Campfire Cook Off

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3.553,0871,209 (39%)2-3 h
Campfire Cook Off

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Cooked Off!

Get 3 stars on all Campfire Cook Off levels

Cooked Off!-7.5
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How to unlock the Cooked Off! achievement

  • RadicalSniper99RadicalSniper991,252,291
    14 May 2019 20 May 2019
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    Not as much a solution (mostly) but more of a few notes to keep in mind:

    Campfire Cook Off has 3 worlds with 4 levels each. There are 3 additional "Kevin" levels in there, but you do not need to 3 star these levels to unlock the achievement (I only 3-starred Kevin 1; Kevin 2 and 3 are at less than 3 currently). This means you need to 3 star the other 12 levels.

    In terms of doing so, it is possible to do this solo. It can be helpful to work with others, but I find that can be a give and take. Reasoning:

    - Two players can keep two sides of divided kitchens moving towards goals quite well.
    - Three players has the kitchen imbalanced on divided levels and can easily cause backups which make hitting those 3 star scores harder
    - Four players can correct the imbalance of 3 but the scores go up again

    There isn't a reason it can't be done with others, but in general it helps the more you communicate with those people. I just have found that sometimes less players works better to knock out a level or two.

    I personally did 10 of the levels in a group of 3 or 4 and only did Levels 2-3 and 3-4 solo for the 3 star rating.

    If playing solo, here are some additional tips:
    - Always try to keep both cooks doing something. If you have one person chopping an ingredient, have the other one grabbing things to put in pots or other things. There is always something you can do.
    - Build up the chain for tips. Every tip can make a big difference in your final score. While I kept to building a streak for most levels, towards the end (less than 1 minute left), consider focusing on the quickest orders only. Those two ingredient meals might be easier to get out and thus have a better chance of being served before the time runs out. I did this mainly on level 3-4. I was at 450 roughly (500 required for 3 stars). Realizing I didn't have enough time to chop 2-3 ingredients for one meal, I instead chopped 1 ingredient for the eggs+bacon or beans+sausage meals to quickly knock them out even though I lost my tips because the gains for serving put me over 500.

    Specific tips for Level 3-4:
    - This one can be a pain. The changing landscape every little bit of time makes building a good pattern/rhythm difficult to maintain. As such, it becomes really important to roughly know how to divide the labor while building your orders.
    - During the first set, you can usually build 3 whole meals (or just about that many). I actually don't necessarily serve them immediately and instead focus on getting everything cooked first. None of the orders should fail before this point in time. Start by throwing something from the top to the bottom and the bottom chopping it. While the bottom chops, get the other necessary pieces thrown down as well. Then begin to throw the pre-ready ingredients (eggs/can of beans) onto the fire. I started with the bottom fire and then did one on the top as well.
    - Towards the end of those 2 or 3 orders, get a piece of wood/ingredients chopped for the second set. Knowing roughly the time of the switch can allow you to prep ingredients for the next round. Just remember to put those off to the side before the change. Having this in a pot already can save time and get you cooking during round 2 immediately.
    - Losing a chef to the changeover is a huge loss. While 5 seconds doesn't seem like a lot, it's a complete halt of any progress to your goals. Try to get both of the chefs off to the safe side.

    In general keep these tips in mind going forward and you should be fine. It might take a few attempts to get the rhythm, but once you do, you'll be making great shots at what is probably the hardest level in Campfire Cook Off.
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    zavorka In Solo it is much easier. I don't know why, but in coop (2p) it's final score for 3 stars sometimes twice and more.
    Posted by zavorka on 20 Jan at 09:22
    Marzz11 It looks like they recently decreased the score required (at least for solo levels, which is all I’ve played) so it’s much easier now.
    Posted by Marzz11 on 25 Feb at 19:42
    HingedMonster 3-4 seems impossible with 2. Tried about 12 times now. Always 200 short.
    Posted by HingedMonster on 05 Apr at 19:33
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