Ancient Evil

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Ancient Evil

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A Mightly Wind

In Ancient Evil, fling 20 zombies with one channel attack from the Hand of Ouranos

A Mightly Wind-0.1
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How to unlock the A Mightly Wind achievement

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    The Hand of Ouranos is one of the four new wonder weapons on the map Ancient Evil. As is the case with many of the Zombie achievements in this game, this can be completed on Casual difficulty, so I would highly recommend using it over the other difficulties if you're going for this.

    To begin, you'll need to find one of the four Dormant Hands found scattered throughout the map. There are 20 spawn locations for them, all of which can be found in this video:

    Alternatively, if you would like pictures of their locations, this Reddit link will also show all 20.

    After you've found your first Dormant Hand, take the Pegasus (or a portal if you've already used the Pegasus) to the Pack-a-Punch portion of the map, also known as the "Dark Side." Once here, go to the Center of the World region of the map, across from the Pack-a-Punch machine, and look for the glowing blue circle on the ground. Deposit your Dormant Hand into the statue and you'll begin a little ritual. It will require you to kill roughly 10 zombies that are glowing blue in the chest, all the while you are required to stay within the glowing circle. After all 10 have been killed, you will be able to pick up the Hand of Ouranos. We're halfway there!

    This weapon will need to be upgraded in order to use the charged ability required to unlock this achievement. In order to upgrade to the Redeemed Hand of Ouranos, take the normal version (the one we just got) and knock a Zombie into each of the three giant arrows located outside the playable area. There is one in the Center of the World, one in Python Pass, and one in Cliff Ruins. When you successfully knock a zombie into one, you'll notice a feather with a blue outline floating in the air, shoot it 2-3 times with your Hand and it will be collected by the statue. You'll know if you've done this successfully if you see the arrow collapse. Once you've collected all three feathers, head back to the statue and hold cn_X to begin your trial.

    This part is pretty straight forward, and is more or less a tutorial teaching you how to use the charged ability of the Redeemed version of the gauntlet. After killing the 30ish Zombies that spawn in, another portal will appear allowing you to exit with your newly upgraded Hand.

    With the hard part out of the way, you now need to kill 20 zombies with one charged shot. This can easily be obtained anywhere you desire, but I find the easiest place to horde Zombies is in the Amphitheater. Simply horde up 20-24 zombies, hold down cn_RT, and when you kill 20 in one go, the achievement will pop! If you don't manage to get 20 in one horde, keep holding down cn_RT and try to quickly find the remaining zombies needed. The achievement will pop when you let go of cn_RT

    If any of my steps were confusing to you, or if you just want a visual aid, be sure to check out this super quick (less than 2:00) video of a YouTuber named Glitch on how to build and upgrade the Hand of Ouranos.
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    Kanchanaburi great solution. Thank you!
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 08 May 19 at 01:14
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