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Sit Down

Collide with the seating and the railings on the ring stage

Sit Down-1.5
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Achievement Guide for Sit Down

  • Samurai RalanSamurai Ralan504,520
    23 Jul 2019 23 Jul 2019 23 Jul 2019
    20 3 5
    Set up a 1v1 melee with a second controller. That dummy character needs to be wearing a hat. Once you are inside the ring, jump-kick (tap cn_A then hold cn_X) them in the head until you knock their hat off.

    Now sit down next to the hat by holding cn_A, then hold cn_LB+cn_RB to grab it with both hands. Stand back up. Idk if this is intended or not, but when you now jump and head-butt (cn_A then cn_B) while holding the hat you go flying. So do that near the rope edge and you will clear the seat barriers easily. This method I was able to do this first try.

  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi1,971,077
    27 Mar 2019 29 Mar 2019
    16 15 8
    This is done on the stage Ring
    This is the hardest achievement in the game
    It's easier with a friend in co/op. Local or Online
    It's doable solo as well
    I show both methods in my video @ 17:35

    This is my full 100% Achievement Walkthrough, all solo methods
    You only need an extra controller for the football achievement
    I also teach you how to play

    Achievements: 00:35
    Customize: 2:00
    How to play: 2:50
    Short Wave: 4:10
    Drop Kick: 4:55
    Big Head: 4:55
    Roast Beef: 6:15
    Safety Warning: 7:35
    Sea Legs: 8:00
    Buoy o Buoy: 8:00
    In Transit: 9:30
    Keep on Trucking: 9:30
    Long Haul: 9:30
    Bucket List: 11:10
    Self Storage: 11:45
    Special Delivery: 11:45
    Ground Floor: 13:20
    Hang Tough: 15:15
    Step Down: 16:30
    Sit Down: 17:35
    Shutout: 18:30

    Upvotes appreciated rock
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