What a party! achievement in Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition

What a party!

Collect 3 panties, 5 fish in a bag, and 15 pizzas

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How to unlock the What a party! achievement

  • Dylan172Dylan172262,989
    30 Jun 2019 30 Jun 2019
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    This and the achievements:
    ”The Lubricator”
    ”It’s so realistic”
    are all for collecting random drops from killing claptraps.

    The quickest way to farm kills is to go to the final boss of Tartarus Station and shoot the claptraps that come out of the MINAC as they’re coming out. You can shoot the turrets first as they can be a pain.

    Should take you a couple hours as the drop rates are incredibly low (especially for pizza), but keep at it and you’ll get it eventually.

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    Blackdog35It took me about 7 hours farming(non passive) the boss to get this achievement along with the bobble head and oil can one. What a pain! I found pizza to be the rarest then bobble heads.
    Posted by Blackdog35 on 26 Jan 20 at 20:38
    Darkness727420I'm not sure but I think the drop rates are even lower than the 360 version. When I did this on the 360, I idled for 8-9 hours and got all the collection achievements except for this one. In the time idiling I only got maybe 4-5 pizzas. Where as on the 360 version, I got them all in one go.

    I've picked up about 7-8 pizzas in total, hopefully I can finish it off when I idle again.
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 05 Jun 20 at 19:10
    HoggyBear08Gonna throw it out there but i'm taking a semi-passive approach to this.

    I've removed all of the turrets from MINAC and as you enter the battle area on the left are a bunch of rocks and if you go in the middle of them and park up against the largest one you're essentially invulnerable to attacks.

    Now this can get pretty boring, but you can see where the claptraps come out from MINAC at each point from here so you can shoot and use cover or if you get bored just run and hide and go away for a bit. Taking the turrets out helps as it'll allow you to run around and collect the parts without having to kill off MINAC.

    Edit: It seems when he's in the middle the doors don't open and no claptraps come out so i just hide behind the rock for that, but for most other positions where MINAC's doors open if you're on top of that rock you can usually scope in for the ramp and his giant laser shots will get blocked by the rocks ahead of you. When he's next to me i just take the hits (I'm soldier so kills regen health&shield for me). My plans to actively farm until i go to bed and then just leave it to the morning, i'll try follow up to which achievements i unlock 3D glasses i got during the dlc missions though although i've picked up enough in 20-30 mins for it to pop.

    Hope ya'll make this boring af grind quick & easy.
    Posted by HoggyBear08 on 14 Feb 21 at 01:41
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  • ImBeauieImBeauie497,396
    25 Sep 2020 25 Sep 2020 25 Sep 2020
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    Hello everyone
    This is just a guide for the collectibles in Borderlands GOTY edition (Panties, Fish in a bag, Pizza, Bobbleheads, Oil cans and 3D Glasses) which I noticed that the guide wasn’t really up to date/efficient as it could be. I spent 30 minutes doing this farming strategy and received (I know that its RNG but just citing what I got) 11 Pairs of Pink Panties, 12 Fish in a bag, 7 Slices of Pizza, 4 Bobbleheads, 9 Oil cans and 11 pairs of 3D Glasses.

    The strategy is farming Minac but its more refined (still active farming), it requires you to have a shotgun that regens ammo plus another shotgun of your choice (I chose a SES shotgun (ZPR630.3 Fatal Crux) due to its larger mag size, high fire rate and its legendary ability) but you could use any gun also as it has a high damage per hit plus high fire rate. Also I had the shotgun skill maxed at 50 for increased damage, faster reload speed and higher rate of fire.

    What to do:
    Select the character you want to play as (I was a siren spec’d with Girl power (regens shields after a kill), Phoenix (Killing an enemy causes you to do fire damage and not make your shots count (25% chance to save ammo)), Quicksilver (increased fire rate), Slayer (critical damage), Enforcer (increased accuracy and bullet damage after a kill) and high velocity (increase bullet damage and bullet velocity) and select play through 1. Afterwards run through Wayward Pass and get to the final boss fight. Once you reach the boss destroy all of the turrets (3 on each side, 2 on the back and 1 missile turret on the front) and proceed to farm the claptraps coming from the front of Minac. I just swapped between my SES shotgun and my ammo regen shotgun when needed.

    After a fair amount of time you should be able to get all the collectibles using this strategy.

    This is my first guide so if theres anything I missed or left out or you have a way to refine it more and use mine as a template, please feel free to comment.
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