Handyman achievement in World War Z


Open and buy all perks in game

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How to unlock the Handyman achievement

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    Open and buy all perks in game

    Campaign Classes

    1. Gunslinger
    2. Hellraiser
    3. Medic
    4. Fixer
    5. Slasher
    6. Exterminator

    There are 6 classes as shown above which you are required to rank up to Level 30, so that you unlock all 30 perks to purchase with in game credits.

    Each class is set out in the same order and cost per perk ranging from 150 to 1000, there are different perks at different costs. Below Fixer Class all perks unlocked and best set up.
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    First red perk - unlocked
    First bank of 9 - 150 credits
    Red perk - 250 credits
    Second bank of 9 250 - 500 credits
    Red perk - 500 credits
    Third bank of 9 - 500 - 1000 credits
    Final ref perk - 1000 credits

    Online Classes

    1. Survivor
    2. Trapper
    3. Specialist
    4. Warfighter
    5. Phantom
    6. Demolisher
    7. Striker
    8. Support
    9. Assassin
    10. Shadow

    There are 10 classes as shown above which you are required to rank up to Level 13, so that you unlock all 12 perks to purchase with in game credits.

    Each class is set out in the same order and cost per perk ranging from 150 to 1000, there are different perks at different costs:


    2 Red perks - unlocked
    2 Grey perks - 250 credits
    1 Red perk - 250 credits
    2 Grey perks - 250 credits
    1 Red perk - 250 credits
    2 Grey perks - 500 credits
    1 Red perk - 500 credits
    2 Grey perks - 500 credits
    Final red perk - 500 credits

    Below is an example of set up and cost of credits:

    External image

    External image

    External image
    Additional Tips

    Campaign Class Rank Up & Credits

    You will naturally earn credits if you are going for the 1000g on this game, however, not anywhere enough unfortunately.

    So you will need to grind out credits as follows:

    **Game Update**

    Extreme difficulty has been added and insane difficulty has lowered credit reward to 150.

    So from main menu do the following:

    Co-op Campaign
    Online (Private)
    Press cn_X select Extreme (5 Red Skulls) reward 250 credits
    Episode 3: Moscow
    A Sign from Above
    Class (Fixer lvl 30 preferred, equip Masking Nades & The Big Five 0)

    Load in and head forward turn left and into the museum and then straight to the safe room, use access panel holding cn_X (due to update shutters removed so enemies can enter area). Clearing zombies with suppressed weapons head shots on hazmat zombies.

    Now make your way up stairs use second access panel holding cn_X then take out a few zombies, now pop your masking grenade with cn_LB and sprint through to last area with final access panel hold cn_X enter door.

    Now equip your special weapon by holding cn_Y aim at ground and kill you and team.

    Match over 250 credits plus your xp, rinse and repeat. Once you get used to method it will be easier and faster.

    MP Rank up

    There are 5 maps to play on in mp which are selected randomly:

    1. Hospital
    External image
    2. Camp Humphreys
    External image
    3. Old Museum
    External image
    4. General State Mall
    External image
    5. Railway Station
    External image
    Personally I thought Swarm Domination was the easiest method 500 xp for a loss and 1000 xp & a 500 xp for a win.

    These games can be won or lost very quickly if get a good or bad team, communication is the key when playing.

    As soon as you have purchased your last perk, Pop achievement unlocked


    Happy Hunting

    *Best of luck if unsure or need help please don’t hesitate to message as I know this is a total grind* toast

    Thanks for the positive FB, if you feel the need to negative FB please make comments so I can update guide for other gamers thanks in advance!!!

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    FEAR EPIDEMICYou shouldn't need those.
    Posted by FEAR EPIDEMIC on 01 Jul at 08:24
    AlyssiyaAnother campaign class called "Dronemaster" has been added in the newest update.
    Posted by Alyssiya yesterday at 19:38
    IMKevin117You have to be kidding me. They just added a Dronemaster class. Do I need that too? I was so close to beating this one.
    Posted by IMKevin117 today at 09:54
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    Suicide boosting

    Juresalem - Chapter 2

    Play on Extreme. Use whichever character you need to rank up. Run to the first gate, and wait for the Doctor to get there. You can make it quicker by going down once before but becareful since you only earn supplies if the doctor makes it to the gate. As soon as the doctor arrives at the gate, you can kill yourself. (If you go down twice BEFORE the doctor gets there, you get nothing.) If you don't have a class which can kill themselves, open the gate and run to a zombie, he will do it for you.

