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Kenny Crow

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Kenny Crow

Golden Nester achievement in Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades

Golden Nester

Defeated Kenny Crow.

Golden Nester+3.3
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How to unlock the Golden Nester achievement

  • SyncTheTempestSyncTheTempest1,040,700
    25 Mar 2019 25 Mar 2019 25 May 2021
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    If you were properly geared out for the Ardyn vs Ravus achievement, you'll likely be properly geared out for this achievement as well. I feel that this one is still slightly harder than the Ardyn and Ravus fight. It's less chaotic because you're only fighting one NPC as opposed to two. This solution is mainly meant as a guide on several things to keep in mind when fighting him; you'll still need some skill to kill him. Obviously with more people, it'll be easier so if you're trying to beat him solo, it'll be a real challenge.

    First off, I honestly don't think your gear makes that much of a difference. It seems like his coding and his moves is literally meant to one-shot you. I had 2,000 strength and 7,878 HP and I still got one-shotted by most of his moves. All you need is the Rampage sigil (you should be doing at least 5,000+ damage each time you activate this with cn_LT + cn_B), patience and consistency.

    *Having 100% bullet resistance negates all his machine gun damage so if you have this, and you see him pull out his machine gun, go to town on him.

    Several things to keep in mind before I discuss his moves.

    -Always stay a medium distance from him. Most of his attacks hit centered on him to either close or medium range. Only his rocket launcher and giant sword instakill hit long range but both are easily dodgeable.

    -Never use a warp point to regain health and mana. It's pointless. You should be regenerating mana fast enough anyways because the important thing is to keep an eye out for where he is at all times.

    -After performing a move, Kenny is vulnerable for about 5 seconds. This is Kenny's window of vulnerability.

    -Stay at his side or back. Never in the front. Most of his moves are frontal attacks and PBAOE (point blank area of effect).

    -If playing with other people, consider having 1 person at long range on standby doing revive duty if people go down. Never group up on him unless he's recovering from an attack and you guys are on him going to pound town. After that, split up and wait for his next window of vulnerability.

    -Never warp strike to him. He WILL grab you and beat you to 1% of your life. With that said, since warp striking is out of the question, what you will do a lot of instead is rolling by pressing X. This will let you dodge his attacks and close the distance. It's imperative that you roll out of the danger rather than jumping away. Rolling IIRC does have some i-frames albeit minor ones but still very important.

    -The pillar in the middle is a great place to take cover from his projectiles and many of his other moves except for his giant sword instakill which I'll get to soon. I mainly used this pillar to recover from the Danger state.

    -All Creation (LB + RB): the move that you can perform if your circular bar is full at the bottom does absolutely NOTHING to Kenny. Don't bother performing this.

    **EDIT: Allgorhythm states "What you said about the All-Creation ability is spot on. Kenny is immune to it in the same way that Zu and Omega are immune to it. Nevertheless, you are invulnerable while using it. So, you might want to use it defensively rather than offensively. For example, if you have a charged gauge and Kenny back flips away from you, rather than roll dodge you can unleash All Creation and continue the attack against Kenny.

    All Creation will protect you from all attacks including the giant sword. If one has become proficient in the use of All Creation in Ardyn/Ravus and Level 99 Bahamut, it can be very useful. On the other hand, if you haven't used it much and are uncertain of the timing, its better to rely exclusively on Roll/Dodge that can phase through any of Kenny's attacks."**

    This is a great tip if you don't feel confident in dodging some of his attacks especially his giant sword beam. Use at your own discretion.

    Kenny Crow's Moves and Your Actions:

    He starts off at the top of the pillar: Do not warp strike to him

    PBAOE Circular Slash: if you're medium distance, you'll be fine
    *I believe he also has 1 or 2 more sword attacks but if you know/can dodge this one, you can dodge the other ones as well since they more or less are the same.

    Sword in hand (1): Shoots lasers out of his eyes at his feet in an arc - attack him from behind
    Sword in hand (2): Shoots lasers further out from his eyes in an arc - attack him from behind

    Machine Gun: If you have 100% bullet resistance, go to town on him. If you don't, dodge-roll to the pillar for cover. (I honestly have no idea how much damage this does. If you have 100% resistance, it just says invulnerable for you.)

