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Lobotomy achievement in DayZ


Kill twenty survivors or infected with a head-shot.

06 June 2020 - 2 guidesOnline Game Mode - These achievements require a connection to live services, such as Xbox Live, for playing an online game mode, for sharing content, accessing leaderboards, or validating data with a server.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Versus - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a face off gamemode who have met the achievement requirements.Cumulative + - These achievements are obtained by repeatedly performing the same action or set of actions over time.

How to unlock the Lobotomy achievement

  • GravekinGravekin688,374
    24 Apr 2019 30 Mar 2019 18 Jan 2020
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    Edit: As of update 1.06, this achievement works as it should.

    This appears to to be either bugged or unattainable. As of typing this, nobody has this achievement. I tried it and killed over 30 infected with headshots, and not even any progress appears.

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    nebulousIAMI'm playing on 1.06 and so far I've only killed infected and my progress bar is at 30%
    Posted by nebulousIAM on 17 Jan at 22:48
    GravekinCorrect. The achievement works now!
    Posted by Gravekin on 18 Jan at 09:02
    IINUMB3R44Make sure you are in first person by clicking the right thumb stick twice, then ads and shoot in the head
    Posted by IINUMB3R44 on 19 May at 21:11
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  • Reborn InsanityReborn Insanity354,559
    27 Apr 2020 01 May 2020 27 May 2020
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    This achievement is for killing twenty survivors or zombies with a shot to the head. It's cumulative so you don't have to do 20 exclusively on either. 8 survivors and 12 zombies will net the achievement for example.

    You'll obviously need a weapon for this and the higher power the better. Also having some spare ammo also helps as it's easy to miss headshots, especially against moving targets. I'd suggest getting all 20 of these on zombies as they're far easier to predict and won't end up shooting back at you.

    First, find a town and begin searching buildings for a firearm. If you find ammo or a magazine for a weapon you don't have, pick it up anyways. That way when you find a weapon you'll be good to go. The best places to look for weapons in the fresh spawn area is log cabin type houses and police stations. Police stations almost always have a shotgun or pistol with some ammo. Be aware that sometimes you can find a pistol without a magazine. That's okay, you can still load a single round into the chamber until you find one.

    Once you have a weapon and an okay-decent amount of ammo, your next step is to find a house or building with a lot of windows. Preferably on the bottom floor. Close all the doors, get your gun and inventory ready, and fire off a shot. Guns are extremely loud and the zombies in your area will come sprinting to your location. Luckily they can't open or break down doors so they will just surround your house and scream at you through the windows. This is the perfect time to start popping heads for the achievement. The zombies will come to you in mass and stand there for you to take your time with aiming. Don't worry about other players for now as you're well defended with a horde of zombies creating a barrier between you and them.

    External image

    It shouldn't take too long to get 20 headshots and if you kill all the zombies but don't have the achievement yet then move further into the town or to the next one and repeat the process. It shouldn't take more than two hordes attracted by gunshots to get your 20.

    Stay safe survivors.
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