LEGO Shazam! Movie Level Pack 2

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LEGO Shazam! Movie Level Pack 2

Find me a spirit most pure achievement in LEGO DC Super-Villains

Find me a spirit most pure

Complete ''Sivana Showdown'' with all Minikits Unlocked

Find me a spirit most pure+1.1
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How to unlock the Find me a spirit most pure achievement

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    14 Apr 2019 14 Apr 2019
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    Note: Make sure you complete the whole level; you cannot save and exit. Most of these minikits can only be obtained in FREE PLAY.

    There are 5 minikits and you don't need the wall tag for this level.

    Minikit 1: (1:11) FREE PLAY ONLY: Use a character with heat vison like Heat Wave to melt the gold bars off the hammer game. Use Harley Quinn's hammer on the minigame and time for the middle for the minikit to fall down.

    Minikit 2: (1:41) FREE PLAY ONLY: Use Batman towards the back by the ticket booth press :1b: for his detective mode and find the right spot for his grapple using :1b:. Then build minikit.

    Minikit 3: (2:24) FREE PLAY ONLY: Use Joker's teeth bomb on the shark in the tank only.

    Minikit 4: STORY/FREEPLAY: 5 Balloons to be popped.
    1. (0:40) When you fight start fighting Doctor Sivana you will see a balloon on the right side of him. You need to jump and smash to obtain it as broken. You can also get this one later during the second section if missed.
    2. (0:57) Right on top of Santa's little house.
    3. (3:05) Smash the hot dog stand for a cut scene, this one is on the right of the stand next to Gluttony.
    4. (3:13) Right where you got the third balloon this is by a balloon dart stand to the right of the building.
    5. (3:26) When you go through the garage with Shazam (Darla) lighting the dark area and going through the grate. The balloons are above on a house to the right.

    Tag: (3:40) Not needed.

    Minikit 5: (4:19) STORY/FREEPLAY: After you've pulled the white van closer to the gate you can hop on the back conveyer belt inside the van and punch the box with any character.

    Suggested to finish the level as Superman.
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  • MIK813MIK8131,697,384
    23 Apr 2019 23 Apr 2019 25 Apr 2019
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    External image

    Lego Shazam! Movie Level Pack 2

    Level Sivana Showdown

    Complete the Main Story to unlock Free Play to be able to access all areas so that you can unlock 5 all minikits as all not available in story play.

    Now load back into the game and select your main character as Superman, there are 3 variations to choose from which are unlocked during natural play:

    Characters Needed

    = laser destroy gold bricks

    = Target Shootable Character (press of hold cn_X
    External image
    = Drone Access secret panel (hold cn_B to deploy Drone)
    = Detective Mode (tap cn_B)
    = Grapple hooks to pull open devices (tap cn_B as prompted on screen then button tap cn_B to fill bar)
    External image
    Harley Quinn
    = Impact Switches (Hammer)
    External image

    “Find me a spirit most pure” 10g

    Minikit 1

    Shoot 5 sets of Balloons (BS):

    BS1 in Big Top on right side
    External image
    BS2 on side of the Balloon Darts Stand
    External image
    BS3 on side of Hotdog Van
    External image
    BS4 on side of Santa’s Grotto
    External image
    BS5 in compound area where you go through the vent travel with Shazam (Darla), the last set of Balloons are on the side of roof (area refer to minikit 5)
    External image
    Minikit 2

    Hammer Game destroy gold bricks then use Harley or Green Lantern to press cn_X on stopper to drop out the minikit.
    External image
    External image
    Minikit 3

    Drone access to water tank hold cn_B to activate remote device and hit the shark with minikit in its mouth to receive.
    External image
    External image
    Minikit 4

    Head towards the Ticket Booth just left of merry go round, there will be your Ticket booth with a arch Above you require use detective mode. Then use Batman or the Joker to use their grapple to pull down the Christmas Lego bricks then build your minikit.
    External image
    External image
    External image
    Minikit 5

    Where you picked up BS 5, you will exit the caged off area and the van will be stuck in the gate way now, jump into the rear of the van and smash the box/bricks to reveal your final minikit.
    External image

    Once you have unlocked all 5 of The minikits you will need to complete the natural story progression, and not just quit and save the achievement will not pop.

    As soon as you have completed the story level and the screen counts up your minikits, pop achievement unlocked!


    Happy Hunting

    *I haven’t mentioned the Row and tile icon in which you can select your characters but images available, as this may appear different to others depending of DLC packs purchased*
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