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Window of Opportunity achievement in Overwatch® Origins Edition

Window of Opportunity

Amplify 2500 combined damage and healing without dying as Baptiste in Quick or Competitive play.

Window of Opportunity0
2 guidesOnline Game ModeCooperativeVersusPlayers Required12 Players Required

How to unlock the Window of Opportunity achievement

  • ShadowEchelon91ShadowEchelon91476,426
    24 Nov 2019 24 Nov 2019 25 Nov 2019
    5 0 5
    For those trying to do this legit, I suggest not even bothering on game modes other than escort and hybrid. The other modes are not long enough without getting extremely lucky ults. Some enemy heros also make this very difficult - if the enemy has a doomfist, widow, genji, etc, it can be very hard to stay alive the entire game.

    I unlocked this on Rialto, and it took 5 uses of my ult to get it. Being on defense is a little easier, because you can purposely throw the game a bit to make the game last longer. Rialto is a decent map for this as there are not too many flank routes with the exception of the very beginning of the map.

    Once I had my ult, if I could see 2 enemy tanks or at least 2 or 3 enemies, I ulted and started firing. Fortunately, even alone as Baptiste you can often do 400 to 500 damage. Orisa/Reinheart/Zarya are all great team mates to have to maximize damage through the window.

    I do not suggest trying to get this by healing. I would sometimes throw some heals through the wall if allies were very low, but I found that you will not amp nearly as much going only via healing.

    Save your abilities to save yourself. Good luck!

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    MercadoThought this achievement would be easy to get but it's not because damage to shields doesn't count as damage amplified. I've been playing as Baptiste and when I use my ultimate my teammates just ignore it. So far the most damage I've got in one use is by putting it in a teammate Bastion's line of sight while he was in Sentry Mode.
    Posted by Mercado on 11 Dec 19 at 15:59
    ShadowEchelon91I also found that my teammates mostly ignored it. If one person other than me shot through it, I was happy lol.

    If you've got decent aim and there arent too many barriers (sometimes even if there are you can burn through them pretty quickly) you can get 400-500 damage yourself. I found orisa to be a team mate who would shoot through it in combo with her barrier.
    Posted by ShadowEchelon91 on 12 Dec 19 at 03:23
    hus12345Anyone wanna go for this
    Posted by hus12345 on 07 Mar at 11:04
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  • MUSCAT5032MUSCAT5032252,462
    30 Mar 2019 30 Mar 2019 23 Nov 2019
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    Edit: My solution was for pre 2-2-2 Only chance it’ll work now is in classic quick play.

    This method requires 6 people and in my opinion is easier than the other guide posted. Get a six stack and 5 of you go tanks just don’t go dva because if she gets de-meched you’re going to get a lot less healing. Now the one person going for the achievement sits in spawn so you can’t die. Now you will have to pop out for a second every now and then so the game doesn’t kick you. The rest of the 5 tanks sit right out side of spawn in a group and take damage from the enemy team while baptise heals you. Once the enemy team realizes you are just sitting at spawn they will just spawn camp which is why this works so well. Baptise will get his ult so fast it’s insane. Once you have your ult make sure all 5 of your tanks are alive and standing out front of spawn. Throw a immortality field on them, ult and just heal them don’t worry about doing damage just purely heal. Rinse and repeat within 3-4 ults the achievement should pop. My group of 6 managed to do this with 1 person getting the achievement each match. One match even two people got it, it depends on the map. Ideally you want a payload map or 2 cp and to be on offence. It’s a little harder on defence. If you get an assault map it’s a little tougher too because once the enemy teams caps the point you have a smaller time frame before it reaches 100% but it’s still totally doable.
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    NefariousVegaCan someone clarify something for me?

    The "with out dieing" part does that mean the entire match?

    Or does that only come in to effect after using your first ultimate?
    Posted by NefariousVega on 24 May at 17:39
    The "with out dieing" part does that mean the entire match?

    Or does that only come in to effect after using your first ultimate?
    It means the entire match, if you can manage to stay alive that whole time. Dying at any point resets however much amped damage you've accumulated for purposes of this achievement. So if you stay alive long enough to use your ult 3 times without dying, all three uses rack up amped damage and combine. Let's say you manage to do 500 amed dmg with each use, by the third ult you'd be at 1500 dmg. But if you get killed before using ult #4, your amp damage would reset to 0.
    Posted by CQOzymandias on 28 May at 11:54
    ThatGosling96with open que here the old method is possible again
    Posted by ThatGosling96 on 13 Aug at 20:20
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