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The Dollcatcher

Collect all the Hero dolls, or see another Hero collect them.

The Dollcatcher0
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How to unlock the The Dollcatcher achievement

  • BytyqiBytyqi623,224
    10 Nov 2011 26 Aug 2013 01 Jun 2017
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    There are six dolls to collect. Only 2 will appear in your game, so trading is necessary. One will be gained by getting second prize in the Westcliff Shooting Gallery, and the other one is the Hero Doll, which can be found in shops.

    Or you could use the guide below:

    I've helped 300+ unique players with this achievement and I have no intention in stopping. Players join my game, and I will unlock the achievement within 3 seconds of joining. The procedure is swift and requires nothing from you except that you have both of the DLCs installed. This can be either the free versions or the premium ones.

    As long as this solution is up, I'm offering the help. Simply send me a friend request, and a message stating the reason you've added me, and I'll help you the next time I'm free. Please don't send me messages asking me when you can get help, as I always keep in mind my "businesses" and I won't forget about you. And because my friends list is set to only have certain people, I can therefore not keep you on my friends list, unless we've agreed that I will.

    Now, go ahead and send me those messages! I'm eager to help out :)

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    FrendinI am looking for someone who could help me as well! If anyone wants to help, you can ping me anytime on TrueAchievements or on Xbox Live. I'm down to swap achievements if I have one you are missing or vice versa.
    Posted by Frendin on 22 Apr at 22:46
    The1GuyOverTherHey I was wondering if anyone with the time, could help me obtain this achievement? If people even still play this game; I would appreciate it very much! Thank you in advance!
    Posted by The1GuyOverTher on 25 Apr at 00:58
    DaveRasta97Guys, hit up to Thom Mc Carthy <- (it is his GT) he already helped me without problem!
    Posted by DaveRasta97 on 01 May at 15:54
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  • CyberneticHFXCyberneticHFX509,787
    16 Sep 2010 19 Oct 2010 03 Nov 2015
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    I got three solutions for you - choose one:

    1st solution: Go to Westcliff and win the Second Prize in the Shooting Range - it will be a Doll. It is a good way to improve your success in the Shooting Range while you aim for the First Prize - you may get some Dolls by doing so, till you claim the First Prize, which is The Red Dragon (a fairly great Legendary Ranged Weapon). You get only the same Doll, regardless whatever you do on that playthrough. The type of Doll which you can get in a Fable II story is random per playthrough. You can only get one type of Doll in a Fable II playthrough. The only way to get other Dolls that do count towards that Achievement's progress, is to trade with gamers in Orb mode. For that mode to enable, Press START, select Options, Game, and set Online Orbs to Everyone, or Friends Only (when you intend to trade with a private specific contact only without some other Orbs around), Accept with A. Now that is done, get your Character near a desired Orb of some person you intend to trade with. If you wish to give an item (like a Doll you have won from your Fable II universe) to that person, hit LT while looking at the Orb. Then, apply to interact with it, with A. Select Gift. Then, select Gifts (x) in the next menu. From there, you choose one of the following Dolls you wish to give away, if you have hold of any: Hammer Doll, Garth Doll, Theresa Doll, Hero Doll, Lucien Doll, Reaver Doll. Lastly, apply with Yes by pressing A. Your game status will now be saved. But the game status of the person on the other side must be saved manually. The other Dolls you can collect in Fable II are: Ragdoll, Porcelain Doll. Those are irrelevant for that Achievement. Now as you meet people in Orb form, listen to what they say. Some people will offer, or ask for, an item, or even a Doll. Additionally you can always interact with an Orb to find out about a person's Achievements. When a gamer already has been awarded with the The Dollcatcher Achievement, this can mean several things: The gamer has hold of all the Dolls, the gamer has not a single Doll, the gamer has not all different relevant Dolls anymore, the gamer has no Doll at all anymore, the gamer has a lot of Dolls - also some to give away. What is suggested is to explain in detail how you wish to trade. It makes the best sense to give away Dolls you can always claim from the Shooting Range in Westcliff by gaining the Second Prize. The The Dollcatcher Achievement will be unlocked when the sixth different relevant Doll is added to your Items. If a gamer is in your story via cooperative play, that gamer will get that Achievement when this is initiated.

