HI SCORE MODE 6 win(s)

HI SCORE MODE You won 6 time(s).

HI SCORE MODE 6 win(s)-0.1
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How to unlock the HI SCORE MODE 6 win(s) achievement

  • FifthmusketeerFifthmusketeer348,075
    24 Apr 2019 24 Apr 2019
    19 2 0
    For some people the Neo Geo fighting games are easy achievements; for others with less skill they are hard and not an easy 100%. I am one of the latter people.

    For this game you need wins to unlock achievements. I found choosing Mina Majikina as my character (she is the character with the bow near the bottom row of characters) as one of the easier ways to rack up wins. You can shoot from distance using her triple arrow, which I had mapped to my RB button but your may have mapped to another button. If someone comes in close Mina will slam her opponent with her bow using the same button used to shoot the bow which helps against brawlers. Another useful attack is to jump in the air and push down and shoot your bow - on low level characters you can do some damage. I mainly used the bow attack from distance to win - I obtained several perfects by timing the attacks correctly.

    I used various other characters and did not unlock this achievement but with Mina I got it on my first try.

    Good luck achievement hunting.
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  • KashThePriestKashThePriest917,454
    10 Jan 2020 10 Jan 2020 10 Jan 2020
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    To get this cheevo very easily pick Zankuro (in the very middle of the bottom row) he is one of the boss’ in the game so he is pretty op, use his fierce slash, cn_RB by default, will pretty much finish the fight in about 3 hits

    If you find that a certain character is giving you problems and you’re getting the same lineup of opponents close the game and restart to change the order you get them, you only get 6 fights before the boss’

    Now a few additional tips

    If you find you are getting hammered then use your rage, cn_LT By default, this will make you invincible for a few seconds and you can tank the damage and can do a super (not necessary but always cool to pull off), which is cn_rightcn_downrightcn_downcn_downleftcn_leftcn_RT Quarter circle towards them to back and cn_RT. However you can only go to into rage once a fight, not round so best to save it for third round if it gets that far

    The bar under your health bar is your attack power that regenerates fairly quickly, the closer this is to 100% the more damage you do, if you can land two cn_RB attacks at full strength you can finish it quickly, so waiting a couple of seconds between each attack will do a lot more damage them spamming cn_RB, and also the reason why you probably have been beaten when you’ve had half a bar and thought cheap AI!
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