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The Ruler of Albion

Amass a 2.5 million gold real estate empire, or be there when another Hero does.

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How to unlock the The Ruler of Albion achievement

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    Buy whatever buildings you can find, and if you're strugling, start redecorating houses with better furniture.

    Definitely make sure you've bought:
    - Graveyard Mansion (Bowerstone Cemetery - you will have to complete the 'Love Hurts' quest to unlock this building for purchase)
    - Reaver's Mansion (Bloodstone)
    - Fairfax Castle (Fairfax gardens)
    - Brightwood Tower (Brightwood)

    IN FULL:
    I had quite a bit of trouble with this achievement, even after buying every building I could find, including the graveyard mansion, bloodstone mansion, fairfax castle and brightwood tower.

    It may have been the terrible economy in most towns due to my regular thieving and murderous rampages, but the way I nudged my real estate worth over 2.5 million was to redecorate some of my properties with the most expensive furnitures I could buy. Considering the number of houses that can be redecorated, this achievement becomes easy with a few trips to the furniture shop.

    Obviously this assumes you can afford things in the first place, but aquiring money isn't very difficult. Purchasing shops and buildings (provided you rent them wherever possible) will earn you money every five minutes, even when you aren't playing (although this will only be 10% of what you would earn if you were in game) and if you don't mind being corrupt, you can increase prices and rent by as much as an extra 100%. If you don't mind cheating a bit either, you can change your xbox system clock.

    To do this, ensure you're disconnected from xbox live (live automatically sets your clock to the correct time) and head to 'System Settings' in the 'My Xbox' row of the dashboard, select 'Console Settings' and move down to 'Clock'. Hit 'A' and you can set the 'Date and Time' (this is where you must be disconnected from xbox live, or the option will be unavailable). Here you can simply set the date as far forward as your console will allow, which for me was the 31st December 2025. Return to Fable II, and within a few minutes, you should have a nice lump of cash. Save the game and you can carry on as usual. If you want to earn even more money, set the clock all the way back (mine went to the 1st January 2005), enter Fable, save your game, then put the clock forward as far as possible, and return to Fable, and you should instantly gain 20 years worth of earnings. Nice! With most of the real estate, this method bagged me over 2mil in one go.

    Then simply ensure you've bought as many buildings as you can find, and provided your economies are stable, you should get 100G. Remember that if you're struggling to reach 2.5 mil real estate, upgrading furniture is an easy way to do it. I only had to partly redecorate three houses (partly due to the limited availability of some furniture items) before the achievement popped up. Hopefully you'll have it in no time too.

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    mast3r 0r0m1sYou only need to get 2.5 mill gold from real estate correct? Cause Im pretty sure I've went over it already and it hasnt popped up yet.
    Posted by mast3r 0r0m1s on 06 Jul 10 at 18:41
    DottyRoxy69Would you get more renting them out or your better off straight buying them?
    Posted by DottyRoxy69 on 13 May 16 at 08:02
    Krimson BLKyou can also just get this in a friends game who already has this just sit idle for a while and this will eventually pop
    Posted by Krimson BLK on 05 Feb at 12:20
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  • KhimarhiKhimarhi433,532
    26 Oct 2008 25 Oct 2008 25 Oct 2008
    52 5 6
    Just buy every building you see. After finishing the game a one high priced building in particular will be available that will be worth 1000. It helps to rent out your buildings after you buy them and if you aren't worried about being corrupt just increase all rent and prices to 100%. You will accumulate wealth in no time (even while you are not playing the game and the xbox is shut off, albeit 10% of what you would get if you were playing) which in turn will help you buy more.
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    sauntimohahaha, tried and tested arbitrage. Works a treat.
    Posted by sauntimo on 28 May 10 at 01:11
    ObersteSAFuhrerso my question is, your properties must be worth the 2.5mil or is it a combo of the property value and the cash on your persons?
    Posted by ObersteSAFuhrer on 30 Dec 10 at 02:48
    GammyGreenGiant^^just property. save up to buy the bigger businesses first then the money will roll in!!
    Posted by GammyGreenGiant on 22 Jan 11 at 19:25
  • CosmickologyCosmickology101,312 101,312 GamerScore
    15 Jan 2009 25 May 2009
    29 2 0
    I got this achievement on my first play through the game. From the start of the game Buy as much Houses and Shops as possible. Rent them out and when you run out of money simply do some Quests or the main storyline. Again when you come to new places buy as much as you can and raise all prices and rent. I however did have a problem with this because I had 2.3M Gold when I had everything. The reason being is because there is one building in the game that you may or may not be able to buy. If you completed the quests earlier on in the game with Pureness then you should be able to buy it. The location is Miles Farm in Brightwood btw. If you are not able to buy this house then simply Purchase the Knothole Isl. DLC and buy the new buildings that come with it andafter buying the last one you should the Pop of Pride. (Achievement Unlocked 100G The Ruler of Albion) Well Done!
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