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Complete the "Braaaaaaaaaaaaains!" mission

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Achievement Guide for Braaaaaaaaaaaaains!

  • GuyPandemoniumGuyPandemonium345,052
    06 Apr 2019 08 Apr 2019 08 Apr 2019
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    Hey fellow hunters, in order to obtain this achievement you need to go the Zombie DLC at Jakobs Cove. Once there, proceed to Hallow's End. (My Current Position on the map)
    External image

    Once in Hallow's End proceed to the beacon I have placed down and DO NOT PICK UP any brains until after the mission starts this will save time as they do not de-spawn.
    External image

    Once you are in the area you will see a Fyrestone Sign on a building, head towards this building. The questline will start right after a short cinematic.
    The quest itself has multiple stages in which you will have to collect brains.
    The number collected goes from 10 -> 25 -> 50 -> 100 -> 250. You will have to collect a total of 435 brains so I strongly urge to do side missions whilst doing this in the background.

    For stage 1 and 2, I would recommend finishing those why you are there.
    For 50 Brains, I would recommend going back to Jacobs Cove and cleaning the area while doing other side missions.
    For 100 Brains I recommend going to Generally Hospital then back to Hallow's End.
    For 250 Brains, I strongly urge going to the lumber yard as you can normally get 100+ brains here. Once you get to the part where it turns into another enemy type, either exit the game and repeat the grind in lumber yard then heading towards Hallow's End or turning around and heading to another area.
  • TrimblerTrimbler351,574
    18 Apr 2019 17 Apr 2019 17 Apr 2019
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    Can't comment on the solution by @GuyPandemonium in the above for locations but his map is good … but by "proceed to the beacon I placed" he means "go to the location of the cursor", which is the small, solid yellow cursor arrow in the bottom left … not the starburst yellow shape in the center.

    The only thing I can mention, and it's pretty important is that you get brains from enemies by making headshots. I feel stupid for missing this earlier in the game but I'd plow down dozens of zombies and pick up a few brains and look for more. Once I made the connection, getting 50 in any map was simple.

    Suggestions for weapons are scoped revolvers (they tend to pack enough kick to kill in one shot) and sniper rifles. Revolvers are generally faster so ones with a scope (or high accuracy if you're confident with iron sights) and high capacity mags are good bets.
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