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12 Days of Pandora

Master the technology of Pandora

12 Days of Pandora0
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  • Dibbs93Dibbs93419,792
    03 Apr 2019 03 Apr 2019 06 Apr 2019
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    For this achievement you need to do the in game challenge 12 days of pandora this consists of:

    12 kills with an assault rifle

    11 kills with a pistol

    10 kills with a shotgun

    9 kills with an SMG

    8 kills with a sniper rifle

    7 Melee kills - punching the skag pups near the starting town is probably the easiest way to do quickly

    6 critical hits - just go for headshots

    5 explosive kills - can be done with elemental gun or shooting explosive barrels near enemies

    4 shock kills - can be done with elemental gun or shooting shock barrels near enemies

    3 incendiary kills - can be done with elemental gun or shooting incendiary barrels near enemies

    2 corrosive kills- can be done with elemental gun or shooting corrosive barrels near enemies

    1 grenade kill

    Edit: Arador notes that if you import a character from the xbox 360 borderlands game which has already completed the in game challenge you will only need to do one of the above to unlock the achievement.
  • s3bb86s3bb86356,009
    04 Apr 2019 04 Apr 2019 04 Apr 2019
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    You need to complete the 12 days of pandora challenge to get this achievement. You can check your challenges and progress towards them by clicking cn_Y in the quest menu.

    You'll need:
    12 kills with assault rifles
    11 kills with pistols
    10 kills with shotguns
    9 kills with SMGs
    8 kills with sniper rifles
    7 kills by critical hits
    5 kills with explosions
    4 kills with shock damage
    3 kills with fire damage
    2 kills with acid damage
    1 kill with a grenade

    All the gun related kills are pretty straightforward and you'll see all the gun types before hitting level 10. A fire-type gun (the clipper) is acquired via the very first boss nine-toes. It also has a melee attachment, so it is ideal to punch some baby skags while equipped for the melee kills. Grenade and explosive kills are easiest with tossing a few grenades at baby skags outside of Fyrestone.

    Shock and acid guns are acquired later in the game, but the kills can be achieved with elemental barrels. Sledges safehouse needs to be visited around level 10 for the main story and has both barrel types and a rather close and tight environment, which makes killing enemies easy with them.
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