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  • JeremyHBPhDJeremyHBPhD379,866
    07 Apr 2019 07 Apr 2019 21 Apr 2019
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    In order to get this one, you're going to need to earn all the skills from all the skill trees. To do that, you need the following texts:
    Shinobi Arts - Given by the Sculptor once you gotten 1 skill point
    Ashina Arts - Given by the Ashina Tengu after killing some 'Rats' for him. He's located by the fort next to where you fight the general on the horse, and the 'Rats' are located just past the Ashina Castle Gate, in an enclosed area to the right of the path.
    Prosthetic Arts - Given by the Sculptor once you've gotten at least three prosthetic weapons fitted onto your arm.
    Temple Arts - Located in a cave located near the Main Hall Idol in Senpou Temple. When you're in the cave, just head to the end, and you should be able to grapple up to discover a shrine where the text is located.
    Mushin Arts - Given by the Tengu
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    when you've acquired all skills in a set.

    EDIT: It's been reported that you only need the skills from the above texts to get this one. If you're only looking for those, you can skip to the general tips. In case you were curious on the other skills, though:

    In addition to the skills you buy with skill points, there's also several skills, combat arts and techniques called Ninjitsu you acquire only through killing bosses and mini-bosses. You need to beat:

    Chained Ogre - Ashina Outskirts, from the Outskirts Wall - Stariway idol.
    Chained Ogre - Ashina Castle. Once
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    , this guy will be at the bottom of Ashina Castle, from the Ashina Antechamber idol.
    Blazing Bull - Ashina Outskirts, past the Ashina Castle Gate idol.
    Sakura Bull of the Palace - Fountainhead Palace, go left from the Flower Viewing Stage Idol
    O'Rin of the Water - On the path from Mibu Village, just ahead of the Water Mill Idol. Unmissable.
    Armored Warrior - On the wooden bridge to Senpou Temple, ahead of the Shendogu Idol/Next to the Demon's Bell Idol.
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    - Final boss of three endings, unmissable.
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    - Final boss of the Shura ending, Unmissable.
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    Corrupted Monk - Boss of the Mibu village,
    Genichiro - Ashina Castle, at the top.
    Folding Screen Monkeys - Senpou temple, next to the main hall idol. You need to defeat Genichiro before you can fight them.
    Headless Ape - Guardian Ape's Watering hole. You need to beat the Guardian ape first before you can fight the ape here.

    So, in total, to get all the skills given to you by the esoteric texts, you need 122 skill points. On top of that, there's 12 bosses to beat, and at least two playthroughs for the ending specific bosses. You can get quite a few skill points from just running through the bosses, but you still may have some to grind out.

    EDIT:In addition, there's a few skills you can purchase from merchants, such as Floating Passage from the fish pot noble at the hirata estate, and Anti-Air Deathblow from Black Hat Badger near the Old Grave idol. Farming money is exactly the same as farming XP, but you can pop an item to help out a bit. Shouldn't take you too long.

    Here's some general tips:

    The best way to grind for XP I found was to just kill the purple shinobi at the Ashina Antechamber idol who start showing up when
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    . Specifically, the very first one by the idol itself. Just run to the right, backstab him, and rest at the idol and do it again. He's very close to the idol, so running through him doesn't take very long.

    While you can grind it out in NG, enemies give a lot more experience with each successive NG+ you enter, I was at NG+2 when I decided to grind out the last 20 skill points I needed, the purple shinobi at Ashina Antechamber were dropping 3,100 XP at this point. It took about two hours.

    And on the subject of NG+, it's really not that much more difficult than standard NG. Enemies and bosses hit a bit harder, but they use the exact same movesets. Feel free to jump right in.

    One last thing: Through getting three pieces of a mask sold by the fish pot merchants and the memorial mob in the Abandoned Dungeon, you can in fact increase attack power by using skill points. As far as getting this achievement goes, this is a trap. Attack power has diminishing returns past 25, meanwhile the skillpoints cost will increase ever higher. Just focus on getting all the skills first, then go for the attack power if you really want to.
  • RenattoooRenattooo362,146
    13 Apr 2019 26 Apr 2019 27 Apr 2019
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    It's just a farming spot for earn XP fast for SKILL points or for gain Attack Power for an easier game. I tried all other route/way, but this is the fastest (most XP/min) and easiest (no fight). It's 26-28 secs for a round (and ~8500 XP on NG+2 in the video). It's before end game and you need the OGRE ALIVE in Ashina Castle. You have to whistle to distract the two "red hat guy" below, after run back and You have to look down to the Ogre to make him mad and unchained. Then run to the idol (and if necessary wait for the Ogre to kill the two guys [in the video 2x2.702 exp points])

    I used this to get +10 Attack Power (+50 points!!!) from 40 - > 50. I couldn't kill Isshin Sword in NG+2 (3rd endgame) on AP 35-40 even it was the 3rd time for me! When I got level 50 AP I killed on 2nd try. The extra damage wasn't much, but the posture damage was great, his posture damage grown much more faster! Just for your information the last level for me was 260k.

    I can get now 8.345 XP at Ashina Outskirts, if kill only the first 5 enemy (tower/under tower, at gate, and 2 walking on the stairs up). It's around 37-40 secs, if you are fast, but 5 kills and maybe make a mistake. If you go further you lose points/time, because even you can get around 2x points, the time is around 2 mins and 15-30 secs with the teleport time, while you can do 3 short runs for 3x8.345 XP per 2 mins.

    With this I get 8.560 XP per 27-30 secs. No fight, just 1 stealth kill, so easier and faster.

    So 8.345 XP & 40 secs VS 8.560 XP & 30 secs = 751k VS 1.027k per hour

    Here is a video of the Ashina Outskirts run:

    PS: First I collected 25 points for my last 25 skills for the achievement. Used the save method. Spent all points, get the achievement and immediately recover all 25 points, then I spent to 5 AP and I started to get my last +10 AP from 40 > 50. Attack Power (damage gain) for each level:
    External image

    PS2: My best skills for bosses Shadowrush/Shadowfall and Ichimonji Double. I wish I could regain my wasted points from useless skills.
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade748,267
    20 Apr 2019 21 Apr 2019
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    In this video guide I will show you a spot near the end game where you can farm EXP, Sen, and some crafting materials. After you defeat the Divine Dragon and come back here you will need to reconnect with the idols for the third time. Now this area is in the Ashina Castle, at the Upper Tower - Antechamber. You will see a single ninja in purple. Just kill him and rest at your heart's content. If you get caught you can simply run away and come back to the idol and rest to restart. Or if you want just kill him by breaking his posture. This took me hours of grinding but it is a pretty simple and straight forward method. Once you have your final skill point you should be at about 80,000 to the next skill point. This will give you an idea how high you will need to go. Once you have enough just go to the idol and purchase all skills to get the achievement.

  • Sir SaiydSir Saiyd875,095
    04 Jun 2019 04 Jun 2019
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