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Fully Loaded

Rescue enough Claptraps to earn 42 inventory slots

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    Also here is a video guide

    Original guide by Our Afflictions

    It may be important to note, you must apply the backpack upgrades manually to unlock this.

    Sledges Safehouse

    He is hard to miss, fighting your way through the safe house, he is in the North West part of the map, right near some rubble, and close to a stairwell, listen for his moaning.

    His repair kit is above you, when you are standing on the waypoint.

    Lost Cave

    The Claptrap in the lost cave is at the point where there is a T intersection where the bandit outpost area is. (looking at the outpost as you enter) Where one path (left) leads to a dead end and the other path (right) leads to the spiral area.

    The repair box is up the hill (following the rail tracks up and around) and just behind the second or third building in some pipes.

    New Haven

    In town, right next to the bounty board. Self explanatory.

    Crazy Earl's Scrapyard

    When you enter the zone, take your left at the T (the maps right)
    Fight your way through bandits and you will see him amongst the camps.

    The repair kit is easy as well, just jump on the washing machine to get onto the platform, kill the bandits, and grab the kit.

    Krom's Canyon

    When you enter the zone, go right. Let the game lead you to it from there on, if you really can't find him, he is (from the perspective of the right side of the map being the only part of the map for this discussion) at the North West part of that Canyon.

    His kit is a few jumps away, just keep following the path.

    Tetanus Warrens

    North of where you started, before you get to the fork in the road, on the left side. The repair kit is farther north, staying left, above some metal structures in the first corner, farthest North West.

    Trash Coast

    When you first enter, turn right and look at your map, you will see a fork in the road, go left then make your first right, the claptrap is in the middle of a bandit encampment right next to where a bunch of lava crab worms are.

    If you find the shack on the ocean, its stright west of that and a little south.

    Almost right in the middle of the SOUTHERN potion of the map..

    The repair kit is on top of the pipe where the diamond leads. Follow it back to the trash pile, climb onto the pipe, and retrieve it.

    Old Haven

    He doesn't spawn, until you have completed the quest to save the claptrap from the cage. Once you have that quest enter the zone, and take the first right, and follow that street, as if you were heading towards the base of troopers that had/s the two turrets. He will be in a house...thing on your left, before you turn the corner to head towards that base.

    His kit is on the rooftops.

    Salt Flats

    When you enter the zone, b-line for the huge piece of saw machinery. Once you enter its "area" (from the right side), take your first right, and you can't miss him.

    Crimson Fastness

    You kind of run into him, he will be next to like 5 of his dead buddies.
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    You need to do the optional Claptrap Rescue missions to earn these. The one in Fyrestone doesn't count. There are 10 backpack upgrades (SDUs) in the main story and three more in the DLCs (not Moxxi). Each SDU grants 3 additional backpack slots.

    I found that these were NOT found in playthrough 2. You have to run through (or back through) playthrough 1 in order to find all of them.

    There are 13 SDUs. You need 10. I cannot confirm right now whether the 3 in the DLCs count toward the 10.

    The locations show up as an exclamation point on your map. All of these locations are along story missions, so you will likely stumble across these as you go. The 10 locations where these are located are:

    Safe House
    The Lost Cave
    New Haven
    Tetanus Warren
    Earl's Scrapyard
    Krom's Canyon
    Trash Coast
    Old Haven
    The Salt Flats
    Crimson Fastness

    The DLC locations are:
    Lumber Yard (at Jakobs Cove)
    Lockdown Palace (in the Sunken Sea, accessible by traveling to T-Bone Junction and then through The Ridgeway)
    Tartarus Station
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