    Rocket Launcher: randomly shoots 1-5 rockets straight ahead of him - dodge to the side and close the distance to attack his back. If you have 100% resistance, this does nothing to you as well.

    Molotov Bottle Explosion: it appears he holds his stomach and throws a bottle to the ground when this happens - this was pretty rare for me. He didn't do this very often for me. Again, medium distance will keep you safe. You should only close the distance once you spot a window of vulnerability.

    Blue Wing/Aura Phase: (this phase can repeat itself multiple times if the fight takes too long, he went into this phase 3 times when I fought him)
    *He can heal himself in this phase (up to 20% is what I've seen) - best thing you can do is not to let the blue aura intimidate you. He's more or less the same in the first phase. Keep your cool and keep watching out for the windows of vulnerabilities.

    PBAOE Circular Slash: still has this, same stuff. Medium distance.
    PBAOE Sword Slam: he jumps in the air and slams his sword into the ground - medium distance.

    Giant Blue Laser Beam: like the red lasers from phase 1 except with an important difference. Wait for him to shoot this laser then attack him from behind. Reason being is because the moment the laser shoots, the backblast reaches the hitboxes behind Kenny hitting you if you're behind him so just wait till he shoots it then attack him.

    Machine Gun: no change, same as before - attack or hide if resistance is not 100%

    Rocket Launcher: no change, same as before - strafe to his back and attack or face tank it if you have 100% resistance.

    Giant Beam Sword: he holds his sword up in the air and a blue beam of light will charge it and he will slam it down on you (this move homes/tracks in on you), easily his most devastating move but pretty easy to dodge if you time it right- stand close to him, and the moment he swings it down, dodge-roll to his right or left and attack him during his recovery (window of vulnerability).

    TLDR version: stay at medium distance until an attack animation is done, have patience, attack only during windows of vulnerability, never warp strike, never use warp points to recover health/mana, use pillar in the middle for cover, and abuse dodge-rolling to close distance or run away.

    Hope this helps everyone with this. If there are any questions or comments that I can do to improve the solution, let me know. Thanks.

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    XboxoholicGreat guide. Slow and steady does this one. It seems daunting at first but you quickly get used to his attacks and windows of vulnerability. Best done with two or three people, though you can definitely solo him with some practise.
    Posted by Xboxoholic on 23 Apr 19 at 15:39
    AllgorhythmThere are both pros and cons to other people. On the one hand, properly synchronized attacks will defeat Kenny more quickly. On the other hand, Kenny is small and it's harder to see his 'tells' if he is surrounded by attackers.

    I have put some of my thoughts in this thread: Weapon Crafting for Kenny Crow
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 23 Apr 19 at 17:32
    InquisitorZacIf anyone wants to tag them this, lemme know! Only have 1x X Pen, but I do more than the NPCs 😉
    Posted by InquisitorZac on 03 Sep 19 at 18:51
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  • xxDAMRONxxxxDAMRONxx666,938
    27 Mar 2019 27 Mar 2019
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    Hey Gamers! Welcome to Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades, and the newest addition to the stand alone version, a fight Kenny Crow!

    The below videos will show you everything you need to know to defeat this encounter. The first video is a complete character guide to show you EVERYTHING you need to know to make a VERY strong character in FFXV: Comrades. The second video is a full fight guide of Kenny Crow. Guilty115 has provided an excellent text guide so if you prefer text please refer to his guide as I will not replicate that here (drop him a like!).

    I hope you find the videos helpful!

