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Storm Rising

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Storm Rising

Eye of the Hurricane achievement in Overwatch: Origins Edition

Eye of the Hurricane

Complete Storm Rising (All Heroes) on Legendary difficulty with no incapacitations.

Eye of the Hurricane+0.4
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How to unlock the Eye of the Hurricane achievement

  • FoogaFooga1,683,681
    17 Apr 2019 17 Apr 2019 21 Apr 2019
    22 6 9
    Guaranteed Legendary Invincibility Room Strategy (All Heroes Version)

    This solution is very similar to my regular Legendary solution, but of course with a few revisions since you’re using an entirely different team. I broke the mission down into parts, so if you feel you’re capable of already tackling certain sections, you can skip ahead. You’ll want to be extra careful as the major difference in All Heroes is the spawns are not often the same every time. No one can go down here, but other than the tricky Assassin and Heavy sections, it’s really not that bad. As one of the very first teams to finish this and the first to find this strategy, you using it will get you this achievement in no time.

    The team: Reinhardt, Orisa, Bastion, Baptiste

    -Team Strategy/Formation: You want Orisa’s shields to always be front and center with her always firing on enemies and using her pull orb ability to control the Enforcers. Reinhardt is right behind Orisa’s shields with his own barrier up. Other than the occasional fireball and melee for the Assassins, his role is probably one of the most relaxed, as you’ll mostly be just shielding the entire time. Baptiste as healer is excellent here, because if things get dicey you can throw down your immortality field. His gun is also very accurate to quickly dispatch snipers. His LB ability is the only thing that heals him here, though, so use that if you get damaged, and his heal grenades for everyone else. And of course, Bastion will be in his turret form shredding everything. I’d recommend not using his ultimate ability as I felt it’s of really no use, unless you’re just cleaning up Soldiers. You guys are basically a small fortress, only moving if you absolutely have to. Orisa and Baptiste will coordinate their ultimates to dispatch Heavies and the occasional large group of enemies with Enforcers. Baptiste builds his ultimate much faster, so don’t be afraid to use it more, but I’d recommend Orisa hold hers for a few sections which I’ll list in the guide.

    -Beginning Road Area: The first section isn’t very bad at all, and is generally just a check to see if everyone knows what they’re doing. This is the best time to test out your formation (see above). Slowly move up the street focusing Enforcers. When you get to the Distillery entrance, take note of which scenario you face, it’s either:

    -A Sniper with a bunch of Enforcers. Bulk down near the yellow truck, having Orisa and Baptiste pop their ults to wipe the enemy group, then focus the Sniper. She should be no problem. Orisa can use her pull orb move to make her drop down.

    -An Assassin spawns with a few enemies. These Assassins are RUN RUINERS. When an Assassin shows up ANYWHERE in this run, Baptiste will throw down his Immortality Field around the group while healing and shooting Soldiers. This buys you a few seconds if you cannot see who the Assassin is pouncing. Rein keeps his shield up until the Assassin pounces, which is when he swings his hammer. Orisa focuses on keeping her barrier up while dispatching Soldiers with Baptiste. I recommend Bastion come out of his turret temporarily to help punch the Assassin when it pounces as well. When she’s stunned, go back into turret and shred her. Everyone using melee when she pounces someone is vital to surviving these encounters.

    -Distillery Warehouse: For the distillery section, face the catwalk above the payload/exit door. The UPPER RIGHT in the corner in that large square room is where you will all form up. You’ll know you’re in the right spot is if the catwalk hallway above the payload is to your right, and the entirety of the upstairs square room is to your left. Just call left or right to deal with Enforcers and rushing Soldiers. You want your team to focus the Enforcers ASAP here. For Snipers, they sometimes have issues shooting you in this corner, so have Reinhardt walk out with his shield up to bait them into coming after you. And then of course for Assassins, make sure to call them out when they spawn and just bunch up on one another, melee’ing them as soon as they pounce one of you, then dumping all of your damage into them, while keeping barriers up.

