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You're the One

Traverse the Maze and Make It Out

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How to unlock the You're the One achievement

  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi2,608,226
    12 Mar 2019 12 Mar 2019
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    This is a solo game against 3 computer players. Only the first one to the exit makes it out alive. You need to be the first one out to unlock this. In my video at 13:30 I do a speed run and show you how to get through the game in 5 mins

    100% Full Achievement Walkthrough:
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  • SpectreSubZeroSpectreSubZero305,466
    14 Mar 2019 20 Mar 2019
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    The game only contains 3 levels. Remember, you can use RT to run. The consensus is that you need to complete a playthrough in under 8 minutes to get first place. The level setup for each level is randomized for each playthrough, therefore, there is no set path that I can provide you, so the following are a few tips:

    Level 1(School)

    Always follow the red wires. From the beginning you should have two red wires together, that once you get upstairs, will split in two directions.

    One wire leads to a hallway that states, "Turn Around" on the wall and a voice over that asks you if it looks familiar. As soon as you hear the voice over, turn around and run back down the hallway. A switch will have now appeared on a wall. Hit the switch and turn back around and run down the hallway.

    Follow the second cable to the Library. Open the bookcase in front of you, then open the second book case in front of you. Immediately turn right and run to the wall. Once at the wall, turn left and you will find a portalish looking cloud. Walk into it, which will cause all the bookshelves to rise revealing an exit.

    Run back to the first floor and to the exit. The game will always say you are in 2nd or 3rd place.

    Level 2 (Hospital

    You will first enter a room with 3 switches. Always activate the 1st and 3rd switch. This will cause the iron lung to open behind you, revealing a flashlight. Pickup the flashlight and the gate will open.

    Always make an immediate left when you walk out of the gate. Follow the red cable up the stair to your left. There are two different setups for the upstairs.

    The first will have the morgue directly in front of you at the top of the stairs, the other has a long winding hallway. The morgue door selection is always number 2 or 4. If the morgue was the one directly in front of the stairs, the morgue freezers will be lit up inside and you can look in. Take the one that immediately goes in a downward direction. If you got the morgue with the long hallway, the freezers will be pitch black, and you have to take a lucky guess between freezer door 2 or 4.

    Once you take the correct freezer, it will drop you off in a room with a switch, flip the switch and go out the gate. Always make an immediate left out the gate and proceed to the exit. Again the game will always say you in 2nd or 3rd place.

    Level 3 (Sewer)

    Immediately run forward and jump down the sewer hole. There will be 5 different possible entrances to choose from to get to the sewer maze. Always choose the one that you can see directly down the hallway with a handrail at the end with a large gray garbage bag on the ground.

    There are two different types of mazes, but both have the same concept. You will have to make 5-6 left or right choices. If you see biological growth on a wall, you went the wrong way, turn around and run the opposite direction.

    Run to the exit and interact with the door. I averaged 6 minutes per playthrough. Attached is a video of my playthrough in under 6 minutes using all the tips I provided.

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