    -Damron Out

    **Video guides take time and effort so if you feel the need to leave a negative vote, please take the time to let us (and other gamers) know why so we can improve our solutions in the future!**

    Ultimate FFXV Character Build, Complete Guide:

    Kenny Crow Full Fight Guide
    Showing both comments.
    AllgorhythmThumbs up. Great Guide. You cover all the key points in your narrative, but I thought I’d reemphasize a couple. tldr: Go with max strength. Keep Kenny in your sights and keep yourself out of his. You will defeat Kenny quickly without getting hit. This sounds difficult, but it’s not. It does not require great hand and eye coordination only patience and discipline. In the previous guide's comments, I posted a video how to defeat Kenny with no damage using the Tall Sigil. Here's a video showing how to incur no damage using the Fierce sigil: https://youtu.be/T0O8MazhuYY

    First, as you clearly state, Kenny one-shots. This means vitality is relatively unimportant. Kenny’s premium attacks have pretty much the same effect on a 9999 HP 3000 vitality Glaive as they do on a 999 HP 300 vitality Glaive. They’ll put you in a danger state or kill you outright. If you have 100% shot resistance, you will be invulnerable to Kenny’s machine gun. The other resistances don’t matter & neither does Immune. MP does matter if you use the Fierce Sigil’s Rockbreaker martial arts attack.

    What does this mean? Strength is key. I like my combined weapons to give me over 2800 strength points. It’s easy and quick. Just stuff them full of Curved Hollowhorns. They can be bought at the Norduscaen Garrison Trading Post (if you have selected the shop owner as the refugee leader). As you state, the Dancing Daggers provides the best strength buff in the game. It is less important with a 2800 plus strength build because Rockbreaker should hit the cap with or without it. Nevertheless, I like it. It buffs team-mates in proximity and boosts damage on the other attacks. More importantly, equip one or more high strength weapon that give a bonus 30 MP. You never want to go into status. 100% shot resistance is optional. It only applies to Kenny’s weakest weapon—one that can easily be avoided. But I like it.

    Second, as you state, keep Kenny in view. Conversely, stay out of his view. Imagine Kenny’s body as a plane. His angle of vision goes from 0 degrees to 180 degrees. If you are in front of the plane roll/dodge unless you are certain you are safe from attack. Kenny can warp strike short distances. Unless you are further away from him than half a stadium radius or behind his plane (in the 181 to 359 degree field of vision), you are not safe. As your video guide states, always try to keep Kenny in view. If you lose sight of him (and you probably will—he moves around quite a bit), roll/dodge continuously until you reacquire him in your sights. You can be aided by his red target line or your blue target line (when you press the targeting button).

    What does this mean? Never get into stasis—you will be a sitting duck. First, include weapons that provide extra MP in your loadout. I like the Scharnhorst, the final form of the Battle Mace that is bought at Meldacio. It is an easy build. I use two. Together, they provide 60 bonus MP, 1400 strength, and 100% shot resistance. Second, keep an eye on MP. If you are low on MP, switch to regular attacks or pummel as shown in the video at the 3'28" mark.

    What is pummel? Like Rockbreaker, pummel is a martial arts attack peculiar to the Fierce sigil. It replaces a weapon’s charge attack with a fists and feet flurry. Like Rockbreaker, it bypasses enemy weapon resistances but acquires your equipped weapon abilities. Unlike Rockbreaker, it does not use MP. Delivered by a 2800 strength (buffed) Glaive, each hit in a pummel flurry will deliver damage at or near the cap. This means you lose nothing and possibly gain damage per second by switching to it when MP gets low. If you use charged attacks you are familiar with the mechanics. Press the attack button, release it for a split second, and press it again. On a regular sigil, this initiates a weapon's charge attack. On the Fierce sigil, it initiates the pummel attack--a flurry of fist and feet strikes. If you haven't used charge attacks, practice the timing on the Practuar.

    What about the giant blue sword? Just before Kenny strikes, he will pull the sword back a short distance. If you roll dodge or warp at its backmost position, you will be safe. Yes, it is safe to warp here (point warp or to a warp point), because Kenny needs a few seconds to compose himself. Meanwhile you can compose yourself and regain the offensive.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 29 Mar 19 at 00:41
    xxDAMRONxxThanks for all your helpful input, I’m sure other gamers will find it useful. Using different weapons (and not needing 100% resistance in everything) is useful info.

    Partly, this and other fights just highlight the overall versality of my character build as you can pretty much tackle any and every fight with this set up! Thanks again for your constructive comment!
    Posted by xxDAMRONxx on 29 Mar 19 at 01:31
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