    When you die, you will receive 100 credits and 350XP for your character. I was able to get this down to almost a minute including loading times.

    Expanded method for Weapon Boosting

    If you also want to work on guns while you are doing this, MOST (but not all) guns will eventually be available on this area. Don't die, go through the gate, get the gun you want and run over to the far left side. From that point you can get a lot of progress towards your gun's XP with a clear sight on 3 zeke towers. Get as much XP as you can before you or the doctor are killed.
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    Typeonegativ71Yep, works for me on 8/20/19. 350xp and 100 credits. Using this to level starting weapons as well.
    Posted by Typeonegativ71 on 20 Aug 19 at 18:21
    Chris HirschyNo doubt, this method works, too.
    But depended on loading times; I guess, that this method is only useful when using a Xbox One X.

    I tried this method several times with my "one S" and the loading screens made me insane.
    Posted by Chris Hirschy on 30 Nov 19 at 18:29
    EPSILON 616Just an FYI: I run this method with the game installed on an SSD drive and playing Offline. This cuts time down and makes it where the game doesn't take as long. I also have an Xbox One X. This method is great to use if you are apart of Xcloud as it doesn't require alot even over a crappy connection and has better load times than consoles.

    Some notes about the Method:
    First off, XP and credits for this method are pretty close and level meaning you will be able to purchase a rank every time you level up if you don't spend the supply points elsewhere.

    The most efficient classes if your just running for supply points are Hellraiser and Exterminator. Gunslinger isn't bad either as you can use your grenade to wipe yourself after you go down. Hellraiser and Exterminator both have access to explosives early. The Hellraiser is the best, but make sure you don't invest in points to skill nodes that grant immunity. The Hellraiser also gains a perk that makes them less likely to slow down while passing zombies. When playing as different classes, look for perks that give you shotguns. These make team wipes easier as its a one hit KO.

    There are a few cues to insure you can wipe and get your Points and XP. First you'll hear the gate close when Greengold is in position (You can't be down or the gate won't close) and second, you'll notice your AI teammates "Stacking up" on you. Lastly, You'll get the prompt to open the gate.

    If you are playing one of the harder classes to kill yourself (Medic, Fixer, Slasher), Its best to try and go down at the gate. Almost always a Lurker spawns here behind the forklift or on the opposite side behind some boxes. The AI or your character usually comments on its spawning. Either way, you'll want to run and pull as many Zombies from the start to the gate to go kill yourself. Don't stop running and you'll pull everyone in the area that has spawned. If you go down on the bridge, take it slow to the gate and watch out for the Lurker. Once you get revived, Open the gate and look right. If you see a swarm of Zombies standing run to them to wipe. If they are all on the ground, turn left past the ammo box, and into the alcove with the breach door. If you didn't get a lurker to spawn earlier by the gate, there will almost always be one there.

    The biggest hangup of this method is glitches. I've had Greengold lag behind me taking up too much time pushing it closer to a minute. I've also had my teammates open the gate so I couldn't cue the horde sequence properly.

    When the mission is over the and summary screen slashes, spam "A" to ready up quicker.

    Despite your advice, I wouldn't level guns here for a few reasons. Gun XP on Extreme is the same as easy. You won't get any Tier 3 weapons (except the crossbow) without a breach charge and a lot of luck. Its best to run a mission on Easy and just camp the zombie towers. Its safer and much more reliable. It wouldn't be bad to use and level your second as the requirement XP is much lower. I like to run Moscow Level 3: Battle of Nerves as its really the safest level with the auto turrets and chances for weapon spawns.
    Posted by EPSILON 616 on 08 May at 23:13
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