Truly Inspired achievement in Brothers in Arms HH GR

Truly Inspired

Unlocked when you win a match under a commander with the Earned in Blood achievement

Truly Inspired0
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How to unlock the Truly Inspired achievement

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    Make sure the person hosting the match has:
    Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (DE)Earned in BloodThe Earned in Blood achievement in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (DE) worth 0 pointsUnlocked when your squad appoints you the leader for another round

    The hosts team will be winning.

    Winning team: In the player preferences:
    Host: put their preference as leader and no to the other 2 options.
    Player 2: Have the leader preference option set to no.

    Losing Team
    Player 3 & 4: Throw grenades on the ground and blow yourselves up.

    After 5 rounds, everybody should press cn_B to return to to lobby. The achievement unlocked for me on the first round. Some of my group had to go for 2 rounds of winning.

    This might or might not make a difference. I just thought it might be worth noting. We were killing eachother out of boredom on the winning team while waiting for the grenades team.
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  • Seanrock101Seanrock101418,331
    30 Mar 2012 10 Apr 2012
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    You first need
    Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (DE)Earned in BloodThe Earned in Blood achievement in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (DE) worth 0 pointsUnlocked when your squad appoints you the leader for another round
    before you can do this achievement.
    But not difficult to achieve

    This REQUIRES 4 people. And Is VERY buggy in the German version. But me and some friends think we figured out a solution
    You split up into 2 teams.
    With 1 person on each team selecting to be the leader.
    This is the person that WILL NOT be getting the achievement

    When The Game begins, run forward and the player who is not holding the flag, kills both enemies for the first 3 rounds.
    In the 4th round,The team with the Flag runs towards the pole and begins raising the flag. (This person Is usually the leader)
    The second person proceeds to kill one enemy and wait until the flag is fully raised and the WIN countdown is on the screen to kill the other enemy.
    On the Final round you do the exact same thing as Round 4, EXCEPT you do not get the the 2nd kill. So your final kill count is 9.

    The final key piece of information is do the exact same thing again. When you return to the lobby,vote for the same leaders and play another round exactly the same as the last.

    Though the achievement may not instantly pop, you may need to start up a 3rd game for it to pop. Like I said these achievements are very temperamental and buggy.

    We found, even if you accidentally switch teams, this will reset the progress, meaning you have to do it twice more
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,136,853
    26 May 2018 22 Mar 2020 22 Mar 2020
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    I just finished our second session for this yesterday. This is a really buggy achievement, but we managed to get a strategy going where we popped the achievement for all 3 of us that needed in 3 games in a row!
    (in the German version for the record, but should work on all versions)

    Have the person NOT going for the achievement host the game. The best map is factory as it is a really small map, also make sure to set the round preparation time to 10 seconds to speed things up. Also, friendly fire ON for the initial match.
    Squad leader YES
    Tank commander NO
    and other option NO

    All other players have their preferences set to the default NO YES YES

    GAME 1:
    The Host team will always be winning, this first game have the opposite team suicide by throwing grenades at their feet (friendly fire is on to increase chances both players die quickly)

    GAME 2:
    (host set preferences again)
    The player who is in the host's team will be going for the achievement, be sure that they have pressed cn_Y to vote for the leader to stay in command (earning them the earned in blood achievement).
    In this game, in round 1 and 2 we had both the host and the other player get 1 kill each. In round 3,4,5, we had the host get both kills (thus host ends at 8 kills and player 2 at 2 kills)
    Before you return to the lobby, the achievement will pop.

    GAME 3:
    (host set preferences again)
    Next player who is going for the achievement change places to be on the host's team. Again make sure the vote to stay in command option is set at 1/1.
    Now again, in round 1 and 2 both a kill, round 3-5 host all kills
    before returning to the lobby another player has earned the achievement.

    GAME 4:
    Exactly the same as game 3.

    Now for the 4th player to earn the achievement I would suggest to swap hosts and play 2 more games (needed anyway for the next player to earn the earned in blood)
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