The Slash to End All Slashes achievement in Final Fantasy VII

The Slash to End All Slashes

Learn Omnislash—Cloud's last Limit Break

The Slash to End All Slashes0
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How to unlock the The Slash to End All Slashes achievement

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    This is super easy on disc 3. By this time you should have high level characters buffed up with HP and MP plus materia and at least 1 Ribbon - this is really handy.

    You only need about 100 GP which you can purchase from a guy who appears randomly at the train station in the back (behind the save point) Just keep going in and out of the screen until he appears. At this stage, money shouldn't be a problem. Using the in-game cheats, enter the battle with "Battle boost" enabled (press the right analog stick to toggle it). This constantly fills your HP and MP, but more importantly, gives you unlimited Limit breaks, making these fights a walkover.

    I used cloud with level 3 limit break Metorian. I got 3000+ BP by spamming the limit break and had enough to buy Omnislash after about 6 or 7 battles.

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    EmagDrolBotAre you people playing a different game or something? This is giving me so much grief it's unbelievable.

    Infinite limit break does absolutely nothing if you hit one of the myriad slot results that just end your run.

    Enemy Tonberry? Run dead (This has happened to me 5 times so far)
    Slot breaks your gear? Run dead as soon as something perma CCs you
    -10 level twice? Run not dead, but you now hit for 400, making a Tonberry an even more guaranteed run death.

    I've yet to actually have a run get past 6 wins, and if it ends by death you get 0 BP. This is with Cloud at level 45 which is supposedly overlevelled for this point, and with limit break Meteorain as mentioned.

    This arena is 100% RNG. Absolutely atrocious.

    EDIT: Here's some more!
    Half health? Run dead if you meet the blue dragon
    Ghost Ship the final boss? Run dead unless you 1 shot him. Fuck you if you had any -Levels earlier!
    Posted by EmagDrolBot on 16 Sep 20 at 20:56
    zero cool 4406Jeez, that's really unlucky. I never got a Tonberry during any of my battles. Mostly Dragon and Ghost ship. Make sure you are spamming the Limit Break the second the next round begins, as Limit breaks should always override an enemies attack or turn, so you want to get in there quick. Try and stop the slot on something like yellow or red materia, or something that is useless or won't hinder you much. Not easy as it spins fast. Make sure you have HP Plus materia equipped to have 9999 HP. Again, spam the attack button, don't give enemy time to attack.
    Posted by zero cool 4406 on 17 Sep 20 at 08:31
    EmagDrolBotI think the site WT just suggests this arena at an awful point in the game. I'm going to ignore it until I've done everything else. It's not like Omnislash is needed to beat the rest of the game.
    Posted by EmagDrolBot on 17 Sep 20 at 13:25
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  • SambawebSambaweb649,112
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    If you miss informations or if you vote negative pls leave a comment so i can improve the solution

    Clouds 4th limit can be super time consuming.

    The first chance to obtain this is on your first visit to the Gold Saucer "on disc 1". I recommend to do this later "on disc 3".

    You have to battle in the battle square inside the Gold Saucer and get 32.000 battle points to buy his limit. If you battle "on disc 1" you need to get 52.000 points. This can be ridiculous hard. In regular you don't have good gear nor enough money and also no Gold Saucer Points (GP) at this point in the game.


    The point what makes this time consuming, you need 10GP (Gold Saucer points) to battle. For each battle you can get around 3000-10.000 Battle Points. And if fail a battle for this fight you get 0. There are many ways to obtain GP. The Easiest is to "buy" them. Sometimes there is a guy on this spot at the Gold Saucer.
    External image
    If not just leave and come back again. Here you can buy up to 100GP with 10.000Gil. I highly recommend to rack up 1000GP for 100 battles.

    After you have enough GP you can go battle. The battle mechanics are more ore minor complex but what we do we use the "cheats". I used any weapon and any armor (no big differences) but what i recommend is a Ribbon as an accessory.

    Up to this point you can have up to two ribbons.
    One in the Temple of the Ancients: You reach a room with a giant Clock. Leave the Clock at 5 there is the ribbon.
    The second one is in Gaea's Cliff: Here is a video for this ribbon
    (Video Credit goes to LetsPlayGGs)

    Sadly both are missable. If you miss both Ribbons you can Morph Master Tonberry in the Northern Crater into Ribbons.

    In the battle square you have to fight up to 8 enemies. For each consecutive win you get more BP (battle points). The more the higher ( wink ). From round 3000 up to 10.000. That means 4 to 11 battles if you never lose.
    But here is what it makes time consuming. After every battle you have a slot mechanik with a debuff. Broken Weapon, Broken Armor, Broken Accessory, Broken Materia of any or all colors, Lvl Down, HP/MP Down and so on. If your accessory is broken its often, without better gear and Materia, impossible to win. Just play again and again up to you 32.000 Battle points.

    Buy the Omnislash by the mashines at the entrance and like all other characters finish all other Limits and use the item. Achievement done.
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