FFX-2: Tricky Trapper achievement in FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster

FFX-2: Tricky Trapper

Help Clasko catch a chocobo by the end of Chapter 3

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How to unlock the FFX-2: Tricky Trapper achievement

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    There are several events that go into play in order to make this achievement possible.

    1. In chapter 1 at Mushroom Rock Road, be sure to let Klasko onto your airship. You will need to go back to the entrance after completing the story there to talk with him.

    2. In Chapter 2, at Mi'Hen highroad, talk to the girl and do the chocobo catching minigame. If done correctly, you'll get a cutscene telling you the girl is in trouble. Klasko should buy you some time while you run down to battle the chocobo eater.

    3. Once you beat the chocobo eater, go back to the Mi'Hen travel agency and invite Klasko & the girl onto the airship.

    4. Go to the calm lands (it should be a Hotspot now). Once you land, follow Klasko. This will take you to the Monster Arena from FFX.

    5. You will have to kill fiends in the arena. There are several "fake" fiends and 1 real fiend at all times. You can find the real fiend by observing where the "fake" fiends are facing, as they will always point towards the real one. I recommend saving after each battle, just to be safe. Once you have beaten all of the fiends, go back into the arena and talk to Klasko to be given the greens needed to try and catch a chocobo.

    6. I found chocobos to appear most frequently in the Thunder Plains & Macalania Woods. To catch one, throw a Gyshall Green at it as soon as possible, then kill the other fiends. Once it's alone, you should be able to throw additional Gyshall Greens at it until it is captured and the achievement pops.

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    metallicafan459Ok, so no idea what I need to do here! I’ve cleared out the arena to be given the greens and I’ve got into several battles with a chocobo. The problem is that I choose to use a Green via the Item menu but before it is used the Chocobo always escapes!

    The first few times I was also queuing up attacks on the other enemies to clear them out - wondered if this was spooking the Chocobo.

    So then I trues setting my first character to use the Greens and do nothing with the others - still the same result.

    I’m using the Thief dress to try and take advantage of Initiative.

    Is there a dress with quicker Item use? Any help/suggestions appreciated!!
    Posted by metallicafan459 on 30 Sep 19 at 08:09
    I Nom CoookiesI usually had my first girl use the greens on the chocobo, and had 1 person target each of the other enemies with the chocobo. An occasional one will run away, but most got the green and stayed. Do you have your greens near the top of your items menu, or are you needing to search towards the bottom to find it?

    You could attempt moving the ATB speed to slow and the thief's first strike ability would still getting an early attack. It also helped me to make sure my cursor was on the "Memory" setting, and I threw a green at a random enemy, then escaped each battle until a chocobo appeared. That will let you spam "A" to pretty much insta-throw the green to a chocobo rather than needing to search for the greens in your list to keep it around once one appears.
    Posted by I Nom Coookies on 30 Sep 19 at 11:16
    metallicafan459At the moment it’s at the bottom of my inventory and I was using the trigger to jump down, will look to move it to the top and see how that works before looking into your other suggestions!
    Posted by metallicafan459 on 30 Sep 19 at 12:33
    metallicafan459So I moved the items to the top of the list. But didn’t matter.

    When I next booted up the game the first battle had a Chocobo who stayed around for ages! Managed to kill all other enemies before he even got his first green! So captured straight away!

    So anyone else having problems. Turn the game off and then try again lol
    Posted by metallicafan459 on 01 Oct 19 at 21:48
    I Nom CoookiesChocobos also have different temperaments. The "Timid" ones run quicker, where I've had "Bold' ones attack me.
    Posted by I Nom Coookies on 03 Oct 19 at 19:08
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