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King of the Daemons achievement in Final Fantasy XV

King of the Daemons

Daemonified 100 enemies.

King of the Daemons0
20 January 2021 - 2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

How to unlock the King of the Daemons achievement

  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm456,908
    15 Apr 2019 17 Apr 2019 18 Apr 2019
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    The achievement is unlocked when you daemonify 100 enemies. Landing a five hit combo or a single blindside attack on an enemy will cause a prompt to appear: cn_Y on control configuration types A and C - cn_B on control configuration type B. Press the button as soon as the prompt appears to complete daemonification. Tutorials instruct you both in the basic process as well as daemonifying a succession of enemies.

    It is not difficult to daemonify 100 enemies because there are abundant opportunities to daemonize well over that number. The issue is time. If you are also working on the Return of the Founder King achievement, you will want to daemonize the enemies without incurring damage and without jeopardizing your A+ battle time rating.

    The answer is to daemonize random enemy encounters. These typically occur in groups of one, two, or three after the first amplifier is neutralized. Follow the onscreen prompts to daemonify them immediately and without risk of damage to Ardyn. A group of 3 takes 6 seconds, a group of 2 takes 5 seconds, and a single enemy takes 4 seconds. You don't have to daemonize the entire requirement in this manner. However, I recommend you do because it's an effective way to add to your score in order to achieve the A+ score ranking. Story event fights in themselves will not result in a high enough score for this ranking.

    If you are not playing for the Return of the Founder King achievement, you do not need to concern yourself with battle time or damage incurred. So, any enemy is fair game. However, if your ranking in the various categories is important, the following video demonstrates how to set yourself up for this achievement without jeopardizing overall battle time and without exposing Ardyn to risk of damage:

    Some key points made in the video:

    --Buy and equip a Safety Helmet from the hat shop on top of the building across from the first save point
    --Buy boosters and curatives. The nearest vending machine is behind the bench that serves as the first chapter 3 save point. Another one is shown in the video.
    --You will have sufficient AP to acquire Meteor Strike. Do so immediately following the Ifrit event where you learn how to summon him
    --If the phantasm bar is not filled, fill it by fighting and daemonizing nearby soldiers. Otherwise, avoid them. Apart from this, we want all daemonification to occur as the result of random encounters where we daemonize by following QTE prompts.
    --With the phantasm bar filled, proceed to the Sector A amplifier. Destroy the manafonts. Before destroying the fourth one, apply a Mettle VX defense buff to minimize damage.
    --When the guardian appears, evade until the tech bar completely fills up. Then, execute Meteor Strike. This will render the guardian vulnerable. Apply a Power EX attack buff.
    --Press the attack button and circle around the vulnerable guardian building up the combo past the 350 count required for the A+ rank in the Return of the Founder King achievement. You can use a Royal Retribution finisher to further increase the count. Once you have the required combo count and not before, comply with the daemonification prompt and complete the amplifier neutrilization.
    --Enemies will now randomly appear. Comply with the onscreen prompt to put them in a state where they can immediately be daemonized. Then, press the daemonification button once for each enemy in the group.
    --The video shows a sector where random encounters can be quickly and easily farmed without interference from city soldiers.

    Daemonize the 100 enemies for the achievement. I recommend stopping once you get the achievement. After that, complete the story segments until you are able to enter the Castle Gates. Check your score. If it is below 1.35 million, continue to daemonize random encounters until bring your score up to that number. Save and enter the castle gates for the final boss battles.

    I strongly recommend Darrcyphfeid 's Solution for Return of the Founder King in Final Fantasy XV. Both the guide and the comments contain a wealth of information that assist in earning the Founder King achievement. Not only did Darrcyphfeid provide us with an exceptional guide, but the comments are also enlightening. The preparations illustrated in the above video are heavily influenced by this guide and the associated comments.
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  • ragingnothingragingnothing461,696
    13 Apr 2019 08 Apr 2019 09 Apr 2019
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    Easy achievement and plenty of enemies to perform this on. To be able to daemonify an enemy you need 5 consecutive attacks to land (B button). Once the fifth strike hits the enemy will fall to their back and you will see the Y button prompt appear. Hit Y and you will jump on the enemy, see a purple light, and hit for 9999 damage. Also, as you explore Insomnia deactivating points you will be jumped at multiple points by soldiers. You will see a quick B button prompt. Timing this correctly will put all soldiers down and allow you to daemonify several at one shot. Repeat 99 more times and the achievement is yours, happy gaming :)
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