    2nd solution: While travelling through the world of Fable II, may luck be on your side, and you do encounter a generous person who helps you to get that Achievement rather easily. It means, that gamer has still hold of all six different relevant Dolls. Who will then - in whose Fable II Story - merge into cooperative play with you, and causes an inventory change to initiate the unlock process for this Achievement on your Xbox LIVE profile. If you have attained this Achievement that way, if you choose, think further and organize a tribute to aid others if possible: Try to trade Dolls you can get from the Shooting Range in Westcliff by winning the Second Prize, against Dolls the other person receives that way, if it is not the same kind of Doll. Like that, you have done the best you could to help bringing different Dolls to the people! Of course, you may help others out, and keep that kind of trading up! That way, you will perhaps even gather all six different Dolls for your own inventory. That will feel fine! And if you managed in succeeding on that, you are always welcome to enter the opportunistic masterplan registry, which is found at the bottom of this Achievement Solution.

    3rd solution:
    a - demanded (prime): As I am as generous and polite as a person can be, you shall contact me. I am willing to trade items to get your Dolls collection complete, plus I can add your contact onto a list of people with the ability to assist another in the future. (1) You will need me or the person who applied to assist you to know, which one of the relevant Dolls it is, you can always claim as your Second Prize in the Shooting Range in Westcliff - at least one specimen of those shall be gifted to the assistant. (2) The person who assists you, needs to acknowledge which ones of the relevant Dolls you have hold onto, and about their quantity in your current possession. It is not guaranteed that the assistant currently has hold onto the Doll(s) you require in order to complete your Dolls collection. (3) When you choose this way, you are strongly encouraged to enter the opportunistic masterplan registry - therefore, you shall make your clear statement to the assistant upon your assistance request. (3-Positive) If the assistant is not me, then either you or the assistant needs to inform me about it along with revealing your Gamertag's name to me, and I will be able to update this Achievement Solution appropriately.
    b - last resort (simple): Alternatively, In the assistant's Fable II story, the assistant can cause an inventory change to initiate the unlock process for this Achievement, and possibly certain other locked Achievements which would be unlocked on your Xbox LIVE profile simultaneously and inevitably for you during cooperative play (and your friends/contacts) - the most easy way. Especially when you are helped by this way, you shall consider gifting relevant Dolls to the person who is assisting you - it helps to rise the social capabilities to assist the other coming in the future seeking for relative assistance, while especially making it easier because then more people can assist to get the corresponding Achievement unlocked for another - and also to divide the effort between each assistant who is registered in this Achievement Solution. In the case you do not possess any of the relevant Dolls, you should be encouraged to claim the one you can always get by winning the Second Prize in the Shooting Range in Westcliff. (4) Upon requesting assistance, let the assistant know about the relevant Dolls you can gift.

    Save your earnings towards Save Game data file: Save your Game progress once you have retrieved a gift from someone else, before you abandon the software runtime. You may also negate the negativity of a game progress lost, due to a surprising system crash that can occur - software or hardware based whatsoever - when saving Game progress soon enough.

    Additional information: The First Prize in the Shooting Range in Westcliff, the The Red Dragon (a fairly great Legendary Ranged Weapon), can only be claimed for once per playthrough - at least under normal circumstances of how the software is supposed to run. That means for you, that once you have gained that Legendary Weapon, you are aiming for less than 175 points of Score, but at least 150 points of Score, in order to get the Second Prize there. Keep track of your scoring during the First and Second Rounds, then make sure not to reach more than 174 points of Score. As for the other Prizes: Their rewards are commonly unimportant items, you can get a lot from here and there - you really do not have to aim for those scoring requirements at all. However, if you are finally, you may still just go for everything you can.

    Controls (rather secret): In cooperative play, indeed you can change the camera. This is done by pressing LB - where your Character is looking at, it will change to that direction (camera centering character relative view). You can indeed exit Y-aiming by simply pressing LT.

    About my personal assistance for Fable II gamers: If there is something I can help you with, you shall contact me. Whenever I assist someone, I am always delivering full assistance and carefulness in both terms of the person's wishes and any of that person's locked Achievements I am able to assist the other with in Fable II. Though it can happen and I would not act or respond right away, since a lot of people seek assistance in Fable II. Sometimes unfortunately I lose my track amongst all the people that require assistance in Fable II, but whenever that happens, I am giving my best to trace back about every possible person who is still in need. Negate possibility from such a happening in a worse case scenario, by first gathering information found in this Achievement Solution, and then by taking care about necessarily steps. You can also contact another relatively possible assistant instead of me. Make your engagement most stress free as possible, by providing vital information upon your assistance request - read through as much of this Achievement Solution of mine as needed in order to gain knowledge about, what is significant for you to know about, and for the assistant to come to know about. I personally would like to find out how far I would be able to further assist you with your Fable II success - thus (5-Positive) I require to come to know about, whether you have additional Fable II content licenses actively running on the Xbox 360 you will be using during gaming session, when you will be assisted by me. Also, please (5) make your general clear statement about how far - or if at all - I shall further assist you. Please do not hesitate to demand the further assistance I like to provide - the effort of the majority of necessary activities required for me, is generally extremely low. Only refuse my offer for (partial) additional assistance, if you desperately which to (continue to) work on some eligible Achievement's progresses on your own.

