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AC3 | Monopoly Man

Send a convoy to Boston, New York and the Frontier.

AC3 | Monopoly Man-0.2
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How to unlock the AC3 | Monopoly Man achievement

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    There is a common glitch where every shop is listed as "not visited". However, if you hold cn_LT to zoom all the way out, you can scroll to the Frontier (icon looks like a triangle), Boston (circle with a B) and New York (circle with NY), icons. If each region has one shop unlocked, you can get the achievement.

    UPDATE: I'm seeing reports that "not visited" is disappearing from the icons and they're not turning white (like they should've to begin with). When this happens, if you zoom out, the unlocked stores counter may say 0. Therefore, the achievement may need to be flagged as buggy-.

    Here's how to prevent losing the achievement: as soon as you have a shop unlocked, send a caravan to it. You can even use a shop to send a caravan to the same shop.

    If anyone has a good workaround after losing access to the shops, please let me know in the comments section below.

    UPDATE 2: Tenreth restarted the game and all shops were unlocked again. You can read the discussion here: Assassins creed liberation remastered major bug

    If you're at the Homestead, you can fast travel to the manor. From the front entrance enter the room on your immediate left. Press cn_B to open the Account Book, then cn_right or cn_RB twice to go to the trading portion of the Account Book. Now, press cn_A to bring up Land Convoy and then cn_A again.

    Now, select a resource (anything you want), then any of the three Boston merchants. They are:

    Hancock's Store No. 5
    Elizabeth Murray's Fineries
    Child's Still House & Dry Goods

    Now repeat the process until you're ready to select a merchant, then press cn_down. These are the New York merchants:

    Rhinelander's Sugars
    De Lancey's Imports & Goods
    Van Brugh's Spices

    Repeat the process again until you're ready to select a merchant. Then, press cn_down twice. Here are the Frontier merchants:

    The Walking Haberdashery
    The Milliner's Wares
    Murdoch's Barter

    Select one from each region to send a convoy to, then press cn_Y.

    However, if you're already in Boston, the Frontier, or New York, you can enter a store and the Accounting Book is to the right of the shopkeeper. Or if you're already browsing his wares, you can press cn_Y to enter the Accounting Book.
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    DeliriousDrew resetting the game and console don't always work to get the shops to unlock. shame really.
    Posted by DeliriousDrew on 06 May 19 at 05:09
    STOUTASSASSIN67 umm probably a dumb question but how do you send convoys to specific places when i send a convoy it just auto goes somewhere i dont get to choose where it goes.
    Posted by STOUTASSASSIN67 on 20 May 19 at 19:27
    ShadyShall Okay. here’s my story. I did nothing but play the missions until the start of sequence 10. At that point I took a break and started mopping up EVERYTHING I could. I tackled NY, then Boston, then Frontier. By that time, Challenge II was unlocked, and I noticed that after I visited each store in the frontier, the related challenge did not complete itself. Two were still showing as “not visited.” I noticed this at other stores too in the other regions. But it didn’t affect a challenge, so I ignored it. I did get the Monopoly Man achievement, but I was worried about not checking off the specific challenge. I ran around finishing courier missions. Still, two posts were greyed out as Not visited, but when I zoomed out it said 3 unlocked. I left frontier and went to the other cities and the homestead to do stuff, went back to frontier and the map said I only had 1 store unlocked. I sent convoys to all available land locations (which were all available) and before that finished, I walked into the one store that was noted as visited (white) on the frontier map and the challenge unlocked itself.

    What a bug! I basically did a marathon run over the next 48 hours to complete the DNA sequences and the achievement did unlock. I noticed that once the challenge did complete the stores would still say not visited, but that glitch did not affect the challenge once it was completed. Thank goodness.

    Advice: when it is time to get that challenge done, go around and visit all the stores again... OR don't visit any store in the frontier until that challenge is unlocked and then do them all within one frontier visit.
    Posted by ShadyShall on 02 Jul 19 at 05:56
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