There's No "I" In "Team" achievement in Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition

There's No "I" In "Team"

Complete 15 missions in co-op

There's No I In Team0
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How to unlock the There's No "I" In "Team" achievement

  • Dibbs93Dibbs93846,907
    03 Apr 2019 03 Apr 2019
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    You can do this in splitscreen but you will need a spare account as you cannot log in as a guest,

    You can them either have the spare account logged in while you do quests (this will however make the enemies harder) or you can do quests single player but not hand them in, wait till you have a few quests to hand in then quit to the main menu log back in splitscreen and then hand the quest in and keep doing this until the achievement pops

    One way is to start

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    Grape VansThis is just a strategy in itself to complete the game as fast as possible. If you think about it, the second controller can just stay by the fast travel station while you go deep into the map saving you the dreaded walk all the way back. Virtual walking is tiresome. Of course this is if you can deal with split screening for 25+ hours.
    Posted by Grape Vans on 14 Oct 19 at 23:08
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  • Pedle ZelnipPedle Zelnip856,658
    07 Apr 2019 07 Apr 2019
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    If you have imported your character from the Xbox 360 version, and have completed this achievement in that version of the game, then you can unlock this fairly quickly in local splitscreen.

    Import your character. Now fire up a 2nd controller, and sign in another account (no guests allowed). Make sure that 2nd controller is the host, and do local splitscreen. Add your main profile as the 2nd player.

    Start the game.

    Once you land in the world, if your imported character is super high level (mine was a 69 Soldier), you'll get a message about being to far ahead in the story. That's fine.

    Now just rip through the opening part of the game and once you finish the Fresh Off The Bus mission, this achievement should pop for your main profile.
  • TrimblerTrimbler498,511
    15 Apr 2019 15 Apr 2019
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    I used a combination of Dibbs93 and Pedle Zelnip solutions: used a second profile and just ran through the start of a new game.

    I have a second profile (PlayerTwo) created on my console specifically for games like this: ones that don't allow a "guest" account to allow you to earn a co-op achievement. I loaded that up and started a brand new game.

    The first 13 quests are doled out one at a time, so you'll likely get them in this order:
    - Fresh Off The Bus
    - The Doctor Is In
    - Claptrap Rescue
    - Skags At The Gate
    - Fix'er Upper
    - Blinding Nine-Toes
    - Nine-Toes: Meet T.K. Baha
    - Nine-Toes: T.K.'s Food
    - Got Grenade?
    - Nine-Toes: Take Him Down
    - Nine-Toes: Time To Collect
    - Job Hunting
    - T.K. Has More Work

    T.K. will then give you two quests, both of which are fairly challenging if you're around the level I was (Lvl 5-6):
    - T.K.'s Life and Limb
    - By The Seeds Of Your Pants

    As you leave T.K.'s house, Scooter gives you another simple quest:
    - Catch-A-Ride

    Accomplishing that will give you 14 completed quests and another challenging one:
    - Bone Head's Theft

    Proceed to Skag Gully toward either of T.K.'s quests and just after you enter the zone and pass the vending machines (before you go under the stone archway), there's a glowing, green recorder on the left signifying another quest:
    - Why Are They Here?

    This is fairy straight forward but you have to kill a lot of skags … but you'll have to do that for any of the quests in this area. The quest requires you to collect two recordings and, once you complete that, you can turn it in at the Fyrestone Bounty Board for your 15th achievement.

    To make this even faster, I left my second character just hanging around Zed (quickly in reach of the vending machine for grenades, or either Zed or the Bounty Board for turning quests in); in Skag Gully I left the second character just inside the zone so I could easily leave back to the Arid Badlands. The character was never attacked in either of these locations.

    Immediately after turning in Why Are They Here at the Bounty Board, the achievement popped for both accounts.
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