Well, what did you achieve? achievement in World War Z

Well, what did you achieve?

Finish all episodes on insane difficulty

Well, what did you achieve?+0.1
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How to unlock the Well, what did you achieve? achievement

  • XBox Assassin83XBox Assassin83585,108
    19 May 2019 31 Oct 2019 21 Nov 2019
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    October 30th 2019.

    This Achievement can now be easily obtained in Private Lobbies with the Light Waves, Die Hard, and Cannon Fodder (No Special Zombies) Mutators Turned On. I can confirm this works and can be done with little as 2 people.

    ***This update added 2 new missions bringing the Total Missions required to unlock this achievement to 14.***

    I'd also recommend using the Heavy Hitters, and Looter Mutators as these add regeneration to your Gear (Stim, Masking Grenades, etc) and increases the Heavy Weapons found.


    If you clear all 14 missions on Insane and the achievement doesn't unlock, simply restart your game and the problem will resolve itself.

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    Mad etherlooking for group to get this msg me
    Posted by Mad ether on 19 Jul 20 at 10:55
    J The AltruistNeed this
    Gt: J The Altruist
    Posted by J The Altruist on 08 Aug 20 at 14:25
    IPriiDe XLooking for bodies for this achievement, add me ipriide x and send a message.
    Posted by IPriiDe X on 26 Oct 20 at 02:12
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  • El Cuervo SlashEl Cuervo Slash689,831
    08 May 2019 09 May 2019 09 May 2019
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    Some tips and interesting facts about this achievement:

    -Unlike Left 4 Dead, you don't need to be alive when survivors escape. If you are dead and your team escape, it counts to you too.

    -You can join a game that it's already started. Is not necessary to start the game from the lobby.

    -An obvious tip: try to play with people you can communicate with. If you play with random people, even though it's possible to pass the game, you will probably fail. I did in in a party with my brother playing with 2 cool french guys that were in their own party. But we were sending each other some messages some times. If you play in pairs, like I did,but cooperating the 4 of you, the game can be pretty easy.

    -When people are shooting in a closed place, if you are in the front line, always coach down to let the people behind you to shoot and to avoid friendly fire (which can be deadly in insane).

    -About classes. 2 medics and 2 fixers at level 30 should me more than enough. The perks to use are very subjetive, each one could prefer different perks, but if you want to know the ones we used, let me know. Obviously, use the class wisely. First aid kits should be always for medics and things like that. This is one of the biggest problems playing with random people.

    -Stealth / Speed run. Use silencers to pass through some level parts, it makes some parts way easier. Other option is to use fixers grenade to became undetectable for a while and be able to pass parts in just seconds.

    - Defending objetives. One of the worst thing playing online with random people is that they tend to forget about objetives and they only focus to stay alive. There is no sense on staying alive if zombies will take the objetive. In extreme situations, give your own life (or deffend it with masked effect) to deffend the objetive. If that makes you to pass the chapter, it's worth it (remember that you don't need to be alive). But if the 4 survivors play good, this is not neccesary.

    -About weapons, you can use the one you prefer. Bit be sure you got the highest version of it. And try to avoid melee combat as much as you can.

    -Don't be impulsive or impatient. Stay calm and move slowly.

    -Learn where special zombies respawn. After some games played, you can learn it and it can be very useful.

    The more difficult chapters for me were the second one of Moscow, the first and second one of Jerusalem and the first one of Tokyo. But after some attempts you start doing it better until you finally pass the chapter.
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    SNAKBYTWith the newest update today that add mutators - does anyone know if a private lobby with mutators will count towards clearing the Insane missions? Does it have to be public and with actual players or private lobby with bots and mutators will work for example?
    Posted by SNAKBYT on 29 Oct 19 at 18:02
    Trist and SeaYes it will unlock on Extreme. With the new update, the description has changed to “insane or extreme”. And the insane difficulty is now easier...
    Posted by Trist and Sea on 30 Oct 19 at 01:28
    RamsaayI completed all missions on insane a few weeks ago, achievement still hasn’t popped. I contacted the developers and they said they’re looking into it. My tracker on Xbox is at 0% too.
    Posted by Ramsaay on 15 Jan 20 at 20:38
  • iM3RKxYOUxiM3RKxYOUx358,683
    17 Jan 2020 15 Feb 2020 15 Feb 2020
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    I've added all of my videos to this solution which are without mutators and on Extreme difficulty. Good luck and I hope my videos help you.