    -Distillery Warehouse Heavy Fight: So when this guy drops you’re gonna want to go to the open window on that catwalk hallway above the payload. When you see him, Orisa and Baptiste both drop ultimates to let the team dump damage into him. Try and maintain kiting him clockwise around the entire distillery. When he gets close, move to the next room area, whether that be one of the many hallways or that room above the entrance to the distillery that has only one staircase. When you are moving from one room to the other, be careful as your team doesn’t move very quickly. Have Orisa drop a barrier in doors ways or just between your group and the Heavy to buy you some time. Whenever you get a chance to shoot him, take it. Shields up, Baptiste, Orisa and Bastion firing into him for a few seconds and then running to the next room. If he happens to break his kite route, just jump down into the middle area and run to either the catwalk above the payload, or the room with the one stairwell above the entrance. This is the hardest part of the entire mission, so once this is done, you’re pretty much in my opinion home free.

    -Payload Push: Now one thing you can take advantage of here is the payload has no health and there’s no time limit. Slowly push the payload having everyone stay near it, dealing with enforcers. When you get to the corner, Snipers will spawn at the Sea Fort. At this point the little building across the Fort opens up. There are occasional times when this building doesn’t open because the enemies don’t spawn. I’d advise the team to stay with the payload so this doesn’t happen, as this building is vital to the strategy for the next fight. Our strategy here was to run into the building when those Sniper spawn, and slowly peak out and whittle then down. The room we favored here is the open door directly across from the Fort entrance. With all the barriers you guys should be safe. Once they were dead, push the payload to the door of the Fort. This spawns an Assassin. Run back to building and bunch up to deal with her using the aforementioned strategy. Once you park the payload, run back to the building, but this time, run into the SIDE DOOR. You’ll know why very soon. wink

    Edit: PLEASE NOTE that the door does not always open on All Heroes, it can sometimes randomly spawn snipers instead above the door. If this happens you can either quit out and try again or do the last part in the Sea Fort. Tekmote’s video below has a good strategy for how to do this.

    -Sea Fort Fight/Twin Heavy Showdown Cheese: Now, turning around from the Sea Fort entrance facing building the way you came, run into the SIDE DOOR to the LEFT, not the one directly in front of you. Make note of this area, and fend off any enemies that come in here, and slowly push back outside to deal with the 4 Snipers. Best way to do that is to hold the bridge with your barriers and have Orisa pull them down to quickly dispatch them by focusing fire. Now the 2 Heavies drop. Remember that side room? There a little “hallway” in there that’s a dead end. It’s the only other door in there and that dead end is two big brown doors. ENEMIES CANNOT ENTER THIS ROOM. If you all pile in there you can easily dispatch the two heavies. You have to peak out slightly to hit them, but since you CANNOT GO DOWN, I recommend you wait until Baptiste drops his Immortality Field and then you all peak out and DPS them, dropping Orisa and Baptiste’s ults whenever you have to speed up the process. Once the Heavies die do a slow push back to the payload as there might be some stray Soldiers and Enforcers, and then activate it.

    Mission complete! If I’m not clear on anything please let me know in the comments so I can change it for you. Good luck. toast

    Thanks to my team: Demonspawn2714 (Reinhardt), Star1ord89 (Bastion), Kimilou19 (Orisa)

    Edit: Here’s a clip of the door for those that prefer a visual

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    the JeffreyTMYeah I got it once, but since it was inconsistent for us we did the strategy with Mei instead.
    Posted by the JeffreyTM on 21 Apr 19 at 19:34
    GSR CAORThe cheese spot in the last area doesn't work as the heavy gunners can get in that area
    Posted by GSR CAOR on 21 Mar 20 at 17:52
    FoogaYeah I wrote on my other solution that it's been patched. When they release the new challenges next week I'll work on a new strat. But more than likely it'll be to kite the heavies around the fort counter clockwise.
    Posted by Fooga on 21 Mar 20 at 22:59
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  • TekmoteTekmote286,564
    17 Apr 2019 17 Apr 2019 17 Apr 2019
    13 6 2
    Fooga has a very good write up and detailed walkthrough on how to deal with this encounter.

    If you have questions on the strategy my team used to complete this encounter, feel free to reach out to me. The video of our run is linked below.

