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Keep it 100! achievement in Darksiders III

Keep it 100!

Reach level 100

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How to unlock the Keep it 100! achievement

  • Senseless OgreSenseless Ogre444,876
    13 Apr 2019 13 Apr 2019 11 May 2019
    15 0 2
    It's highly recommended you do this after you have the BFA achievement in New Game Plus.

    Some key tips to help get to level 100 easily:

    -New game plus can be played on any difficulty. Thus you can easily complete if you already managed to get the "BFA" achievement. You should already be around level 60 at this point.

    -Before you start your first NG+, I'd recommend you have Balanced Fortune enhancement fully upgraded and attached to your whip (or which ever weapon you use most). This increases the lurcher drop by 50%. You should have Riders mercy already by saving all the humans. This increases lurcher drops by another 10%. Also make sure you complete the crucible in your previous run and get the armor that provides yet another 10% lurcher drop. (Don't sweat it if you didn't get it). This can be upgraded in NG+ to provide a larger lurcher reward. To upgrade you need to defeat the enemies with red eyes in new game plus to get a special ore you use at the Makers Forge. Don't go out of your to upgrade this beyond level +3 this run as you will get a better armor shortly.

    -Each playthrough gives you 15 luminous visages. These are free level ups and are best to save for the later levels, as each level up requires more and more lurchers otherwise.

    -I highly recommend beating your first run of NG+ quickly, only going out of your way to get the 15 luminous visages. DO NOT SHATTER ANY OF YOUR LURCHER CRYSTALS DURING THIS RUN. NG+2 gives you the Armageddon armor that increases the amount of lurchers you receive while shattering crystals. Also red eyed enemies appear more often and give you better ores to further upgrade your armor. Focus on upgrading this armor this run. If you saved up enough lurcher crystals I wouldn't worry about getting the armor beyond +3. When you feel you accumulated enough lurcher crystals to get somewhere in the ballpark of level 85, go crazy and shatter them all. Your 15 luminous visages from the last run will get you over the top. If you are short of level 85, again don't worry as this NG+ will grant you another 15 luminous visages. Focus on collecting the easier ones until you get to level 100.

    -Finally to get the achievement to actually pop, I had to feed some lurchers to Vulgrim.

    Some additional tips to note if you are still just short:

    -In NG+ you will find "Wisdom shards." These boost the lurcher drop rate by another 100%-200% for a limited time.
    -Certain unique drops are now replaced by "Forsaken" Lurcher crystals. These give a large amount of lurchers. Each NG+ completion grants you more lurchers from these crystals.

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    RenattoooI just want to add some info to your great solution! toast

    - - With the new Update, if you use a luminous visage the souls for the next level not increased as much as a "standard way". I used 12 at level 86 -> Before it, I needed 59.7k for the next level, and after needed 60.5k. Previously if used a Luminous Visage, the souls for the next level increased like a standard leveling up, as you mentioned.
    - - In NG+ I didn't get the luminous visage after SLOTH boss, maybe an update glitch, maybe just for me.
    - - Started with level 62 + 450k (8 level) souls in pocket (farm and Crucible). So from 70 with a full playthrough (killed and collected almost everything AGAIN) got just enough souls for level 100 at the end (still have 60k souls). Sold everything for souls (shards, upgrade materials and artifacts). So 2 full playthrough not enough, farming needed (or NG+2)!
    - - At level 100, I need 61.5k for the next level. Used total 28-29 luminous visage.

    Good Luck!
    Posted by Renattooo on 01 May 19 at 16:57
    Dr MartyI kept all my luminous visages from my first playthrough and used those 16, plus 15 from the NG+ run at level 68... Then went up one more level via Vulgrim.
    Posted by Dr Marty on 30 Mar 20 at 22:58
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  • PeijePeije410,878
    24 Apr 2020 25 Apr 2020 25 Apr 2020
    5 1 6
    It takes around 4 million souls to reach level 100, granted due to the Luminous Visages you don't need that many to get to level 100, but if you are still struggling to get to level 100 or you want to get there early so you won't to worry about having to play the full game looting again in NG+, I would recommend following the video below. All credits to the video maker (Ebrahim Al-Mubarak).

    Just some things to add to the video, I am not 100% sure how the glitch works exactly, but what seemed to need to happen for me is:
    1. Having the game lag a bit when doing rounds behind the bus and
    2. making sure that all chasing enemies die before hitting the blue soul demon. You can move back up the stair and back down if the enemies stop following you.
    The method shown still works as of 2020/04/24, but for me it didn't duplicate properly every time, meaning sometimes I would end up with the same amount of souls I ended the last run with or the blue demon itself would duplicate as well, when that happens it is likely you will end up with over 3 times the amount you finished last run with. Using the method shown in the video I was able to get over 4 million souls in about 20 mins starting with a souls amount of 137000.

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    FoogaDoes this work on the windows version?

    Edit: tested it and it doesn’t seem to work on the windows version. Did 3 runs and I only ever got like 1,000 extra every time. cry
    Posted by Fooga on 11 Nov 20 at 09:25
    Clankk OGCouldn't get this to work on the Series X, but as soon as I switched back to my Xbox One I managed to turn 200,000 souls into 12 million doing this method only twice.
    Posted by Clankk OG on 26 Aug 21 at 02:18
    IZZY MELIWorks in 2022, had enough money to just spam havok form lol easy
    Posted by IZZY MELI on 06 Jun at 13:13
  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,285,177
    22 Oct 2020 23 Oct 2020 23 Oct 2020
    2 0 0
    (In my experience, this only allows you to get the achievement, it doesn't allow you to keep the levels)

    Here is a solution I found. Although it talks about PS4 and a imperfect method for Xbox One, I was able to get it to work in part using cn_A and cn_B while I was in the load menu. BUt in my experience, I wasn't able to get out of the menu after collecting the luminious visages. So I had to shatter an entire clump of these (i think i had 75 at the time, and the achievement unlocked. I then had to back out to the menu and when I returned to the game, I was back at what I was before doing this.... so for me, i wasn't able to get out of the glitch to get it to work.

    I will also point out that I didn't want to chance my apololipic run, so i completed the ng+ run, and when it gave me the option to start another new game, i cancelled, which when I resumed brought me back to the point before the final fight. (NOTE: the gameplay menu is wierd, and even changing settings can change and void the difficulty achievement, as per comments and my experience of my first run)

    I had done 2 playthrus, one of normal, and then my new game plus on hardest difficulty and done both DLCs, collecting everything and fighting everything, and I was only level 67 when i got to the final battle.

    So this achievement requires insane grinding, even if you don't use any of the visages you get. I used most of them from my first run, and saved all of my second run ones, but still without this glitch, i would have (probably wouldn't have) grinded for many many hours or did another NG++ run, which I didn't fancy.

    The video is NOT by myself, so give the author credit on youtube please.

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