Bookoo Hostiles achievement in Shellshock 2

Bookoo Hostiles

Complete Mission 10 on Hard

Bookoo Hostiles0
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How to unlock the Bookoo Hostiles achievement

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    22 May 2009 22 May 2009
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    Better way of doing this level is to pick up the rifle (not the bolt action, the one that has a 20 bullet clip) near the start of the level. This is far and away the best gun for doing headshots on the zombies. Do not lose this gun.

    When you get into the temple, you should have full ammo. Stay where the roof collapses in, and pick off zombies as they march towards you. When they get close resort to meleeing with the rifle (B button) as this is a very effective way of getting them down.

    Once they stop coming move closer to the middle island, this will spawn another wave. Run back to the start again, and finish them off as before. Keep doing this (inching forward, then run back) until you get "Checkpoint reached". Now it's time for the final "boss" (who funny enough you've already fought before 2 times).

    On the island in the middle is the M60 and some ammo. Pick up that gun (dropping your rifle -- it's useless against the boss), and ammo. You should be able to go into the final boss fight with an M60 and full ammo (100/90). Once inside just unload on him, it shouldn't take even a full belt of ammo to bring him down.

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    Disopfor final boss you can run in circles continually knifing him till he die's makes it a lot easier
    Posted by Disop on 21 Jan 11 at 05:05
    afrowhitemanthis guide was spot on, worked like a charm
    Posted by afrowhiteman on 23 Aug 11 at 17:41
    WeisGuy9Worked perfectly first try. Thanks a ton!
    Posted by WeisGuy9 on 27 Aug 12 at 11:37
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    29 May 2009 29 May 2009
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    This mission is a bitch.... straight from the start you are attacked by an overwhelming bunch of zombies. You just have to work this one out but after a few tries you should of cleared your 1st batch of zombies,,, now the 1st checkpoint is further ahead ... you should have no problem until you reach the hut and you get attacked and you have to use the buttons indicated ( note that now you have to press this quicker than the other times you have done this ) just after this is the 1st checkpoint. I cant express how pissed off i was to clear the 1st batch only to screw up on the button sequence. 5 times so watch out for this....

    The final part when you enter the temple... Stay at the door and just pop them zombies and don't advance just stay put. Melee the close ones and pop them walkers... now when it looks like everything has calmed down ( 1st batch finished ) ... took me 3 tries.. i walked into the middle and saw maybe 12 of them running at me ... well the inevitable happened and i had to do it all again but this time i stayed put after the 1st batch and just popped them from where i was ... takes some aiming and occasionally a few will run to you but the rest don't follow so this makes things a lot easier.. Just don't advance until you are sure that there is only a few left ... move left to right but not forward. When you finish these of a checkpoint will pop up... now all you have left is the boss man who is the same as the other 2 bosses you fought only he lasts a tad longer.

    Make sure your brightness is turned high (options) and don't get too pissed off with this level. Well i cant talk i was fuming and nearly gave up until i chilled out and just relaxed. Then it was easy-ish

    Oh and on the middle parts of this level try and encourage them zombies to run to you in pairs and stay back !! advance slowly always knowing where to run if some attack you and use melee and don't run just back off unless you think you can make it. Expect to die a lot and you might survive.

    Good luck !! hope this has helped a bit.
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