    Thanks to Doc Showtime for coming up with the kiting route at the final part of the encounter.
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    Thank you for posting this!
    Posted on 17 Apr 19 at 19:13
    LuxuryLobbyLukeThanks man, my team used the same method and heroes as you guys and we finished it second try in 11 minutes
    Posted by LuxuryLobbyLuke on 27 Mar 20 at 00:34
  • D3sol4t3Dyn4styD3sol4t3Dyn4sty61,328
    15 Mar 2020 22 Mar 2020 22 Mar 2020
    2 0 0
    Though I unlocked this achievement relatively recently, from my experience this strategy works roughly fifty percent of the time. Orisa, Symmetra, Mei and Mercy. Mercy is useful primarily due to her damage boost and obviously her ability to heal. Mei is also a must as her ultimate can be used to kill the assassins in one sweep, without them attacking again. Should her ultimate not be ready at that time it's easy to counter them provided halt or a melee is used to stun them. Her ultimate is also extremely useful when fighting heavys. She will be the primary damage against snipers. Orisa is useful for a multitude of reasons; halt can move snipers and disrupt assassins, fortify can prevent being attacked by the assassins and being pinned by the heavys. A barrier is useful for obvious reasons. Last of the heroes, Symmetra, her DPS is insane, especially against the special units, as she can attack all three (primary fire for heavys and assassins, secondary fire for snipers). Paired with Mei's freeze ability, the damage to heavys is huge, the damage boost from Mercy or Orisa's bongos is clearly significant. Her ultimate charges incredibly quickly and is essential and I provides a huge barrier with tons of health, great for dancing around one or more heavys.

    As for tactics, during the first stretch, hang back as much as possible, make most of your damage poke. Once the initial set of enemies is dealt with, play around the corner in case there is a sniper, if so there is more cover and she can be killed quickly and with ease. If there is an assassin instead, still deal with her first but you can get away with being more aggressive.

    During the second section, dispatch the Troopers and the Enforcers before returning to the small room just above where you entered. Unless absolutely necessary, this is where you will stay for the remainder of the section. Symmetra turrets will be placed on the stairs that lead up to your location, Orisa's shield will look out over the rest of the room. Symmetra will deal with enemies that come up the stairs while remaining in the doorway while Orisa and Mei attack everything from a distance. As soon as the assassin appears, group up and Mei should use her ultimate, or melee her to stun her and hold onto the ultimate for the heavy; then return to as you were before. When snipers appear, Mei will be the primary damage, Orisa and Symmetra can assist but the stairs will need to be watched. At this point the first heavy of the run will spawn, wait until it reaches the stairs before throwing in Mei's ultimate, if she has it, bongos should also be used now. When the heavy gets halfway up, Symmetra should use hers. Orisa needs to be mindful of the charge so it'll be down to her to block it with fortify or pray that Mei freezes it in time. During this Mercy will primarily focus on healing unless the Mercy feels that damage boost would be more beneficial at the time. Based on Symmetra's ultimate building time and her damage, she should be able to get another ultimate. If worst comes to worst, drop down and circle to the other side of the room, on the high ground. At this point the third stage will unlock upon the heavys death.

    During this stage, try to remain somewhat passive, at least to begin with. The same tactic for dealing with the assassins and snipers should be used, the payload portion shouldn't pose too much of a challenge. Upon the completion of the payload portion, assemble on the high ground on the left. Fodder enemies like Troopers can just be picked off. When the special units spawn, as always, play behind the shield, if snipers spawn, play around the box as well to keep pressure off the Orisa keeping the shield up one hundred percent of the time. Once again Mei will be the primary damage. As the heavys start to spawn, keep playing around the shield and the box, poke damage is best to start. No point running at them only to die instantly. Once the first gets within range of Symmetra's primary fire or the shield pressure is too much, Symmetra should use her ultimate, quickly followed by Mei as the second heavy should spawn. The first should fall relatively quickly. By this point the second heavy will be close and Symmetra should have another ultimate, Mei should focus on freezing the heavy and Orisa should be mindful of the charge. Bongos can be used at any time, should Mercy use her ultimate,she must remain low to the ground. Should you need to fall back due to the pressure, regroup where the payload started as there's more cover there. The second heavy should fall and the rest is just cleanup, don't get over aggressive as you don't want to go down to a stray Enforcer that you weren't paying attention to.

    I've have done this strategy about nine times with five successful runs, though when I did it I was in a three stack, none of us had microphones, so it doesn't take a lot of communication for those solo queuing. I hope this was useful, good luck ☺.
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