    Additional Game content data accessibility possibly required: Once the assistant is using Fable II Save Game data which includes access relativity to additional Fable II content, the person who is being intended to be assisted, requires to have the corresponding additional Game content(s) also usable in order to meet together in the assistant's Fable II Story - at least the license free version(s) may be of a necessity. Those are only needed once you engage in cooperative play, thus not required when trading items through Orb interaction, but a possible must when you are using Solution 3b and also if the assistant would further assist you to unlock other Fable II Achievements. Please be sure rather to claim the data possibly needed, than asking the assistant about what is definitely needed - minimizing the stress, is reason here.

    Contacting an assistant: Please give full information to the assisting person, so that this person is informed about everything that is required to know to provide an instant and stress free assistance - read through the Solution you have decided to use, and provide information to the assistant you will submit your assistance request to - (!) make clear statements and provide perfectly detailed information to the assistant by answering to all effectively relevant steps upon your assistance request: (1), (2), (3), (3-Positive), (4), (5), (5-Positive). Be aware of the fact, that messaging over Xbox LIVE also bears the negativity of disappearing messages due to several standards which are pretty bad, but can be better to form instant contacts since the gamer may be accessed while running a Xbox 360 over Xbox LIVE. It is wise to send the details the assistant requires to acknowledge, to the assistant by using this prime platform's messaging system, since the information will persist long enough and can be re-investigated by the assistant, rather than leaving you unassisted when your contact would fade. If a Friends link can be made between you and the assistant, then your contact will persist on the assistant's profile - the assistant can then easily check for any Achievements whose friends on this prime platform have claimed, or have not claimed (is displayed only sometimes) - a list is specifically indicated to the right of this Achievement Solution for an example, which provides relative social status information most easily accessed when needed to be acknowledged. The Xbox LIVE Friends List has a limitation of 100 entries. If necessarily, please choose another way to even expand your social needs of gamer contacts - consider this prime platform to suit your needs. If you had to register yourself on it, now is the good time - you can declare a referrer whom you find to be most appropriate.

    Opportunistic masterplan registry: People with the ability to assist another, concerning the The Dollcatcher Achievement, by serving with Solution 3b, can be mentioned here. The relevant Dolls they can always earn, plus information whether who has a Chicken Outfit, stand next their Gamertags:

    1. CyberneticHFX Reaver Doll/Chicken Outfit
    2. MVPxELIT3 v2
    3. Tetraconigo
    4. The Grond
    5. m8nocle Lucien Doll
    6. EmDeeGee Theresa Doll/Chicken Outfit
    7. deathdude5 Theresa Doll/Chicken Outfit
    8. Warrior4204 Hammer Doll/Chicken Outfit
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    CryOnThank you, Warrior4204, for the Dollcatcher achievement smile
    Posted by CryOn on 09 Apr 16 at 21:09
    DottyRoxy69I've only got the Garth Doll, need help since I suck so much at the shooting range :(
    Posted by DottyRoxy69 on 12 May 16 at 04:24
    CrystalsTwinI need someone with all dolls. Can you give a hand? Im a few from 100%
    Posted by CrystalsTwin on 19 Oct 17 at 17:28
  • Madlmax120Madlmax120165,953
    28 Oct 2008 23 Oct 2008 14 Sep 2009
    52 7 15
    There are 5 (Garth, Reaver, Hammer, Lucien and Theresa) but you can only unlock one in your game, so swapping them with friends is a necessity.

    You'll get your hero doll from the Shooting Gallery in Westcliffe which is the second prize; between 150 and 175 points.
    You can also get it from the online game or trading with friends.

    With the new DLC you can dig up the dolls and avoid people ripping you off and stealing them off you.
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    CyberneticHFXRelative Dolls are not to recover from any Dig Spot.
    Posted by CyberneticHFX on 01 Jul 11 at 09:53
    AspiringDoctorI would help with this achievement some more, but my character that had all the dolls is corrupted.

    Also: Yes, if you know someone who has all 6 then they can just sell one to a store and buy it back. Your achievement will unlock.
    Posted by AspiringDoctor on 05 Jul 11 at 06:54
    Jumble Key TreeI got 2 Theresa dolls from the same dig spots. I got the first when i did the doc and dig near the tree in front of the shadow court and then as i played through the story line i dug in the same place and got a second. So you can dig them up.
    Posted by Jumble Key Tree on 01 Aug 19 at 16:03
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