Wages of Conflict achievement in Far Cry 2

Wages of Conflict

Aquire all conflict diamonds in the game available through payment or exploration

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How to unlock the Wages of Conflict achievement

  • Serge GoujonSerge Goujon558,051
    10 May 2011 10 May 2011 31 Mar 2014
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    1. First things first, here's diamonds checklist for those tracking the progress on their own. If you're after diamonds location check #2.

    In total, there are 380 diamonds in North and 620 diamonds in South.

    Here's breakdown: (North + South = Total):
    • 200 + 200 = 400 diamonds in 221 briefcases;
    • 60 + 90 = 150 diamonds acquired through the cellular towers (6 missions each territory, 10 diamonds per mission in North, 15 diamonds per mission in South);
    IMPORTANT: failing to kill a target person from one of the cellular tower missions will result in getting "Mission Completed" but NO diamonds rewarded!
    •120 + 330 = 450 diamonds acquired by completing main missions.

    So, according to math: 400+150+450 = 1000 diamonds.

    The FACT: There are no missions in the game other than above mentioned which could offer you the diamonds for their completion.

    2. As for the diamonds themselves you can use the following interactive map/guide (since msxbox-world is dead now). Found it pretty helpful back then.

    Leboa-Sako: http://farcry2.zsg.dk/Map_LS_GS.php
    Bowa-Seko: http://farcry2.zsg.dk/Map_BS_GS.php

    It's intuitive, shows you every diamond location with pictures and it has pretty convenient territory navigation by map tiles as well. Good luck.

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    Law ViolationI had disregarded ALL briefcases in the Northern territory apart from the tutorial breifcase which you must pick up as part of the questline.

    Once finishing all 12 Cellular Towers and missions (the last mission you should stop at to receive the last quest based Diamonds and proceed to hunt the Diamonds is when Reuben needs your assistance at the airfeild).

    Once all Southern and Desert Diamonds (10 in the Desert between both North and South) have been collected, you should have exactly 805 Diamonds leaving 195 to find back up in the North. 106 - 221 briefcases opened. 105 briefcases in the South +1 opened in the Tutorial.

    This total works both ways if you have collected the ones in the North first.

    Bare in mind to ensure you get the kill for the Cellular Tower missions and ensure them Diamonds show up on screen once completed. Make sure you save often! I can not stress this enough.

    I hope this helps with the breakdown, i am available if you have qeustions.
    Posted by Law Violation on 28 Nov 18 at 21:31
    Everytime i open a diamond case i get stuck and can’t move, anyone else encountered this?
    Posted on 07 Aug 19 at 12:43
    Cpt Ch4osSuch a puny award for such a fucking massive collection.... sigh.
    Posted by Cpt Ch4os on 11 Nov 20 at 20:27
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  • spxyu02spxyu02976,129
    21 Mar 2016 22 Mar 2016
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    This solution aims to list the diamonds as you will acquire them over the course of a play through of Far Cry 2. Using this list as you play is a straightforward way to acquire diamonds as soon as possible. You can spend more time enjoying the story, and spend less time worrying about having the right amount of diamonds towards 1000.

    It is based on my comment under Serge Goujon's original solution, and user OLOT's comment there also.

    The main resource you will be using for your collectible case hunting is this website: http://farcry2.zsg.dk. (I will be using the same descriptions he uses on the website in this solution) The creator did an amazing job providing pictures and descriptions on each of the 221 collectible diamond cases in the game. If you have trouble with any of the trickier cases that require a hang glider or rock jumping to reach, a search on YouTube should also provide some assistance, as there are videos of people illustrating how to reach them.

    (One note though, he does mislabel one case. In the Center region of Leboa-Sako (Northern territory), there is a case in the NE corner of the region past the Fresh Fish location. His guide says 1 diamond in the case when there are actually 2. It follows that this region actually has 13 cases for 31, not 30, diamonds).

    The case you find as part of the tutorial counts as one of the 221 collectible cases, and one of the 13 in the Center region of Leboa-Sako.

