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Dark Zone: Blackout Hijack

Hijack an extraction in any dark zone during a blackout.

Dark Zone: Blackout Hijack+4.3
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How to unlock the Dark Zone: Blackout Hijack achievement

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    This achievement is earned by hijacking an extraction in an occupied dark zone.

    The achievement description on TA is incorrect. Ubisoft updated this achievement in one of their latest patches. The previous requirements were that you needed to hijack an extraction in any dark zone during a blackout. Now, the description and name are different:

    Name: Dark Zone: Occupied Hijack
    Description: Hijack an extraction in any occupied dark zone

    This correct description can be found on the achievement tab on your Xbox One.

    Occupied dark zones are dark zones where all players who enter them are rogue and can kill other agents. You can tell which dark zone is occupied because it will show up as a biohazard symbol with a knife through it on the map. The location of the occupied dark zone changes every day and cycles through DZ East, DZ West, and DZ South.

    This can be done with two players, but I would highly recommend 4 as you'll have a better chance of fending off any other players who show up uninvited.

    Once you have your party together, head into whichever dark zone is occupied that day. First thing you need to do is find a contaminated item. You can either lock pick a crate or complete landmarks for these. I would suggest going to the closest landmark to where you entered and killing all enemies. Once the last one is dead, they'll drop some contaminated loot. You can tell it's contaminated because it will have a biohazard symbol beside it.

    Now that you have some contaminated items, open your map and set a waypoint to the closest extraction point. Once there, signal an extraction and wait for the rope to drop, killing any enemies that show up. While you're waiting for the extraction chopper, have one player leave the group. Once the rope drops, attach your loot. Once it's attached, the other player not in your group can hold cn_Y to cut the rope. Once it's cut, the loot will fall on the ground and the person hijacking the loot will get the achievement.

    Now, the person not in the group picks up the loot and calls the extraction. Once the rope drops, the person not in the group needs to attach the loot. Once that's done, another person who needs the achievement can hijack the extraction and earn the achievement. At this point, if it's just two people you're done, but if you're in a group of 3 or 4, repeat this paragraph for the remaining one or two players.
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    SirLugash The solution is definitely correct.
    I helped two clanmates getting that trophy yesterday doing this.
    Went into the occupied DZ in a group of three, found contanimated item, went to extraction.
    Called the helo, I left the group (I already had the trophy) and attached my loot, then one of my clanmates cut it and got the trophy. I picked the loot back up, called in another helo, attached it and my second clanmate cut the rope, he got the trophy as well.

    What I noticed is that this trophy/achievement can sometimes take some time until it actually pops, but every attempt I did this way worked first try. If you followed it and it didn't pop I can only imagine that it bugged out.

    @Frankie DrumsNY I think the reason it didn't work for you is that you weren't in the occupied DZ. You said you went rogue and then cut the rope, however in the occupied DZ you can't go rogue.
    Posted by SirLugash on 22 Apr 19 at 17:47
    Kanchanaburi A blackout was NOT needed and I had an ally disband just before he attached his loot and I was able to cut the rope and snag this achievement.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 23 May 19 at 00:45
    Shred Asics 13 Does world tier effect this at all? A guy I was trying to boost this with kept kicking kicked to different DZ servers. He was still WT1, while I was in WT4.
    Posted by Shred Asics 13 on 18 Jun 19 at 04:56
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