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Fruit on the Loom achievement in Minecraft

Fruit on the Loom

Make a banner using an Enchanted Apple Stencil

Fruit on the Loom-0.8
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This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

How to unlock the Fruit on the Loom achievement

  • mer0u1mer0u1289,720
    19 Mar 2019 19 Mar 2019 29 Mar 2019
    125 10 48

    So here's my own solution, step by step, to help those getting everything they need to unlock this achievement.
    It is, in the end, pretty easy to get.

    You'll need to craft 3 main things : a loom, the banner, and the banner pattern.

    First thing you have to do is creating a new world in survival mode, using the seed prosplank (so you write this exact word). Enable "bonus chest" at start and "show coordinates" as well. Choose the peaceful difficulty mode to make things easier then launch the game.

    When you spawn, pick the planks, sticks and tools/weapons (axe or pickaxe) in the chest on your left then turn around (180°). Go straight ahead and exit the forest. You'll reach a river. Cross it and harvest the sugar cane (x2) down the hill. (1617, 63, -43)

    Climb the hill to reach the steppe. If you encounter any sheep (mainly white), kill them and pick their wool.

    Keep going straight ahead to reach the desert. If you stick to the road, you'll reach a small river with some sugar cane (x2) (1664, 63, -191). Collect it again so you'll have 4. Climb the desert hill and keep going straight ahead.

    You'll come across a second river. Cross it again and right in front of you, just before the brown mountain, you'll reach a pyramid with a small building nearby (1634, 69, -410). Get into the small building, go down the stairs and follow the path on your right to reach a lighten room, some meters ahead on the right.

    Right in the middle of this room is a purple block (1642, 65, -406). You can dig any of the sand blocks around the purple one but don't dig this last one since there's a detection plank below which triggers TNT blocks.

    Jump into the hole you just dig and don't move from the block you're on. You'll find 4 chests around you. Pick every sand blocks you'll find in them and, more important the enchanted apple, the silver ingots (thanks to OhMyGoth1) and the spider thread.

    Use the sand blocks to create a pillar to reach the surface right above you. Exit the structure to come back into the desert.

    On the right of the brown mountain, behind the desert temple (the pyramid) is a new steppe. Go to this place and pick yellow flowers.

    Now, the hardest part will be to find enough sheeps to get wool blocks for crafting the banner.

    Now you need to craft a workshop, using 4x planks, to craft shears by using 2x silver ingots. This will greatly help you to collect wool blocks from sheeps because you can collect up to 2x wool blocks each time you shear a sheep, instead of 1x wool block when you kill one. Once your shears are crafted, you can destroy your workshop and put it back in your inventory to use it later.

    Around this place you'll find sheeps. If you only encounter lamas, keep exploring this area. Behind the mountain range is a new forest with meadows to help finding sheeps. You'll see it in the background, on its right.

    Once you have 6x wool blocks, set the workshop from your inventory onto the ground.
    Then, using 2x planks and 2x spider threads, craft a loom.

    Use the yellow flowers to craft some yellow dye.

    Next step, use 3x sugar canes to craft paper.

    Use 6x wool block and a stick to craft a banner

    And, finally, use the enchanted apple and a sheet of paper to craft the banner pattern.

    Now, set the loom on the ground then use it to place the banner, a yellow dye and the banner pattern to craft the enchanted apple banner. Once crafted (the model looks like Mojang's logo), put it into the ground and wait a bit until the achievement pops.


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    smokeriderSteal the banners off the village then just grab string when you get the enchanted apple and it's a piece of cake no sheep to
    worry you
    Posted by smokerider on 08 Jun 20 at 10:45
    Leo Deo NeoIf anyone is needing help with any achievements for minecraft, I’ve created a world specifically for achievements, few free to message me what one you need help with and I’ll gladly help when I can.

    GT: Leo Deo Neo
    Posted by Leo Deo Neo on 04 Aug 20 at 19:03
    LilTribbleI used another guide to get the Enchanted Apple since it doesn't spawn each time - by saving the seed after getting to the chests in the temple before opening them and copying the world repeatedly. I did that to get the enchanted apple first before anything else since it was hit or miss. =) The iron ingots aren't each time too, but not super necessary (I was lucky to find enough sheep without needing sheers). There was a small cave next to the village with some iron blocks though!