    For faction / story missions, you receive your payment up-front. In other words, you earn diamonds as soon as you accept the mission, not at its conclusion. This is something I wasn't aware of before I got to the story missions, and helps add up to the 380 diamond milestone you want to achieve before heading to Bowa Seko, the Southern territory.

    Save often and especially before a Cellular Tower mission. Although I never had any issues with those, if the target escapes, for example, you may get a Mission Completed pop-up, but not receive payment. If this happens, reload your last save. You can save at any unlocked safehouse, inside Weapons Shops, and anywhere there is a cot (Underground locations). Finally, having a rescue-ready buddy is always nice in the event that you accidentally die while hunting collectibles. Reviving after falling off a cliff, getting shot out of a hang glider, or getting run over by an enemy vehicle and NOT having to re-acquire several diamond briefcases since your last save is great.

    1000 diamonds in the order you should earn them for minimal headaches!

    Finish the tutorial, and then gather all available collectibles in the North
    114 collectibles cases (112 in Leboa-Sako + northern 2 in Central Desert)
    *** 114 collectibles cases, 210 diamonds ***

    {I did Weapons Shop Convoy missions next, but these do not offer diamonds}

    Do all Leboa-Sako Cellular Tower missions
    *** 6 missions @ 10 diamonds ea. = 60 diamonds *** (270 total)

    Do all Leboa-Sako Faction Missions
    *** 2 factions x 3 missions @ 15 diamonds ea. = 90 diamonds *** (360)

    Accept "transition" story mission, website titles it "There Goes The District"
    *** 1 mission @ 20 diamonds *** (380)

    >>> If your total is 380 after accepting this mission you are right on track <<<
    If you don't have 380 at this point, hopefully you're just missing a collectible case, which you can find by traveling to each region in the North and checking your on-map diamond icon count with the total listed in the upper left of the map. If you are missing a multiple of 15, you likely have a Cellular Tower mission or more remaining, or had one not pay-out. Save often!!

    Finish "There Goes The District"
    Accept (and complete) next story mission, website titles it "Riding Shotgun"
    *** 1 mission @ 20 diamonds *** (400)

    Gather all available collectibles in the South
    107 collectible cases (105 in Bowa Seko + southern 2 in Central Desert)
    *** 107 collectibles cases, 200 diamonds *** (600)

    >>> Done with collectible cases, pat yourself on the back! <<<

    {As in the North, I did Convoy missions next to unlock all weapons, but no diamonds}

    Do all Bowa Seko Cellular Tower missions
    *** 6 missions @ 15 diamonds ea. = 90 diamonds *** (690)

    Do all Bowa Seko Faction Missions
    *** 2 factions x 3 missions @ 30 diamonds ea. = 180 diamonds *** (870)

    Shit’s hitting the fan / ramp-up story missions
    *** 2 missions @ 40 diamonds ea. = 80 diamonds *** (950)

    UFLL / APR leadership wipe-out missions
    *** 2 missions @ 25 diamonds ea. = 50 diamonds *** (1000)

    >>> 1000 diamonds acquired, let out a huge sigh of relief <<<

    Last but not least, to reinforce the solutions under "Weapons Expert", 1000 diamonds is the amount needed to buy EVERYTHING in the Weapons Shop computer. So if you're going for Wages of Conflict, buy whatever you want without hesitation. My load out for the latter half of the game was AR-16, Dart Rifle, and M-79. The camo suit and extended ammo capacity upgrades are great too. A shopping spree after all that diamond hunting is just what the doctor ordered.
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    EthigyGreat solution, very helpful.
    Posted by Ethigy on 27 May 20 at 06:08
    HolyHalfDeadNo need to do more than one Convoy mission, as all the weapons (and achievement) unlock automatically later in the game.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 17 Nov 20 at 10:06
    TREX1979Your guide is the best - THANKS BRO!!! - I thought I fu$ked up as I was only at 870 then I read this so thanks for the break down :-)
    & Also that was a shit load of running around for 10GS lol
    Posted by TREX1979 on 28 Dec 21 at 04:39
  • UlfhedinnUlfhedinn76,530
    19 Apr 2010 04 Apr 2010
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