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How to unlock the 9 win(s) achievement

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    18 Apr 2019 18 Apr 2019
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    Hi guys. To have 10 fights, they finish Amakusa, Zanzuro and Gaoh with fatalities. I played with HaohMuru. I set it to 1 round, level 1 and my LT to B + C + D. You have to take the life of the boss until the life bar turns blue. Your life bar will turn blue too because you have to fill the special bar q is the bottom. Convenient give a save. If the coup does not leave. Then jump close to the boss and press LT and it will activate the special and very fast analog in the boss + LT direction. The blow splits the boss in half and you move on to the next boss. I hope it helps

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    DesiXSIt helped. Thank you :)
    Posted by DesiXS on 28 Dec 19 at 21:19
    Zomb1e PwnerSo today I ran the first 9 fights, no unlock, then I ran all 10 fights and still no unlock. Feels bad. Gonna try again, maybe I'm just unlucky.

    Edit: Got it after going through again.
    Posted by Zomb1e Pwner on 03 Jan 20 at 21:42
    Angels Kill TooSet the rounds to 1, difficulty to 1
    The bosses only need to be in a blue bar (YOUR BAR DOESN'T MATTER)
    Set controls to DEFAULT

    Use Haohmaru (Middle row 4th from the right he's a samurai with a black and white uniform)

    His RB attack is very great; experiment with it; he has a tornado move with Down to forward RB; jump RB; his Rb is just plain great in general it's all about timing and being a cool samurai dude hehe

    SAVE AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE AMAKUSA FIGHT AND EVERY FIGHT AFTER THAT ONE; unless of course you want to get up to him all over again lol

    So when it comes time to finish the bosses (Amakusa going forward.) you basically get them in the blue bar by beating them up just like everyone else (SAVE WHEN THEY'RE IN BLUE BAR)

    Press LT to blast and then you're going to want to perform the finisher which is Down to your left +RT (Down quarter circle back +RT at the end)
    It's like a reverse Haduken. If done correctly you'll cut them in half; the first guy to use it on is the dude with the orb; should be the 6th guy.

    IF YOU DON'T THEN IMMEDIATLY press the back button (360 controls) Back to title screen and then pick the original mode you chose to restart to where the boss is in the blue bar like how i mentioned to save then

    and NO you don't need to finish the 9th guy like this; he has a staff or something; that mother***** kept blocking it lol
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 28 May at 04:56
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    22 Apr 2019 10 Dec 2019
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    Here is a quick 1000/1000 Completion for ACA NEOGEO Samurai Shodown V Special.

    Methods I used :

    For the wins I used Haohmaru and only used the Hard slash ( RB on Xbox Controller )

    NOTE : To get to fight the extra bosses on normal mode you must finish them with a proper finisher. You need to do this from Amakusa going forward.

    Step 1 : Once you launch normal mode go in to the options and change the winning rounds required to 1. Change difficulty to Very Easy.
    Step 2: Save before each fight and then also save once you get each boss in to the blue health bar as seen in the video.
    Step 3 : To do the finisher get them to only have their blue bar of health left , then push LT ( left Trigger ) which causes Rage Explosion.
    Now push Half Circle forward to back( 63214 ) and Y+B together. This will do the finish and take you to the next Boss fight.

    Be sure to watch the whole Video and you should have no issues getting this quick 1000.

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