    You may also find dye in one of the chests in the village if you have a difficult time finding flowers.
    Posted by LilTribble on 31 Aug 20 at 20:58
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  • DixxxxxonDixxxxxon205,764
    19 Mar 2019 19 Mar 2019 23 Feb 2021
    50 6 37
    To unlock this achievement, you need to use a loom to combine a banner, any dye, and an enchanted apple banner pattern (AKA a stencil). (*See below for more info on this.)

    First, use a crafting table to craft a loom:

    Loom: 2 string + 2 wood planks

    Then, craft the following on a crafting table:

    Banner: combine 6 wool of the same color + 1 stick on a crafting table
    Banner Pattern: combine 1 paper + 1 enchanted apple on a crafting table

    Then, acquire any kind of dye. (The easiest method is to find any flower and grind it up into dye on a crafting table.)

    Then combine the three items above using the loom. My achievement popped a few minutes afterwards, so be patient :)

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions to make this solution better, or if anything above doesn't work for you!

    *If you need an easy enchanted apple, feel free to add me on XBL and I will invite you to a saved game where I have one stored. I've already helped about a dozen people unlock it using this method, and it just takes a few minutes. If anyone else has a good seed/coordinates for an enchanted apple, please share in the comments and I will update the solution. Welp, my son logged in to my saved world and put me in creative mode, so I can no longer help anyone with this myself. Hopefully this guide is helpful at least!

    Dwaggienite has a world you can download. Click here for the link, and please remember to upvote his solution as well: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bDYmvsVjuAvTr5TKNUhjSzPzGmN...)

    HungryWatchWOLF has shared this video with the location of a temple for seed AAA that has a good chance of containing an enchanted apple:

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    burgerboyryeNice one, Thursday is probably the earliest I can do it as I'm working nights... Will message u mate
    Posted by burgerboyrye on 26 Mar 19 at 05:17
    burgerboyryeManaged to get it legit but thanks for the offer of help Di xxxxxxxxxx on. My Mrs also got it by using the banner pattern I had already made for the achievement in the loom..
    Posted by burgerboyrye on 08 Apr 19 at 08:19
    DixxxxxonOK great, glad you got it! Sorry for not being able to connect lately, everyone. I was on vacation for a week and then spent the past several nights catching up on work angry If you still need this and are waiting to connect with me, please feel free to ping me again and I will get right on!
    Posted by Dixxxxxon on 08 Apr 19 at 15:44
  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite3,042,472
    19 Mar 2019 19 Mar 2019 19 Mar 2019
    27 8 9
    I have created a world for this. You can download it here:


    Download it, use the loom in front of you, use the lime banner, the orange dye, and the banner pattern, and boom, achievement unlocked!

    Also, it really helps if you host this world in windows 10 then have your second device enter the world. Additional items are in the chest for unlocking the achievement on multiple versions of minecraft at the same time.

    For those that can't get it to unlock, it may be stuck. Your achievement app may not have updated.

    In which case, on your xbox, go to your profile, then games, then achievements, then progress for minecraft. If you're on the page with the list of all achievemetns, it will then unlock.

    Further note - you will need to be on the Windows Minecraft Insider to use this world.
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    IRepThe814I don't know if this will work for everyone but I did a full shutdown of my xbox. Then I created the banner again and it still didn't unlock so I did what Dwaggienite said and checked my achievements and then it unlocked.
    Posted by IRepThe814 on 20 Mar 19 at 05:37
    NoHeroes94Yep, as a typical rule checking your achievements is a good idea in any game where achievements are delayed. For Win 10/Switch versions I had to do it dozens of times laugh
    Posted by NoHeroes94 on 20 Mar 19 at 16:01
    McDaddyTreeThis works on the Android version as well. Just unlocked it finally! Will test later with a copy to see if it'll work cross platform to my Xbox.
    Posted by McDaddyTree on 21 May 19 at 15:58
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