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Big Head

Concuss an enemy with a diving headbutt

Big Head-2.0
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Achievement Guide for Big Head

  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi1,971,077
    27 Mar 2019 29 Mar 2019
    18 2 0
    You can do this against an AI in Wave mode
    The best method is to do this against a spare controller
    Run (hold A) at the other player
    Jump (A) and hold B to do a diving headbutt
    If they get knocked out you'll get this achievement

    This is my full 100% Achievement Walkthrough, all solo methods
    You only need an extra controller for the football achievement
    I also teach you how to play

    Achievements: 00:35
    Customize: 2:00
    How to play: 2:50
    Short Wave: 4:10
    Drop Kick: 4:55
    Big Head: 4:55
    Roast Beef: 6:15
    Safety Warning: 7:35
    Sea Legs: 8:00
    Buoy o Buoy: 8:00
    In Transit: 9:30
    Keep on Trucking: 9:30
    Long Haul: 9:30
    Bucket List: 11:10
    Self Storage: 11:45
    Special Delivery: 11:45
    Ground Floor: 13:20
    Hang Tough: 15:15
    Step Down: 16:30
    Sit Down: 17:35
    Shutout: 18:30

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  • Vulgar LatinVulgar Latin710,533
    28 Mar 2019 28 Mar 2019
    7 2 3
    I used two controllers to make this easier. I chose the football stage so I didn't have to worry about hazards. From there, I used jump and B up close to the second player to concuss them. It may take a few tries but after a little bit, you should get it.
  • NicoleRenee00NicoleRenee00208,258
    19 Oct 2019 19 Oct 2019
    1 0 0
    The goal of this achievement is to headbutt another player hard enough to knock them down. You do this by running with cn_A, jumping with the same button, and then holding cn_B to dive.

    This took a REALLY long time for me to get right, but after watching some videos on it, I think I have a better solution. If, like me, you keep head-butting your dummy/friend and it doesn't seen to be working, try to headbutt them in the back of the neck.

    For whatever reason, this worked the very first time for me. I was using a dummy in a local game at the time. Any map will do, though maps like Incinerator are best because they have long stretches of flat land. I'd recommend either Gang or Melee for the game mode.

    Hope this helps! toast
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