Madman achievement in World War Z


Finish 100 games in PvE

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How to unlock the Madman achievement

  • A 2rue BooferA 2rue Boofer216,197
    28 May 2019 28 May 2019 28 May 2019
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    This achievement requires you to complete 100 chapters in either Offline/ Online Co-op Campaign, or a combination of the two.

    I would suggest going for this achievement AFTER you have unlocked all of the other achievements minus "Handyman".

    *Note you do not need to complete a full episode to get credit towards this achievement; however, you MUST be present at the end of the chapter in order to credit. This means if you join a game in progress and complete it, you will still get progress.

    With the above not, I used this to my advantage. After obtaining all of the other achievements, I still needed 35-40 games in order to wrap up this achievement. If you'd prefer to grind this by yourself I will provide a guide for that as well.

    New York: Hell or High Water.

    I found this mission to be the fastest as you can run past the first few sections without much hassle. Since you will most likely still need credits, I would suggest doing this on Hard as it really is not that hard at all. I personally preferred to play as either the Medic or Fixer class as they have great perks to help evade zombies.


    I decided I didn't want to grind this solo as it gets rather boring, so I decided to see if I could speed this up.. What I did was used the Co-op Online Quick play feature to find games in progress as well as searching for New York: Hell or High Water on Hard for games in progress. I was able to consistently find games that were at the first defense section or farther which greatly reduced the amount of time I needed to play the each mission.. Out of the 40 chapters I needed, about 8 of them I joined were at the final defense section. At the time of writing this the online co-op is still very active meaning there are a lot of games running (May 2019).

    You will be able to tell if a game is in progress as when you join a game lobby in the Online Co-op feature, as it will say on the bottom right of the screen that the game is in progress, and once you ready up, it'll put you in the game.

    If you have any other tips and tricks you think I could add, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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    HUNTING WARRI0RI had the same issue where it would be stuck at 46% and wouldn't go up and I played an extra 10 games and the progress didn't go up so I hard reset my console and the progress updated to 56% so not sure if it has to do with the servers or if you have to hard reset your console but if you dont know how to hard reset your console hold the power button on your console till it shuts off and it will start back up dont worry all of your games will still be there.
    Posted by HUNTING WARRI0R on 03 Sep 19 at 18:09
    ExactBananasI occasionally had the issue where it wasn't updating the score, but simply quitting the game and restarting seemed to reset the count and it added any missing games to the score.
    Posted by ExactBananas on 04 Nov 19 at 16:56
    SpaceWrekHmm, i have tried every solution now but im still stuck at 66%.
    Posted by SpaceWrek yesterday at 18:30
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  • Chris HirschyChris Hirschy746,618
    24 Nov 2019 30 Nov 2019 01 Dec 2019
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    this is a method for boosting handyman, money for madman and ranking up offline characters
    I describe a method for 4 people, but it works similiar for 3 people too.
    I think its more effective as the moscow suicide method.

    Dont forget to turn on 5 specific mutators as known as
    (thx to Kelle 1994 )

    1.Cannon Fodder
    2.Light Waves
    3.Heavy Hitters
    5.Die Hard

    and running the first New York level as a fixer on extreme difficulty.
    (Sometimes a bull appears in the elevator.
    You can:
    1. ignore this guy, when he is charging and catches a bot. Step to elevator, bots will spawn in the next sequence.
    2. throw a grenade and stab him in his back.

    1. Player A + Player B are running together as a Duo(
    carrying 8 chest in the end phase)

    While Player C + Player D are running Solo.
    ( Its important to trigger the motorman phase, and carrying chests near to the end, otherwise you have to carry 12 or more chests - Solo runners shall take their time with hordes

    After A + B finished their run, they jumping in the game of C (choose characters to rank up)
    and finish C's game.(hey have to carry 7 chest)
    After this run, A+B+C jump in the game of D and finish this run.

    And after this run; switch positions:
    2. B+C running as a Duo , while A+D running Solo (D = second finish ; A= third finish)
    3.C+D running as a Duo , while A+B running Solo (A= second finish + B = third finish)
    4 D+A running as a Duo , while B+C running Solo (B= second finish + C third finish)

    When your quick and know what to do, a run takes (depending on loading times)
    20-25 minutes
    My Squad finished this turn (these 4 runs) almost in 1 1/2 hours and
    everybody earned 9000 Credits , some bluecredits for skins and a progress for 9 games for madman achievements.

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    Grimace221Good solution, not planning to downvote, but should be noted, they released an update a little bit ago that now halves the credits earned if you use any of the mentioned modifiers.
    Posted by Grimace221 on 17 Apr at 02:59
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