Walking bank achievement in World War Z

Walking bank

Gather 200 resources during single match in scavenge raid mode

Walking bank+0.4
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How to unlock the Walking bank achievement

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    There are boxes all over the map marked on your radar as a white icon. Every one you collect is worth 10 resources; however, death will cause you to drop half your resources on the ground for enemies to pick up. The achievement will pop as soon as you have at least 200 resources. No need to end the game with that many.

    As far as strategy goes, I would recommend spending the early parts of the game collecting as many of the 10 value boxes on the ground to try to populate the map with as large of a number of resources as possible. Keep doing this until there are 3 minutes left. When the game warns you there are three minutes left---then you should try to kill as many of the other players on the other team as possible to get all their resources in an effort to climb to over 200.

    EDIT: As pointed out by others in the comments --- sometimes the achievement does not unlock after satisfying all the requirements. Try closing and restarting the game and that has appeared to work for some.
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    Acurate BobThis popped for me as soon as I hit the 200 mark.
    Played it safe, ran like mental at the start and grabbed a few boxes, then watched a box to bait a kill.
    Worked a few times. Had around 250 before the match ended.
    Posted by Acurate Bob on 09 May 19 at 09:13
    I deFacto IMy achievement popped as soon as i reached about 189 resources. Up to that point i was able to not get killed once in that match. Killed about 4-5 people and scavaneged their boxes and then got killed shortly afterwards. After that i exceeded the 200 points in that round, although it wasn't really necessary at that point. I got from around 130 resources to 189 and most of my killing happend in the last 2 minutes or so, if that is anything to do or help with this achievement...

    For me i cannot confirm that you lose half your resources because when i got killed i only lost about 50 resources when carrying around 189, as far as i remeber. Maybe the developers changed it recently? Also the drops from killed opponents were very different. Sometimes they didn't drop anything, sometimes there was only 1-2 resources in a box and sometimes a bit more. Don't know if that was just coincidence in that round.

    Strategy wise i'd recommend keeping away from enemys by checking your radar and circle behind your teammates or run off to unpopulated areas of the map. Keep away from zombie hordes as well. Works better on larger maps and maybe not too many players in the game i guess.
    Posted by I deFacto I on 24 May 19 at 09:41
    Maaarc15Popped for me as soon as I hit the 200 mark. Just keep back and try not to fight that much. Just collect the boxes.
    Posted by Maaarc15 on 13 Oct 19 at 00:29
    ZoZombifyThis was actually really easy! I got it on my second try
    Posted by ZoZombify on 17 Oct 19 at 16:44
    Hitman DarknessI got 212 and Nothing this game is a SHIT SHOW!!
    Posted by Hitman Darkness on 09 Mar at 16:21
    Hitman DarknessNow over 300 NOTHING!
    Posted by Hitman Darkness on 09 Mar at 18:09
    Hitman DarknessDoes it have to be a FULL game because I have 3v2 then 4v2
    Posted by Hitman Darkness on 09 Mar at 18:11
    Hitman DarknessNever mind I restated my game and when I loaded it back up both achievements popped wtf lol
    Posted by Hitman Darkness on 09 Mar at 18:12
    Zhao86Is this boostable? I cant even find a game anymore so assume so. Message me if anyone interested.
    Posted by Zhao86 on 14 Jun at 19:12
    SpaceTikYTI got this on my first time playing with about 183 points i don’t really know why it was 17 less but just collect supply boxes and only kill players if you really have to, you could try sneak to the other side but be careful. Hope this helps (this is my first comment ever)
    Posted by SpaceTikYT on 05 Jul at 20:27
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