LoreMaster achievement in Ghost of a Tale


Finish every secondary quest.

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How to unlock the LoreMaster achievement

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    Every quest which is not marked with the red hand mark in the quest screen counts. There are exactly 41 quests required for this achievement. They are as follows, broken down by who gives them.

    It's important that you regularly speak to these people as you progress through the story in order to obtain each quest. It is possible to miss some quests if you progress too fast in the story.


    - Rotgut for a pirate frog (Steal a bottle of rotgut for Kerold)
    - Dye mouse dye (Help spruce up his appearance)
    - Stop that racket (stop the source of the whistling)

    Rolo the Blacksmith

    - The blacksmith's hammer (Find the hammer)
    - Lose the tail (Part of the smuggler quest)


    - Beetle hunt (find Silas' 7 beetles)
    - A mouse in rat's clothing (find a full suit of armour)
    - Return of the long eye (Obtain Silas' spyglass - you must take this from somewhere in his room to trigger it)
    - Secrets of the signal guard (Search his footlocker)

    Gusto and Fatale

    - Three Pilgrims For Pesa (Find 3 sackcloth hoods for G&F)
    - A test of nerve (Steal a guard's handkerchief)
    - Three shall pass (Find 3 checkpoint passes)
    - The long eye (Find a spyglass)
    - The hidden stash (Retrieve G&F's stash in the Sewer)
    - Whistle for a thief (Find the whistle in the harbour)
    - The cardinal points (Find a compass)
    - Fatale's secret - Must be done during night (Solve Fatale's sleep issues for multiple nights)
    - The sleep of thieves (Gather the ingredients for a sleep tonic)
    - The hand of fate Must be done during night (bring 12 fate cards to Fatale)


    - The vanished jailer (Search for the Jailer)
    - The five smugglers (Identify the 5 smugglers and obtain their obols)
    - Unmasking the master (Discover the master's true identity)
    - The lost squad (Find the 3 missing guards)
    - A case of ringtail (Get the ointment from Faustus)
    - A smithy's work (Wait for smithy to complete his work - these are rewards for completing commander's quests)
    - Waiting for Rolo (Wait for smithy to complete his work - these are rewards for completing commander's quests)


    - The apiary (Find 3 types of queen bees)

    * Note for Rezzia - It's very common to miss some of her quests as she disappears after completing:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    I would recommend this as the order for obtaining / completing her quests:

    Obtain the apiary from her, complete once you achieve the strong arm skill (throwing bottles at bees nests with this skill destroys them in one hit. You don't need to talk to rezzia to finish this quest. Then obtain and complete (but do not hand them in yet) the five smugglers and unmasking the master. Then you can continue with the quest where you help rezzia with the kitchen orders (part of main story). Once this quest is done, then you hand in the five smugglers and unmasking the master.


    - Spores of death (find 7 death tongue mushrooms in the sewers)
    - Trouble Brewing (tend the still)
    - The amateur mycologist (Collect specimens of eight different types of mushrooms)
    - The expert mycologist (Collect specimens of four different nocturnal mushrooms)


    - Vessels of the gilded warrior (Find all of the urns)
    - Heroes all (Collect and read invocation / Tend the graves of the fallen)

    Tam and Farrow

    - The burning of the red paw (Burn 13 purple banners)

    Automatically given

    - Flowers for Merra (Find 17 Roses scattered across the game)
    - The rock fall (Clear the rubble at the top of the armour stairwell)
    - The king of muridea (Collect pieces for a king suit)
    - The crown of kings (Collect 7 gold nuggets and have Smithy build a crown)
    - A pirate's infamy (Collect pieces for pirate outfit)
    - Renown of the red ranger (Collect pieces of the ranger outfit)
    - A thief's guile (Collect pieces of the thief outfit)
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    MurhyMarvI never get the Razzia quest, but collected the bee types and get them to the bee hives. Achievement was popped also. I'm not sure, whether this is a bug or really correct :/
    Posted by MurhyMarv on 25 Mar 19 at 15:15
    I *guess* that in order to trigger "The apiary", you have to continue eating Rezzia's dishes, because Tilo at some stage responded "it could need a little honey"
    Posted on 16 Oct 19 at 08:37
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