    In short you have to complete every level in the game on insane difficulty whether you go solo (not recommended) with bots or online with other players. You can also play private matches with friends rather than public and it still counts however you cannot use MUTATORS.
    This will void your tally for completing it but you will still get the full amount of coins dependant on the mutators you use, just not the completion of the level.
    You dont have be alive at the end for it to count just as long as someone survives and finishes it.

    The game will track which levels you've done with the red skulls under each levels picture.

    I highly recommend playing through the story a couple of times so you get an idea of what the levels are about and where to go. Then focus on ranking up your classes to 30. The fixer, medic, exterminator and hellraiser are the best classes I think but everyone plays better in their own unique classes so give them all a try and find which one you prefer. Also any weapons you like using its worth grinding the kills to get the max upgrade for each weapon. The advanced smg, assault carbine and shotgun are by far my favourite weapons and cause carnage when upgraded fully.

    Stick together, play stealthily and above all
    In my Moscow 1 and 2 videos one of my pals was using an unsilenced weapon throughout and we got pretty much endless hordes, we thought it was a bug but it was only after we finished both levels he was like oops XD

    The classes all have their own unique perks, the medic is handy for stims, healing properties and having masking on stim.

    The exterminator is great for crowd control especially with the RPG, also you get a 20% chance of getting a duplicate defense kits which is a life saver on finalies.

    The fixer can start with a breach and use masking grenades.

    The hellraiser is great for claymores, can also start with a breach and a beasty MGL also their explosive perks are awesome.

    Special infected:

    Lurker/hider - listen out for these buggers they make a very distinctive noise kind of like a gurgling sound when they're nearby so check your corners when proceeding. All specials pretty much have random spawns but the lurker sometimes turns up in similar spots.

    Infecter - easy to take care of just try to strafe to dodge her spit and aim for the head, as soon as she goes down on her knees go for the melee to instakill.

    Bull - when he charges, sprint to the left or right or if there are any large obstacles try to run behind them, sometimes he runs straight around corners so keep that in mind. His weak spot is his back so once he's charged go for the melee or shoot either way.

    Gasbag - easy to take care of just aim for the head and watch out for the radioactive cloud, if it blocks your way just wait for it to dissipate.

    Bomber - not much to say for this one really just listen for the ticking sound and when you see him shoot. If he gets too close you can melee him to knock him back.
    Also if your brave you can shoot him in the legs and melee him on the floor this will give you random loot. Risky though.

    New York:

    Tunnel vision

    Hell and high water

    Dead in the water

    This is unbelievably easier on insane as you only actually need to turn on one electrical grid in the finalie and it's pretty much over. On extreme you have to do 3!!
    Anywho I think this has to be one of the hardest levels in the game due to the finalie.

    If you want, you can pretty much run through the first part to the first safe room but make good use of masking grenades.

    The second part on the bridge you just have to watch out for claymores and make sure you pick off any z's before they spot you. If you get through sneakily and jump down you can pretty much run to the elevator too. In the car park you'll either get claymores or auto turrets so beware.

    If you trigger the swarm on the bridge pop a masking and run. Once at the car park go into the room on your right when you reach the bottom of the ramp and close yourself in. As long as you dont let too many zombies push the door for too long it won't burst open so you can easily pick off the horde. Just beware infecter can spit at you.

    Right the hardest part. Basically you have to defend 3 parts of the hospital - the front, left and right wards and potentially a 4th which is by the cliffs.

    I recommend putting an auto turret in each ward one on the left and one on the right. If you manage to get a 3rd put it in front of the main hospital doors. When playing this level I normally have one person in the left ward by the auto turret and same in the right. The other two stay on the top left upstairs in the room with the hospital beds overlooking the outside. Preferably one of them with the flaregun.

    If you get in trouble up there you can double back to the left or right ward with the autoturrets.

    I recommend having subtitles on as once you've defended you get told over the radio that you need to restore power to the electrical grid in a certain area which can be one of 3 places, the morgue, upstairs in the left side of the hospital or downstairs also on the left side of the hospital.

    It's best to save a masking grenade or stim shot so you and any comrades still alive can together make a break for the button as the swarm will just keep coming until the grid is turned back on.

    After you pull the switch its either the end of the level and you have to go back to the the front of the hospital or you have to make a break for the cliff entrance and defend for the last time.

    Luckily on insane it will show you where you have to go so you know which buttons to press etc.

    Brain surgery

    Dead Sea stroll

    Tech support

    A sign from above

    Key to the city


    Battle of nerves

    Setting sun

    Final call

    Cruise control

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    Sneaky G WizardSo this isn't obtainable any longer?
    Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 16 Jul 20 at 08:20
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