SinCereAllwayz SinCere330,243
    27 Mar 2019 27 Mar 2019
    20 5 14
    Just did this 2x and it worked flawlessly... Idk who found this or where its from so I deserve no credit.

    Player 1 hovers over join group under Player 2s name in the social tab. We added each other as friends for convenience. If for some reason Join Group is not selectable, Player 2 sends a game inv and Player 1 readies to accept it once P2 says go.

    P2 has to find an agent looking for help and start a countdown so that P1 can join his group or accepts his game inv at the same time P2 accepts the call. It doesn't appear to be that sensitive, but as close as possible to be sure.

    You will know it worked when P2 doesnt join the call, but instead hears a new group has formed and they have become group leader. You will now be in a party with P1 in a state of perpetual matchmaking for the on call you previously initiated.

    Now one of you needs to go down but not out and be revived. Achievement pops instantly so you'll know if you did it right. Only the group leader will be able to get the achievement so just take turns. If anything is unclear just let me know and I'll clarify what I can.
  • xxDAMRONxxxxDAMRONxx577,138
    31 Mar 2019 01 Apr 2019
    5 0 1
    Hey Gamers! Welcome to Tom Clancy’s The Division 2!

    This is just a video representation of Allwayz SinCere’s guide above as it works perfectly I thought I’d make a video to show exactly what he is saying to do (please drop him a like!). If he decides to this link to his solutions Ill take this actual solution down!

    I hope you find the video helpful!

    -Damron Out

  • Mack0iMack0i509,161
    16 Apr 2019 24 Apr 2019
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    Oi all ,
    Here is a 100% working method.
    Join a game in a group with 1 of your friend.Both changes backup's call parameters with cn_start + gameplay + backups ..... Friends / Clans
    Join a safe house ,
    now Player 1 quit the group via cn_start and the Social Tab
    PLayer 2 stand in front of a Matchmaking computer in this safe house while player 1 go outside to kill himself with a grenade , as soon as Player 1 send a Backup request , player 2 search with cn_X in the matchmaking's computer the backup TAB , press cn_X a second tab to search players .... in few seconds you will spawn near Player 1 to revive him. Achievement will pop.
    Sorry for my French / english translation , hope this video will help.
  • Apache117XApache117X650,534
    18 Mar 2019 18 Mar 2019 24 Mar 2019
    14 12 7
    Quick video guide. You can boost this with a friend.

    Have both of you in separate games, with one player who dies. Send up a call for backup with the downed player. Have the other player go to the SHD tab of the map. Join the player who is down and revive them.

    **Update, this worked first time for me, however, the game is bugged and friends beacons are not showing up on the SHD tab of the map. There are further issues when trying to do this with random players as many of them are using this feature to fill their groups up.

    Please don’t downvote this solution because the game itself is bugged.

    Further information from dislodged puma:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    19 Apr 2019 19 Apr 2019
    2 1 2
    This is how i got this achievement:

    1. I answered an random call for help (option was on in the menu)

    2. I played with a random guy, not in my friend list, no chat, nothing (NOT! in my clan either, i don’t get the "kill a rouge agent in every darkzone" chevo with clan members or friends, only with random people!)

    3. He goes down, not out, called for help with the D-pad move

    4. I revived him, chivo poped up in a second

    That was my way.
  • YingTao 666YingTao 666454,971
    22 Jul 2019 22 Jul 2019
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    i made this vid on the ps4 but also works for the xbox version

  • R3d D0ggyR3d D0ggy108,882
    24 Mar 2019 25 Mar 2019 25 Mar 2019
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    Alright so I got this achievement and I think I got it (probably) through the most legitimate means as how they intended this achievement to work.

    I had a friend go into a mission, get downed, send a back up request, (died) , and not respawn. From here I immediately went into ‘Respond to call for backup’ matchmaking and luckily got into my friends session (friends ‘backup requests’ generally doesn’t alert you). Since he was dead but hasn’t respawned I went up to him, revived him from the ‘dead’ state and ‘POP’, got the achievement. Actually pretty easy, just have to get lucky and coordinate well. Risks to this method are you might not always find your friends group in matchmaking (I got it the first time), and other people might join the game before you and revive your friend (I had a guy join my friends game before me but I revived my friend before he did).

    I know people have been having a hard time with this achievement using other methods that didn’t work for me but this one which I came up with worked really well and made the most sense in terms to how the call for backup system works. You (quote on quote) ‘die’ call for backup, wait to get revived and that’s it. So good luck, hope this works for you guys. wink
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