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My Brother is an Italian Plumber

Kill an enemy plumber-style

My Brother is an Italian Plumber0
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Achievement Guide for My Brother is an Italian Plumber

  • Apache117XApache117X628,164
    04 Apr 2019 04 Apr 2019 04 Apr 2019
    24 0 0
    To get this achievement I would suggest heading back to Fyrestone. Go to the entrance and locate a pup skag. Kill any other skags and jump on the pup. It will take between 8-10 jumps as each jump does around 3-8 damage.

    You can weaken the skag first.

    It appears that your level does not impact the damage you cause by jumping on enemies.

  • s3bb86s3bb86356,009
    03 Apr 2019 03 Apr 2019
    8 0 0
    To get this Achievement, you have to kill an enemy by jumping on him. It is easiest with the smallest Skags right at the entrance of Fyrestone.

    Zed sends you on a mission early on to kill 5 of them. So go ahead and kill some until one is left alive and jump on them. It takes around 8 "hits" to kill a small skag from 100% health. You can also shoot them once, a critical hit will result on a one shot kill though.
  • Ac1dDrinksAc1dDrinks198,329
    06 Apr 2019 09 Apr 2019
    5 0 0
    To get this achievement all you have to do is jump on an enemies head and kill them. This can be done to anyone but easiest done to skags which can be found first by Fyrestone. You can weaken them then jump on their head or spend 5 minutes like i did trying to jump on one to kill it from start to finish

    18 Jul 2019 08 Aug 2019
    1 0 0
    Save an early pistol for this achievement. If you don't have a low-level pistol, return to the starting area on the first playthough. The chest on top of the gas station should have a level 1 or 2 pistol.

    Find a pack of level 5-ish skrags, shoot one a couple of times with the low-level pistol to reduce its health to single digits, then jump on that skrag. Jumping deals a small amount of damage. Kill the enemy with this damage to unlock the achievement.
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