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Big Game Hunter

Complete a bounty from each safe house.

Big Game Hunter+1.8
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  • FoogaFooga1,319,140
    24 Mar 2019 26 Mar 2019 16 May 2019
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    This achievement is worded super poorly. I can confirm it unlocks upon killing the bounty bosses below:

    Update 5/13/19: The newest patch fixes the achievement if it’s glitched. Many people have messaged me saying they simply logged into the game and it popped instantly. toast

    Update 4/8/19: GLITCH WARNING AND POSSIBLE ACHIEVEMENT FIX! Make absolutely sure when you kill a bounty to not die while you still have to clear the remaining enemies. If you die during this part, people in the comments below have claimed the game will say you finished the bounty, but you MIGHT NOT GET CREDIT FOR THE KILL. If this happens, make a note of the bounty name, and try to do it in another player’s game. This will most likely fix the issue if you haven’t gotten the achievement.

    Bounty name (Location)
    Meatwagon (Downtown East)
    12th Street Spicelords (Federal Triangle)
    Wolf Pack (Judiciary Square)
    Jefferson's Legacy (East Mall)
    Lafayette's Regulars (Southwest)
    Kindled Front (West End)
    Peace Movement (Foggy Bottom)
    Bully Buzzards (Potomac Park)
    Embers Movement (Constitution Hall)

    They’ll spawn when you or your teammates liberate each of the zones (their objective progress will differ from yours since these are tied to projects so they can spawn them sooner in your game). Note that if your teammates spawn in the bounty, it’ll count towards the achievement but it won’t show you did it in your bounty progress tab, so keep note of who you kill!
  • Doktor ZeitDoktor Zeit594,073
    23 Mar 2019 23 Mar 2019 24 Mar 2019
    9 4 40
    Based on reports from Xbox and PS4 users, it's possible that this achievement is glitchy, or at the very least the description is incorrect.

    This guide may only be valid if you have not yet completed the final stronghold and entered World Tier 1.

    When you visit a safehouse you will have an icon showing you to a computer screen which will give you a project and show you all of the SHD Tech caches in the area. There are nine safehouses in total, each zone has one with the exception of the Dark Zones, the White House, Downtown West, and the stronghold zones. The project for each zone will be to; Resupply a friendly control point with 50 supplies, collect 4 SHD Tech caches, and to take part in three activities in that zone (The question marks on the map, although taking control points also counted for me.)

    Once you have completed a project you will be given a bounty to kill the zone boss, it should pop up automatically but if it does not you can open the map and press cn_RB to show and track the bounties on your map. I believe all of the safe house bounties are normal difficulty, so they shouldn't give you much trouble even on your own. Once you have completed all nine ten of these bounties you should unlock the achievement.

    EDIT: There should actually be ten projects/bounties with one of them being tied to The Campus settlement in Downtown West. The names of the bounties are, Meatwagon, 12th Street Spicelords, Wolf Pack, Jefferson's Legacy, Lafayette's Regulars, Kindled Front, Peace Movement, Bully Buzzards, Embers Movement, and Simple Front West. You can check which you've completed by pressing menu/start, progression, bounties.
  • NeilSBUKNeilSBUK219,493
    09 Apr 2019 09 Apr 2019
    6 3 1
    A short guide...

    Do the following:
    Get to the point where all safe houses are unlocked.
    On the map (LB), hover over the safehouse in each area. The liberation info should pop up on the left side of the screen.
    Complete the tasks listed and the area boss will be unlocked.
    It's best if you kill the boss immediately, but they can be restarted at any time from the bounties selection, so keep a note of them if you choose to wait, or check out their names in Dr Zoidstein's guide. The area bosses don't cost target intel to restart, so that helps identify them.

    The achievement should unlock when the boss for every safehouse is completed.

    (I wish I had known this sooner because I wasted lots of time completing random bounties, but at least I got some loot)
  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,080,324
    21 May 2019 22 May 2019
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    In order to unlock this achievement you must finish the projects at each of the safe houses. Each of the projects have I reward for completing them. Specifically the shade cash is when collected give you the ability to hunt down a bounty. These bounties will generally start immediately after collecting the appropriate number of caches however if you fail them you can always go to the bounty board and start them again. There are fixed number of bounties but there are Also daily and weekly bounties which do not count towards this achievement
  • makoto niehemakoto niehe149,825
    26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019
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    Does your bounties show they are completed but you still have no achievement? Here's your problem - you either died after killing the Target OR you left the area without killing everyone before BOUNTY COMPLETE appeared on your screen.

    *Here is the important part: you must kill ALL OF THE ENEMIES for the completion to count towards the achievement. If you just kill the named target, but fail to kill the rest of the surrounding enemies and are killed yourself, the game will record the bounty as complete (making it impossible to replay), but the requirements for the achievement to unlock will not have been completed. When you kill the named target, your radio guy will say something to that effect, but when you kill ALL the enemies, "Bounty complete" will appear and the radio guy will say something like, "Cleaning up the streets, one bad guy at a time. Nice job, Sheriff." If you fail (i.e. you are killed without killing the target or the timer runs out), you can simply restart the bounty from a bounty board anytime you wish, no problem.

    Therefore, when attempting these bounties, kill the named target last. Playing with another player helps (for revives). If you die on your own after killing the named target but before killing the rest, call for backup and pray that some nice agent will come into your game and revive you.

    Multiple reports are saying there is no way to complete this achievement on your own with this agent if you have the above scenario--your options are as follows:
    1. Find someone else who still has the bounty/bounties you need and do it correctly in their game
    2. Matchmake into other people's bounties (under Bounties tab on map screen), hoping to find someone that is going after the one(s) you need
    3. Start a new agent from the beginning (can go straight to the district needed with some higher-level helpers/friends after the Hotel mission, complete the liberation tasks, then the bounty)*

    I did a combination of 1 & 2 from above - I joined someone's bounty run but I got called away and when I came back, I was kicked from the squad but I was still in their session. This left me with their mapping - 3 of the required bounties were available, so I ran them on my own in someone else's session. After BOUNTY COMPLETE on the 3rd one - "POP". Afterwards, I remembered it the 2nd bounty that I tried early on and got my ass handed to me. I got a lucky wipe on the bounty but the others mopped the floor with me.

    *special thanks to THEGASMAN for the middle 3 paragraphs via PS*
  • SneakyStabbalotSneakyStabbalot628,522
    24 Apr 2019 24 Apr 2019
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    As noted by others, the wording for this is bad - it should really be "Kill the area boss in each region"

    I had this issue; I had killed numerous bounties in each area, but the cheev did not pop.

    So, you need to hover over a region in the mega map and make sure it says, "Liberation: Complete" if it does not say that then you need to do the tasks from the safehouse, see screen shot:

    Once you have done this, a bounty for the area named boss will appear. These are the ones you need to complete for each of the 10 safe houses.
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