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Made in Fyrestone

Complete all missions in the Arid Badlands

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Achievement Guide for Made in Fyrestone

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    All missions are:

    Nine-toes Missions:

    Fresh Off The Bus - Guardian Angle
    The Doctor Is In - Dr. Zed
    Skags At The Gate - Dr. Zed
    Claptrap Rescue -Claptrap
    Fix’er Upper - Dr. Zed
    Blinding Nine-Toes - Dr. Zed
    Nine-Toes: Meet T.K Baha - Dr. Zed
    Nine-Toes: T.K’s Food - T.K. Baha
    Got Grenades? - T.K. Baha
    Nine-Toes: Take Him Down - T.K. Baha
    Nine-Toes: Time To Collect - T.K. Baha
    Job Hunting - Dr. Zed
    Sledge: Meet Shep - Dr. Zed

    Catch A Ride Missions (all Scooter):

    Bone Head’s Theft
    The Piss Wash Hurdle
    Return to Zed

    Quest's from Shep Sanders:

    Sledge: The Mine Key
    Sledge: To The Safe House
    Sledge: Battle For The Badlands
    *Claptrap Rescue: Sledges's Safe House
    Side Missions – Shep Sanders
    Get The Flock Outa Here
    Breaking Wind
    What Hit The Fan?

    T.K Baha Side Missions:

    T.K Has More Work
    T.K’S Life & Limb
    By The Seeds Of Your Pants

    Fyrestone Bounty Board:

    Circle Of Death: Meat & Greet (see Circle of Death)
    Get A Little Blood On The Tyres
    Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands
    Shock: Crystal Harvest
    *Claptrap rescue Lost Cave
    Scavenger: Sniper Rifle
    Scavenger: Combat Rifle
    The Legend Of Moe & Marley
    Find Bruce McClane
    Product Recall
    Insult To Injury
    Scheming Sabotage

    Skag Gully:

    Why Are They Here?

    Circle of Death:

    Circle Of Death: Round 1
    Circle Of Death: Round 2
    Circle Of Death: Final Round

    Please view this Wiki if you have missed any:

    *Claptrap missions:
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